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Blue fiber has been suffering from severe mental disorders recently. When she got up in the morning, blue mother found her daughter wet the bed. She was about to collapse. Her daughter was so big that she could not urinate. How serious was her condition? She called LAN Bai directly and asked for the best doctor to treat her daughter immediately. She could not let her daughter be destroyed like this.

LAN Bai hears her daughter's illness, but she is also in a hurry. She immediately asks a doctor from abroad to arrange blue fiber to go abroad for treatment.

Blue fiber made a big noise at home. She didn't want to go abroad. Blue mother lied to her that she was going abroad for vacation. She didn't go either. At last, she let blue fiber go.

But as soon as she entered the airport, she said she would go to the restroom. Blue mother didn't follow her. She sat in the seat and waited for more than half an hour. Her daughter didn't come back. She was in a hurry. She went to the restroom to find her daughter. After searching several restrooms, there was no trace of her daughter. She panicked and called her husband.

Lambert heard that her daughter was missing at the airport, and almost had a heart attack. She quickly sent someone to look for her daughter, even called the police, and the police arrived to help. They saw that Lambert ran out of one of the doors, indicating that she stopped a taxi and left.

"Why does my daughter want to run away alone? She's trying to scare me to death." Blue mother cried.

The police found the taxi blue fiber took. The taxi driver recalled that blue fiber was under the pedestrian street. The police immediately expanded the search scope. But one day later, blue fiber still had no news.

Lambert and his wife are almost lost in fear.

Lambert immediately went to the hospital. Outside the hospital ward, he had a fight with his younger brother, LAN Chen. The two men had bruised noses and faces. They were very embarrassed.

The quarrel between the two men surprised the old man. The old man called them in at once. When he saw two middle-aged sons fighting in the corridor outside the door, he was almost out of breath.

"Why are you fighting? Why? " The old man angrily took his fist to hang the bed and hated that he didn't have the strength to stand up. Otherwise, he would give a slap to each son, which is a shame to throw in front of outsiders.

"Dad, Lanlin has made my daughter crazy. Now she's lost her fiber. I can't find her even when I call the police. She's all his good daughters." LAN Bai's angry face is red and neck is thick, pointing to LAN Chen's angry nature.

LAN Chen felt very aggrieved and angrily retorted: "how could Xiao Lin be that kind of person? Dad, you also know Xiaolin's temperament. She has been fighting and robbing since she was a child. She serves as a maid every day. She is crazy now. What does it have to do with her? How can I blame her? "

"Slim all admitted that Lan Lin had asked her to kill people in those days and taught her how to revenge LAN Yanxi. Is there any fake?" Lambert asked angrily.

"No way. My daughter will never instigate anyone to break the law. She is so timid." Lanchen's understanding of her daughter is not deep. At the moment, he strives for her innocence.

Blue old man looked at his two sons, but his anger was sad and disappointed, even sad.

"Lambert, you need to gather more people to find the fibril. And you, you need to call Xiaolin back. How can I not see her these days? Where has she gone?" Mr. blue is still calm. He can't do without being calm now. Things have come to this point. His relatives turn against each other and hate each other. He doesn't know what to do to make the family harmonious again. He doesn't have much time and can't keep it going.

"OK, Dad, I'm going to find microfiber." Lambert immediately turned around and ran out.

LAN Chen, with a pale face, said, "Xiao Lin, she has gone back to her grandmother's house. It seems that her grandmother is ill. She goes back to visit..."

"I'm going to die when I leave at this time. Why didn't she come to see me?" The old man was not confused to the point of being delirious. He snorted angrily, "I think she's hiding away from her. Call her back."

"Yes!" LAN Chen didn't dare to quarrel with the old man. She turned around and called LAN Lin.

At this moment, LAN Chen is walking alone on the streets of foreign countries, holding a camera in her hand, taking photos. When she hears the phone ring, she quickly finds out to answer.

"Dad, the money I asked you to remit to me hasn't arrived yet. You won't stop giving me money..." Lanlin complains as soon as she opens her mouth, because her consumption abroad is very high. She must have enough money to have a good time.

"Xiao Lin, book your ticket now and come back quickly." LAN Chen immediately said in a serious voice.

"What? Dad, you want me to go back now? I can't be crazy. " Lanlin immediately let out a scream of discontent.

"Do you really encourage LAN Xianxian to kill LAN Yanxi?" LAN Chen finally faced up to the matter and questioned her daughter severely.

"I I didn't, but lanxianxian said that he wanted to kill lanyanxi. I just sympathized with her and agreed with her. How could it become my fault? " Lanlin was guilty, she said with an unhappy face.

"Blue fibril told his parents that you encouraged her. They hate you now. Blue fibril is missing again. They won't let you go. You will have less contact with their family in the future." LAN Chen scolds her angrily.

"Dad, they wronged me. Don't you believe me? If I don't go back, they'll have to kill me. " Lanlin immediately panicked and wanted to stay abroad.

"Well, I'll ask your grandfather for a favor and let you stay abroad for a while." LAN Chen hung up and went back to the ward.

"When will Xiao Lin come back?" Mr. blue asked him immediately.

"Xiaolin She may not come back for the time being, Dad. I've scolded her, and she knows it's wrong. Otherwise, let her stay abroad for a few more days this time... "

"You tell her that if she doesn't come back, she won't want to get a share from me." The old man interrupted him directly.

"What? Dad, how can you do that? Xiaolin is your granddaughter. " LAN Chen is in a hurry.

"He is my granddaughter, yes, but she is unfilial. I have the right to decide the distribution of my heritage, and I do not expect her to inherit alone." The old man's face grew angry.

"Then I'll call her back. She's really unfilial." LAN Chen quickly turns around and goes out. He calls LAN Lin again.

LAN Lin's impatient voice came: "Dad, please, can you please let me be quiet for a while?"? What's the matter? "

"Your grandfather said that if you don't come back right now, you won't get a cent of his legacy." LAN Chen told the old man directly.

"Grandpa really said that?" Lanlin's expression immediately changed.

"Yes, he said, Xiaolin, don't you really want grandpa's property?" LAN Chen immediately asked her daughter.

"Yes, how can I not? I'm also the daughter of the blue family. Others have it. Of course, I also have it. OK, I'll book a ticket back now. Dad, please ask grandpa for a favor and let him not be angry with me." Lanlin now knows the stakes. She has no mind to play any more. She decides to go back to China. She will be slapped and scolded again. Anyway, they dare not kill her.

Lanlin immediately stopped the car and went back to the hotel. After packing, she went straight to the airport and bought the latest flight back home.

At noon, LAN Yanxi came over with porridge and found grandpa's face sad. She asked quickly, "Grandpa, what's wrong with you? Crying? "

The blue old man quickly took the back of his hand to wipe away the tears from his eyes and forced a smile: "no, Grandpa just thought about something."

"Miss grandma?" Asked LAN Yanxi in a low voice.

"Yes, I miss her too. By the way, Yanxi, Grandpa wants to ask you something." The old man said suddenly.

LAN Yanxi was surprised: "Grandpa, how can you still ask me? I'll help you with anything. "

"I lost the slim fiber. Your uncle is looking for her. I haven't heard from her until now. I beg you. I hope you can ask Ling Mo Feng to help me find her whereabouts. She's mentally abnormal now. I'm afraid she will be wronged outside again." The old man said with a worried face.

"How did she get lost? Where has she gone? " LAN Yanxi was very surprised.

"Your second aunt is going to take her abroad for treatment. She ran away alone at the airport. Now she can't get in touch with her. Grandpa is really afraid of her accident and wants to beg you. Grandpa knows you must hate her." The old man is also very difficult, but he knows that Lan Yanxi will not ignore.

"Grandpa, don't worry. I'll call Ling Mo Feng to help." LAN Yanxi comforted grandpa and took his mobile phone and walked out.