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After the Old Granny scolded him, she immediately became overjoyed, "I really didn't expect that I would suddenly have two great-grandchildren. Sigh, this is too exciting. How's your family background? "

Ji Xiao Han knew that his grandmother would definitely care about Tang You You's family background. Sigh, the older generation's thinking was more stubborn, they believed that a marriage with a perfect family background would produce a good result.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face froze, and after a long while, he said: "Grandma, you have to blame me for this. Five years ago, I hurt her the first time we met, and she didn't know that the child was mine before. When we returned later on, by chance, she had two children.

Faced with his grandmother's question, Ji Xiao Han could only reply: "Her family background is very ordinary, she is an adopted daughter. At the moment, I'm still not clear as to who her biological parents are."

"What?" The old lady's expression froze. It was obvious that she had a feeling that history was repeating itself.

When she first married your father, I didn't think too highly of her. Later on, she gave birth to you and Yue Ze one after another, and I thought that we could get along peacefully in this family. However, in the end, your father's accident happened and she turned around to marry your father's best friend. If a girl has not received proper etiquette training since she was young, her temperament will become very unruly, and thinking about things will be more selfish! "

"Grandma, she's different from my mom. She's a completely different person. I definitely believe in her. Even if she's not from a famous family, she would never do something as selfish as my mom." Ji Xiao Han said with incomparable certainty.

The Old Granny stretched out her hand and touched the back of her grandson's hand, patting him gently, "I remember that when your mother came to marry me and toasted me, she made a promise to never change her mind. It's not that I don't believe your words, it's that I've seen through human nature, Xiao Han, and I really don't trust you and Yueze."

"Grandmother, I know that you have loved us ever since you were young, but this time, do you believe in me? She's definitely a good woman. " Ji Xiao Han really didn't know how to convince his grandmother to believe in his character, but he felt that his grandmother would definitely like Tang You You.

Just as the carriage was about to return to Ji Family Manor, Ji Xiao Han planned to arrange for his grandparents to stay in the villa on the mountain.

"I want to go down now to see my grandchildren!" Where would the old lady be able to sleep? She even wished that she could go and see the child immediately.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the time, and it was almost four in the morning. "Grandmother, how about, tomorrow morning …"

"Just a single glance and it's just a single glance. I won't disturb their sleep, alright!" The old lady really couldn't wait until tomorrow. He really wanted to see it now.

Ji Xiao Han knew that the older his grandmother was, the more she was like a child.

"Alright, grandpa, you should rest first!" Ji Xiao Han knew that his grandfather's condition wasn't good, so he could only arrange for him to rest first.

Although the old man also wanted to see his grandchildren, he wasn't as anxious as the old lady. He had no choice but to rest under the arrangements of a servant.

The old lady was filled with joy as she got on the car and went down to the villa by the sea.

At the moment, there were only a few lights on in the villa.

Just as Ji Xiao Han and the Old Granny were walking towards the living room, they suddenly heard the sound of something dropping on the ground.

Both of them looked up in surprise and saw a slim figure standing at the staircase.

Next, a bottle of water came rolling over from the staircase and landed at the old lady's feet.

The old lady bent down, picked it up and looked at it.

Ji Xiao Han also looked over, and actually poured himself another bottle of beer.

Just as she was about to go upstairs, she heard Ji Xiao Han telling the old lady to be careful of the stairs outside.

Ye Zichen scared her so much that she hurried to run upstairs, but she didn't expect … She tripped over the steps after only a few steps, throwing away the beer in her hand.

Coincidentally, she fell right at the old lady's feet.

The heavens want me dead!

This was Tang You You's internal monologue.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face slightly tensed up as he raised his head to look at the pitiful little girl who was dumbstruck while standing on the stairs.

So late at night, she actually went downstairs to get a drink?

Moreover, he was also caught by his grandmother on the spot. This time, it would be really hard to explain it clearly.

Oh, what a headache!

Ji Xiao Han stroked his forehead, feeling like he had no face to see his grandmother.

He kept praising this woman in the car.