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C1015 the beginning of fancy death

Lu xuanchen was shocked by her last answer. She followed her downstairs all the time and didn't dare to ask her any more. Mao Rongrong didn't want to take his car anymore. She went straight to the road to block the car. When Lu xuanchen came after her, she had already entered a taxi and gone far away.

Lu xuanchen stood on the side of the road in a daze, with a strange look. Today, a couple of new people have been welcomed in this city. Mu Lin, the executive female president of Mu's group, will not only be happy with Luo Henning, the second son of Luo's group, for a hundred years, but also be the first-hand news.

In the center of an open European architectural skirt, a beautiful flower group is in full bloom. It is a paradise like scenic spot and one of the tourism projects of Roche Group. To

so it's Mulin's special request to choose this vast scenic spot. She is unrestrained and enthusiastic, not loyal to go to the holy and solemn palace, but like the open green grass and green mountains, just like her heart, not like being bound, like being free and comfortable. And the promise that lohnin gave her would give her the greatest freedom, not to interfere with her ideas, not to interfere with her decisions. The red

carpet extends to the central area of the grassland, and the white exotic buildings around are particularly striking. On the long white jade corridor, in front of the carved murals, there are countless fragrant flowers. Come to

bin is passing through the corridor orderly, coming to the green grass. A huge curtain made of flowers is erected in the back of the platform, and there are nine wreath arches in the front. Every detail is handled in a very delicate and thoughtful way. The romantic atmosphere around the grassland is enviable.

The guests are sitting on both sides of the wreath corridor. At this moment, the guests have just entered the hall.

In the dressing room, Tang youyou and Pei Anxin are sitting on the sofa. Tang youyou is married. Naturally, she can't be the bridesmaid for Mulin. Pei Anxin is about to become Mulin's sister-in-law. Naturally, she can't help her. Yang ChuChu calls. She may be in a terrible absence because the filming is so busy that she can't catch up.

In fact, Mulin knows why Yang ChuChu can't come. Of course, for this reason, she just knows it. She doesn't want others to know it. After all, it's the family affair of Luo family.

"Bridesmaid group, I have found some good friends in my circle." Murin smiled as she made up.

"Sister Mulin, are you nervous now?" Pei Anxin asked her curiously.

"How is it possible? I haven't been nervous for a long time. I was thinking about the wedding day. But now, why am I still not nervous? " Murin said with a joking expression.

"That's because you know you married the right person, and your future life will be happy. Of course, you don't need to be nervous!" Tang youyou sat beside and said with a funny smile. Mu pointed at her with her finger: "yes, I love to hear you say that in my heart!" Pei

Anxin immediately covered her hands and sniggered: "sister Mulin, you must be the queen of the family in the future. I see lohnin follows you everywhere. I really envy you for your love."

"Anxin, are you dissatisfied with my brother? I'm so embarrassed! " Mureen shrugged at once.

Pei Anxin immediately shook his head: "of course not. Your brother has changed a lot recently. I'm a little more pleased with him!"

"When are you going to consider marrying into our Mu family? I'll decide for you! " Murin immediately realized that it was a good thing to do. She turned to look at Pei Anxin and asked.

Pei Anxin panicked for a moment, immediately smiled and waved: "no, no, no, I don't think about marriage now, I think we are in a good condition."

"Ask Youyou, it will be better if you get married!" Murin quickly talks about Tang youyou.

Tang youyou laughs and doesn't talk. She doesn't seem to see what's good or bad. "

Yo Yo, what's the benefit of getting married?" Pei Anxin really asked her seriously.

Tang youyou giggled twice: "I didn't find any benefits, but maybe I could go to him and discuss with him when I met something righteously. If I was wronged and bullied, I could rely on someone."

"Yes, that's good. No marriage, no confidence. When you get married, your confidence is full!" Murin immediately magnified the benefits. Pei

Anxin blinked: "what you said is very reasonable, but I still enjoy this kind of life without marriage, as if we were in love before."

"Anxin, you are afraid of being hurt by my brother. That's why you have this idea. Ah, my son of a bitch, I really want to beat him." Murin immediately blamed her brother for all the mistakes. Pei

Anxin was stunned for a moment, and then said with emotion: "if I had a sister like you, no one would dare to bully me since I was a child."

"Congratulations, you have it now, and I will cover you later!" Mu Lin immediately smiled like a flower. Tang

youyou also advised: "yes, you married into the Mu family, and sister Mu Lin is your elder sister. Whoever dares to bully you, she will definitely help you decide!"

"Alas, there is no end to it!" Pei Anxin laughs bitterly. Mu

Lin heard the meaning of her words, and her face immediately turned bitter: "just my mother's side, I really can only help you here. Getting along with my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a big thing, which may take time to prove step by step. Anyway, I get along with lohnin's mother, which is very embarrassing. Anxin, I finally understand you."

Pei Anxin nodded: "yes, we can understand each other. Long time, it's best to count your life. I heard that your mother-in-law treats you as her own daughter, and the old lady of Ji's family is very good to you." Don

smiled with complicated expression: "yes, my mother-in-law is really good. I have nothing to say about this. The old lady is also good. I can live in their home. It's something I dare not dream about." "

your dream has come true now!" Murin is happy for her.

Pei Anxin sees Mu Lin chatting all the time. The make-up artist is standing by and urges her: "sister Mu Lin, you'd better make up first. I'll go out with you to have a look at the situation!"

"Well, go!" Murin nodded. Pei

Anxin and Tang youyou went out of the dressing room. They walked towards the corridor. Suddenly, a door was not closed, and there was a voice of men talking.

"Shh!" Pei Anxin immediately raised a finger towards Tang Youyou, and a pair of beautiful big eyes twinkled twice.

Tang youyou listened attentively, but the voice of Mu shiye came out. She couldn't help but cover her mouth and snigger. It seems that Mu shiye is killing again.