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C1027 fear of her retreat

Ji Shangqing came home and smelled the thick smoke. He pushed his father's study away directly. Ji Lin sat on the chair with a low look and looked out of the window.

"Dad, I think it's necessary to investigate this matter. I can't let my sister die so unjustly." Ji Shangqing is young and impulsive. He feels that he is not clear about this matter. He is not happy.

"No need to check. Let's call it a day." Ji Lin pressed the cigarette end into the ashtray and said in a solemn voice, "it doesn't make much sense to check it down. The police have identified it as an accident."


"No, but your sister's death is an accident. Don't think about it any more!" Ji Lin's volume has increased several times, almost roaring out. Ji Shangqing is stunned. "

we've had too much turbulence in Ji's family. I have no time and energy to think about anything else. Please give me some peace. We've lost too much. If you really want to avenge your sister, let Ji Xiaohan roll down from his position. That's the most happy revenge!" Ji Lin said with gnashing teeth, his face was ferocious and terrible, like a poisonous snake that only eats people.

Ji Shangqing was frightened by his father's distorted expression. He stepped back and took two hard breaths: "Dad, do you really have the confidence to seize the power of Ji family? I always think we don't want much. "

"Even if there is only one third of the hope, I will try. If I don't try, I will die in peace. I won't be reconciled. I have paid so much. I even My big brother's life... " Ji Lin's voice froze in an instant, as if he had no courage to say it again.

Ji Shangqing looked at him, and there was a little pain in his eyes. He stepped forward to help him. "Dad, I know you don't like it. OK, I'll help you. You can do whatever you want. If you want me to help you, just say that we have a fight with Ji Xiaohan. No matter whether we win or lose, this battle can't be less. Is that so?"

Ji Lin suddenly pushed his hand away and said in a dark face, "I don't need you to help me, just do your own thing." "

dad, yunning is gone now. I won't help you. Who else really wants to help you?" Ji asked in a hurry.

"I have my own way. I don't need your help!" Ji Lin doesn't want to drag his only son into the water. He will do all the crimes and evils himself, but his son must live well. He believes that Ji Xiaohan can be ruthless no matter how cold he is. As long as there is an old lady, Ji Shangqing will be safe.

"Well, I'll do my own thing." Ji Shangqing backed up step by step, then took the car key and left. Ji has a fierce look at the door, just like a wolf in the end.

Yang ChuChu is wearing a mask and wandering on the street. She has a pure face and a long hair. A blue leisure coat covers her delicate body, which makes it impossible to recognize her at a glance. She hasn't walked freely in the crowd for a long time. This feeling is very good. She saw a dessert store in front of her. She pushed the door in and ordered a lot of delicious food. Then she chose a corner, sat down, pulled the mask to her chin, drank delicious hot milk tea, and ate small cakes. She felt sad, but still couldn't erase it. She has played many plays. Although the heroine in the play has gone through hardships, it is easy to play. Because she saw the end at a glance, the male and female owners will be together and live happily. But when it comes to you, there is a feeling that you can't imagine. What's the end?

The mobile phone in her pocket suddenly rings. She takes it out and takes a look. It's Luo Jinyu.

Yang ChuChu gave a wry smile and pasted his mobile phone to his ear.

"Clearly, why haven't you answered my phone recently?" Luo Jinyu's voice was worried.

Yang ChuChu took a sip of milk tea and whispered, "I want to be alone for a while. I'm sorry to worry you!" "

Where are you? I'll come to you! " Luo Jin's tone is still burning.

"No, I My friends and I are eating outside. See you next time! " Yang ChuChu casually made up a lie. She didn't know why. Now she dare not see Luo Jinyu. She loves a person so much that she is afraid of meeting each other. What's the feeling?

"With whom?" Luo Jin's voice line is tense and sinking. It seems that the first instinct is that she is accompanied by a man who is dangerous enough to replace him. "

that's it. Hang up!" Yang ChuChu was afraid of breaking the lie, so he hung up his phone in a hurry.

Luo Jinyu stands in front of the floor to floor window of the office, her handsome face is stiff, staring at her mobile phone, and her heart is in a state of confusion. "

damn it!" This low curse is to curse himself. Luo Jin Yu slaps the glass window with his hands and turns to sit on the office chair. Before that, he and Yang ChuChu got along very well, and they lived in a very harmonious life. He even thought that was the life they would share in the future. But

now, their mother's step on their peaceful life is gone.

Yang ChuChu seems to be easy-going, but her mind is very delicate and sensitive. She is not the kind of girl who will be haunted by death. If she feels pain and grievance, she will go away alone, far away. It's like some people seem enthusiastic, but once she decides to leave, that kind of determination will be firm and frightening. Bai

Yiyan's recent life has been very full and busy. She has to face a group of seven or eight year olds. She teaches them to read, sing, dance, play games and laugh together. She carefully prepares lessons and hopes to improve herself and her children every day. At noon, after class, she came out with her textbook in her arms and saw Wang Xin standing there, smiling and waving to her. When Bai Yiyan walked by, Wang Xin immediately became nervous, and her face was red: "Miss Bai, can you have lunch at noon?"

For the first time, Wang Xin said that she would be invited to dinner, and Bai Yiyan could not refuse him. After all, he also helped himself a lot. "

OK, but I heard that people here like the AA system when they eat together. Let's do the same!" Bai Yiyan said with a smile.

"If you want AA, that's fine!" Wang Xin didn't ask for anything special. He just wanted to have a meal with her.

"Come on, you are familiar with this side, you lead the way!" Bai Yiyan said with a shrug.