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Season owl Han is wearing a Jin expensive suit, which is set off by his tall and strong body like Asura. His temperament is unspeakable. He always attracts all the eyes of the opposite sex when he comes out. At this moment, the eyes of those women really stick to him, and it's hard to move away from him.

Tang Youyou, who was lightly held in his arms by him, even aroused the strong jealousy of all women. Just imagining the picture of being loved by this man in his arms at night, can make people's jealous eyes glow green.

Of course, Tang youyou knows how lucky she is. She can be so spoiled by Ji Xiaohan. She can't help crying over the physical strength and energy of the man in the evening. Sometimes she is too spoiled and tired.

Of course, Tang youYou can't show off. He's afraid of being scolded. Tang youyou's office, next to Liu Xi's, is also a very spacious and bright room with exquisite decoration. Ji Xiaohan accompanied her into the office all the time, so he reached out his hand and gently straightened her skirt, whispered: "remember, don't draw pictures recently, don't use your brain, you stay here in

. I don't care about you whether you are watching a movie or sleeping, always Well, don't let yourself be tired. I'll be heartbroken. Understand? "

Tang youyou didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan would say such a sarcastic thing. For a moment, she didn't know how to reflect it, so she gave a dry laugh: "well, idleness is my strength. I like idleness best."

Ji Xiaohan knows that she is answering in disorder. Her fingers are grinding on her thin white chin. Later, she is still attached to her head, sucking her soft lips and kissing: "I'm gone, remember missing me!"

Tang youyou is shaking again. Well, she should be used to it. When this man talks about love, it is the opposite of his cold and ascetic temperament.

"Well, I've been thinking about you!" Tang youyou is very docile to answer him, pretty face already secretly red.

God, she was also changed by this man. It's so easy to talk about love.

"If I don't have time to pick you up in the afternoon, I'll let my driver come." Season owl cold explained a sentence again.

"Well, don't be too busy yourself. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest!" Tang youyou knows that there are many things about Ji Xiaohan's company recently, so he cares about him tenderly.

"Well!" Season owl cold thin lip a hook, calculate to respond, subsequently, open the door of the office, go out.

Along the way, many people came to say hello to him. The season owl was polite and polite.

Liu Xi came to the company and heard such an amazing event, so she hurriedly pushed Tang youyou's office open and saw her holding a cup of tea and sitting on the desk and chair.

"Mummy!" Seeing Liu Xi hurried in, Tang youyou immediately stood up with a smile.

"Yo Yo, why did you come here all of a sudden and don't say hello to me."

"I want to surprise you." Tang youyou's joking.

"It's really a surprise. I heard the romance of you and Ji Shuai spilling dog food downstairs." Liu Xi also said with a smile.

Tang youyou's face turned red: "OK, Ganma, you make fun of me!"

"I'm happy for you, and President Ji has admitted your identity in public. I see who dares to talk nonsense in the future." Liu Xi thought of the gossip he had heard before, so he got angry.

These people are really full. Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan break up. They all want to put fireworks to celebrate. They are in a hurry.

Tang youyou was amused by Ganma's serious appearance, and immediately came forward to comfort her: "Ganma, thank you for maintaining me all the time. After that, I will work hard to repay you."

"Is your head all right now?" Liu Xi asked with concern.

"It's OK. Fortunately, the wound is not big. Otherwise, I'm embarrassed to go out!" Tang youyou is now wearing long hair, but she can't see where she was hurt.

"It's OK. You just recovered now. Don't work hard. Have a good rest in the office. I don't want to arrange anything for you to do now!" Liu Xi said softly.

"Well, let me stay in the office, and I'm happy!" Tang youyou laughs and is grateful to Ganma for her care.

Ji Shangqing is sitting in the office of a hospital. He comes here to meet his friends.

"Why do you want to take the treatment report of Tang youyou?" His friend asked him strangely.

"I care about her!" Ji Shangqing looks a little more sad, forced to laugh.

"You care about her? You will not What else do you think of her? " Between men, just a look, we all know each other's purpose.

Ji Shangqing shrugged and stopped explaining: "since you can see it, should you satisfy a poor man's wish?"

"Patient privacy, we want to protect."

"I know, but we are friends. When you didn't have the money to study abroad, I helped you without saying anything, because we are friends." Ji Shangqing intentionally mentioned the old kindness.

The man sitting opposite was stunned, hesitated for a moment, then nodded, "OK, I'll get it for you!"

Soon, Tang youyou's injury report was in Ji Shangqing's hand.

"Her head injury is the most serious area. Will there be any sequelae?" Ji Shangqing's inquisitive inquiry.

"Yes, there is still a possibility. She can't be greatly stimulated!" The man on the opposite side replied earnestly.

"What if she was stimulated? Is it possible to lose memory? " Ji Shangqing asks with a smile.

"I don't rule it out." The other party nodded.

Season is still light light way: "if lost memory, I should be more distressed."

"Shangqing, if I remember correctly, she is your cousin. I remember that Ji Xiaohan has been here for more than a week, and their relationship is very good..."

"Don't I have the right to like her?" Ji Shangqing is very unhappy to interrupt him.

"I don't mean that!"

"What do you mean then? Ji Shangqing is not an amorous person. I seldom like a person. Do you have to pour cold water on me Ji Shangqing's dissatisfaction is directly written on his face.

"I just care for you as a friend. Ji Xiaohan is not easy to provoke. His woman is poisonous. You'd better not touch it. Be careful to catch fire."

"Poison is more addictive, isn't it?" Ji Shangqing is not afraid of death and smiles.

The man in the white gossip on the opposite side has a good time, and no more opinions.

Ji Shangqing got up and put the information on the table: "thank you for your help. If you need any help in the future, you can also come to me."

"Thank you, Shangqing. You are really a friend worth making." Thank you. "The tree of friendship is evergreen!" Ji Shangqing finished, and turned to leave.