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C694 the test of love

Sitting on Tang youyou's lap and taking off his sweater, Tang Xiaorui is obedient. He doesn't just want to play every day like his sister. Now he begins to study the senior courses. Moreover, the old lady also gives her opinions. The two little babies begin to have classes of interest in learning, and the later two little guys will play less time.

However, Tang youyou is not a strict mother, she is very lenient to both children, but the old lady has put forward her suggestions, saying that Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze have all kinds of interests since they are five years old, and the cultivation of children should be early.

Tang youyou decides to wait for this weekend, and then talk about it seriously with the two little guys. After all, they don't need to be forced to learn any more. If they really like it, it's necessary to cultivate their special skills.

When the two boys got dressed, they went to their favorite toy room with their hands in their hands.

Ji Xiaohan comes over and helps Tang youyou clean up the bathroom.

"My dress is not here, in the seaside villa, we may go down to get it!" Tang youyou looks through the wardrobe and finds that there is only the clothes she usually wears, so he frowns.

"It's OK. I don't need to dress too formally tonight. It's not a big dinner party!" Season owl cold hand, from her back close to her, thin lips against her shoulder, Wen Sheng said.

Tang youyou blinked: "is that right? All right, I'll wear it at will! "

"Well, don't worry about other people's eyes. Just wear the most comfortable clothes." Men are still spoiling.

Tang youyou blushed: "I'm afraid I'll lose face to you if I don't look good. Of course, it doesn't matter if it's me."

"No, as long as I stand by you, you will not lose face!" He is the most dazzling business card of her. Didn't this woman find out?

Tang youyou was stunned by his words. He looked back to see him. Unexpectedly, his thin lips were waiting for her. When he saw her turning back, he immediately kissed her on her slightly opened lips.

Tang youyou's heart would be disturbed by his surmise. He immediately reached out and pulled his palm away: "OK, wait downstairs for me, I'll go down after changing my clothes."

"Well, don't worry. Take your time!" Season owl cold steals a kiss, the corner of the mouth is satisfied smile.

When he came to the door, he suddenly thought of something. He stopped and said in a low voice, "my brother and Bai Yiyan are coming, just downstairs."

Tang youyou looks at him in surprise: "are they here for dinner?"

"Yes, and my brother may really have a serious relationship with Bai Yiyan." Ji Xiaohan's intuition as a man made him believe that this time, his younger brother didn't seem to be cheating.

"Really? That's great. I think Miss Bai is very nice. " Tang youyou is very happy.

Season owl cold quiet Mou tiny squint, dangerous dark awn surge, deliberately tease her: "fortunately, your face did not show lost expression."

Hearing this, Tang youyou immediately stared at him: "what are you talking about? How can I lose?"

Season owl cold chuckles, didn't say anything more, but the mood is surprisingly good.

Downstairs, the old lady was very happy to see Ji Yueze bringing Bai Yiyan back.

"Big brother, let's go out and talk!" Ji Yueze is fidgety. Seeing that Ji Xiaohan has come downstairs, he immediately asks.

Season owl cold nodded, two people walked out of the living room, stood outside in the garden.

The light of the street lamp pours out on the two people. They are handsome, elegant and charming. They form a beautiful picture.

"Big brother, you haven't told grandpa and Grandma about father and Bai Zhen." Ji Yueze is upset about this.

"No, I dare not!" Ji Xiaohan is also carefully thinking about this matter. You should know that grandparents are so old. If you knew this matter, wouldn't it stimulate them?

"Brother, there's another thing. I have to tell you the truth." Ji Yueze said hesitantly.

Season owl cold congeals eyebrow to look at him, see him hesitant, immediately calm voice asks: "have what matter to say, if encounter difficulty, our brother thinks a way to solve together."

Ji Yueze looked at the eldest brother and sighed: "this matter can't be solved by any means. Elder brother, Bai Yiyan also has the surname of Bai!"

When Ji Xiaohan heard this, his face suddenly changed and his eyes became more solemn.

"But don't worry, she is not Bai Zhen's daughter, but Bai Zhen is her aunt." Ji Xiaohan knows what elder brother is thinking, and explains quickly.

After hearing this, Ji Xiaohan's face was still stiff. Later, he laughed at himself: "this fate really plays tricks on us. Why do all the women we like have this kind of karma with us?"

"Yeah, it's like a curse. You can't escape!" Ji Yueze knew that he was going to break up with Bai Yiyan and kick her far away. If he didn't want to see her again, he might not be upset.

However, he didn't know what kind of devil he was, he took her home again, and he felt more and more strongly for her. When Ji Xiaohan saw that his brother's face was rarely worried, he stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder: "don't think too much, just take this as a test of your love. Bai Zhen is hateful, but it's after all the resentment of last life. Bai Yiyan looks good at people. If you really like her, don't miss her."

Ji Yueze knows that big brother is indifferent to everything he does. Unexpectedly, this time, big brother comforts him in turn. He finally knows where the gap between himself and big brother is. His mind and mature mind are not comparable.

"Big brother, don't you blame me?" Ji Yueze lowered his head and asked gently.

Season owl cold chuckles: "blame you what? It's not your fault. I'm just thinking about when we can find an opportunity to talk about it with mom. "

Ji Yueze was strongly opposed to the reconciliation before. At this moment, his face is ashamed, and his face is even more difficult to lift.

"Big brother, do you think mom knew that before?"

Season owl cold heavy nod: "that is inevitable, the pain that mother heart suffers, absolutely not less than us!"

"This hateful Bai Zhenzhen, elder brother, you must not let her go, you must let her be punished!" Ji Yueze wants to hate more and more, gnashing his teeth. "Don't worry, I'll deal with her next time I've got the matter at hand." Ji Xiaohan feels that she can't let go of this woman. No matter how innocent she pretends to be now, she has hurt Ji's family. This account can't be ignored.