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Jimucheng's eyes are still cold and clinging to her body. Suddenly, he sees her bending down, revealing her full and white scenery. His eyes flash a burning color.

I can't see. The figure is very good, big and white.

The feeling of holding in the palm must be good.

"What are you looking at, young master?"

Li Cheng found that the young master was in a daze, and immediately asked.

Jimucheng is awakened by the assistant's voice. However, with a low curse, he will have that idea for a woman.

Damn it, knowing that she changed two men in a few days in a row, where is it worth his imagination?


Jimucheng's face was covered with frost and turned to walk in the direction of more people.

Xia Xinnian has met a lot of people with Liu Chengtian. She is tired of walking on a pair of high-heeled shoes. After greeting Liu Chengtian, she decides to find a place to sit down and have a rest.

The ice cream in the little guy's hand is almost finished. He is going to get something more for Mommy.

Suddenly, a gloomy voice came: "Xia Xinnian, how can you be here?"

Xia Xinnian looks up and sees the two people she hates most in her life.

Xia shuran is holding the arm of he Jiaxuan, and grace appears in front of her.

At first, Xia shuran couldn't believe it was Xia Xinnian, until she came to have a look, it was really her.

In the afternoon, I just warned her not to appear in front of her husband. Unexpectedly, I let them meet in the evening.

For Xia shuran, it's annoying.

He Jiaxuan's eyes were slightly shaken, looking at the Xia Xinnian of the ice blue tailed fish skirt. In a trance, he seemed to see a mermaid swimming in the deep blue sea. It was inconceivable and breathtaking.

Xia Xinnian's long black waist hair is curled at the end of the hair, which makes her long hair show some fluffy, lazy and charming.

No wonder he Jiaxuan is so touched. In his impression, Xia Xinnian always has long black hair. He has no aura at all. What's more, he is just like a high school student. He is dry and disgusting.

But the young woman who appeared in front of him at the moment regained the dry image in his mind, which made his eyes open amazingly.

Xia Xinnian raised his head and glanced at them indifferently. Then he said in a cold voice, "why can't I appear here?

Did you have the party?

If so, I'll go right away! "

Xia shuran's blocked breath stopped in his chest, and immediately turned around to find his husband staring at Xia Xinnian without blinking. He was in a panic.

"Husband, don't you want to talk to your friends?

Go ahead, I'll talk to her! "

Don't want to let he Jiaxuan see Xia Xinnian more, Xia shuran immediately said to him.

In the face of Xia shuran, he Jiaxuan has no face to say hello to Xia Xinnian, so he nods and leaves stiffly.

Xia shuran immediately asked Xia Xinnian with a cold face: "are you intentional?

You know we're coming here tonight for the party, so you came here to blow up our place? "

"You think more!"

Xia Xinnian's cold answer.

Next to Xia Yuchen found that the fierce looking woman was hostile to her mother, and he immediately watched her vigilantly.

Xia shuran looked aside and saw the little boy. She was shocked.

Isn't this the little guy she's trying to steal?

Why is he here?

"Mommy, let's sit over there!"

Xia Yuchen suddenly reached over and held on to Mommy's hand tightly.

Xia shuran was shocked when he heard that this beautiful and delicate little guy was shouting at Xia xinniang Mommy.

"OK, let's go!"

Xia Xinnian doesn't want to talk with Xia shuran, but the face of this woman is getting ugly.

Xia shuran was shocked for a long time, with rich expression on his face, resentment, jealousy and surprise.

Xia Xinnian has a son?

What's more, her son is so lovely and beautiful, just like the son she dreamed of giving birth to.

A strong sense of jealousy filled her heart. If Xia Xinnian became beautiful and had a decent job, Xia shuran would hate her most. At this moment, what she hated most was that God gave her such a lovely and beautiful son.

Xia Xinnian sits in a corner with his son. Xia shuran has no face to follow him.

The sense of loss and bitterness in her heart made her clench her fist with resentment.

Xia Yuchen hugs one arm of mummy painfully: "mummy, that bad aunt is so terrible!"

"Don't talk to her when you see her, you know?"

Xia Xinnian doesn't want to teach her son to hate others, but for Xia shuran, it's a special case, because this woman is really hateful and will hurt her children.

"Well, I'll run when I see her!"

In order to reassure Mommy, the little guy nodded immediately.

The mother and the son sat and ate something, and saw that there was a dance music playing there, and many men and women danced into the dance floor.

Xia Xinnian's eyes are also attracted to the past.

"Mommy, do you want to dance?"

Xia Yuchen found that mommy still had some envious eyes on the couple, so he asked in a low voice.

Xia Xinnian always said the truth to her son. She nodded, "yes, but I don't have a partner!"

"Mommy, I'll find you a partner!"

Xia Yuchen's mind flashed the appearance of the kind and gentle uncle just now.

"Can you help me find it?

You are so small that you don't even know anyone. How can you find it? "

Xia Xinnian chuckles. Her son is so cute that she wants to kiss him.

"Wait, Mommy. I will find the most handsome uncle to dance with you!"

Seeing that mommy didn't believe that he had the ability, the little guy snorted, and the one who pulled Yazi ran away.

Xia Xinnian stands up in a hurry and goes after his son's little figure.

This little guy, I'm joking with him. How can I take it seriously?

In fact, she didn't want to dance so much, but in every woman's heart, there would be a dream of dancing between a princess and a prince.

Xia Yuchen's small figure is drilling up and down in the crowd. Soon, he sees the handsome and gentle uncle.

He is sitting in the center of a group of people. Many people are talking to him.

Xia Yuchen's little head has imagined the way he dances with mummy. Well, mummy will love it.

This uncle is so handsome.

"Yu Chen, run slowly!"

Xia Xinnian is anxious. She really wants to take out the tiger's prestige and shout. Stop for me.

However, she was dressed so elegantly that everyone spoke in a low voice. She still wanted to have a face.