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I hate this man

Tang You You was obviously not seeking death, she just wanted to borrow the seawater to wash her snot and tears.

Even if her eyes were red and swollen for a moment, she could still say that it was caused by the sand, and she believed that the man wouldn't suspect her.

Ji Xiao Han obviously didn't want to touch her either. Hearing her angry shout, he immediately let go.

The wet clothes were now covered in sand.

She was so angry that she wanted to throw a tantrum. This bastard must have done it on purpose.

Ji Xiao Han narrowed his eyes, as he stared at her little face that was swollen red with anger, and sneered: "Looks like your legs are truly numb, wasting my time!"

"Ji Xiao Han, you are a complete and utter bandit. You want to steal my most precious child? Tang You You roared loudly from behind him.

Only, a part of her voice had been covered by the sound of the ocean waves. Only Ji Xiao Han could hear her, and it couldn't travel any further.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly stopped, after that, he slowly turned around, with a complex look in his eyes: "It was you who stole my seed first, I am only taking them back now."

"You bastard …" Tang You You held onto his forehead and began to cry: "Who wants to steal your seed, you were the one obviously …"

"I was drugged that day, you can totally reject me …" But you didn't, didn't you take the initiative to come over? " From what Ji Xiao Han knew, this woman was also suspected of being the one to take the initiative in what happened that day.

"I... I'm not. I was unconscious that day, how could I take the initiative? If I had been awake, I would have killed you. " Tang You You became even angrier, grabbed a handful of sand and threw it towards him.

Unfortunately, the distance was too far. She couldn't throw it at him, so it only served to increase her frustration.

"Who would believe your words?" Ji Xiao Han thought that she was lying, wasn't women the best at lying?

Tang You You sat on the beach like a wooden chicken as if she was struck by lightning. She suddenly felt that she hated this man for her entire life.

Tang You You rolled all over the sand as she sat by the seaside and stared blankly for a long time. When she thought about how her child would be mercilessly snatched away by a man, her tears continuously dripped.

When she had finished crying and was thinking of finding the child, she went back to the living room of the beach house.

The moment he stepped into the hall, he saw a tall man walking back and forth in the living room.

There was a little girl lying in his arms. The little guy's long hair was in disarray, and his cute little face had fallen asleep, with one of his little fingers in his little mouth.

Tang You You was stunned, her daughter did indeed have the habit of sucking her fingers when she was sleeping, but she had never heard of it before. How did she fall asleep peacefully in the arms of this bastard?

Ji Xiao Han had been focusing on coaxing his daughter to sleep the entire time. Not long after his daughter fell asleep, his gaze shifted towards the door.

He gave a signal to Uncle Yuan, who immediately walked in front of Tang You You and said in a low voice: "Miss Tang, I've already prepared a set of clothes for you, you should go in and take a bath."

Tang You You looked at his drenched clothes and did not refuse. She took his clothes and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Her mind was still thinking about the scene she saw in the living room. Her cute daughter was actually able to fall asleep peacefully in the man's arms.

She was truly very jealous, and also very unsavory.