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C1525 back to the blue house

Lanyanxi didn't expect that when she woke up in the middle of the night, the man around her unexpectedly ran to her bedroom to sleep, which made her a little sad, but it had to be said that Ling Mo Feng was really a good man. Although she always had a variety of irregularities with him, lanyanxi was still clear that he was worth his efforts to love.

In the morning, lanyanxi washed and changed into a suit of work clothes. She had a simple and elegant make-up. The whole face was as bright as spring. When she went downstairs, she found that the man woke up long ago. She baked bread, fried eggs and warmed her milk with heart.

"Awake?" When the man heard the footsteps, he turned to look at her. His beautiful face was full of embarrassment.

LAN Yanxi finds that Ling Mo Feng seems to like blushing when facing her. Is this man really shy?

But when facing the camera and various occasions, he is calm, elegant and calm, but in front of her, he behaves like a shy big boy next door.

"Last night Are you sleepwalking? " LAN Yanxi, with his hands on his back, made fun of him with a smile.

Ling Mo Feng's face was even more ashamed. He turned his back to avoid her words and said softly, "first, have a cup of hot water, then milk."

"You haven't answered me yet." LAN Yanxi's small mouth is a toot, indicating that he is not happy.

Ling Mo Feng pursed his thin lips and smiled angrily: "it's not because you are dishonest. I was scared away by you."

"What? Am I that terrible? " LAN Yanxi didn't expect that he would make fun of himself, so he got angry immediately.

"It's not that you're terrible, it's that feeling you gave me. It's so terrible that I can't sleep." When the man was talking, her eyes were deeply coagulating. He confessed that if he didn't sleep in another bed last night, he would lose sleep until dawn.

LAN Yanxi chuckled. This time she was very happy.

Men take her no way, helpless shake his head, thinking, last life must be owed to her, this life to return to her with interest.

LAN Yanxi contentedly ate the breakfast prepared by the man. After breakfast, he took Ling Mo Feng's car to work.

Ling Mo Feng's car stopped at the side of the road outside the office. LAN Yanxi got out of the door and immediately felt the surprised eyes from all sides.

She straightened her skirt and strode forward.

When she walked through the reception office on the first floor, suddenly, a person came out of the office and blocked her way.

LAN Yanxi was shocked, and saw Yang He blushing, looking at her angrily.

"Yang He, I have endured you for a long time, you know? You can't stop me like this every day, and you can't scold me any more, because I want to marry Ling Mo Feng. It's nothing to do with you. I didn't steal or rob or cheat. We are legal and reasonable. You'd better let me go. " Lanyanxi is really afraid of this woman. She often appears in front of her like a ghost. Several times, she sees her hiding in the corner and hates to stare at her. Lanyanxi's hair is so creepy that it almost doesn't turn into a nightmare.

"Lan Yanxi, if you don't love him, don't harm him. He is the one I put on the top of my heart. If you dare to hurt him, I will not let you go as a ghost." Yang He hated the sound and gnashed his teeth.

LAN Yanxi was stunned. Then, she felt angry and funny: "Yang He, don't get involved. I'm afraid you are possessed by the devil. There is more than one man in the world. You have such good conditions. Why can't you think about others?"

"Of course, you don't have back pain when you stand and talk. If you get him, you dare to tell me like this. If you are abandoned by him today, I'll see what face you take to teach me." Yang he sneers and turns to leave.

LAN Yanxi is stupefied. She lowers her head and touches her nose. What Yang he said seems to be reasonable. Only when she gets Ling Mo Feng can she dare to educate her righteously, but her position is reversed I dare not think about it, because this is the real nightmare.

The relationship between LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng is from cold to slow.

If LAN Yanxi started to commute from Ling Mo Feng's car in the first place, there must be a large area of jealous people, but now, everyone seems to be used to it. Even those who were jealous of her have accepted her relationship with Ling Mo Feng at the moment.

LAN Yanxi is a little absent-minded today, because in the evening, Ling's family is going to visit Lan's house, and it's about discussing the betrothal money. She always has some pictures in her mind, and can't help smiling.

It's getting dark. LAN Yanxi is sitting in the office waiting for Ling Mo Feng. He has something to deal with.

In a twinkling, it's half past six. LAN Yanxi is staring at the mobile phone, looking at the time constantly.

Fortunately, Ling Mo Feng's figure appeared in her sight.

The body of a man is tall and slender, as straight as a pine, showing his elegance and self-confidence.

Although lanyanxi has carved everything into his bones for a long time, his heart rate is still accelerating at this moment.

"I've been waiting for a long time. Let's go." Ling Mo Feng saw that there was no one else in the office, and his voice was soft.

LAN Yanxi nodded his head, grabbed his handbag and followed him out.

Sitting in the car, LAN Yanxi can't help but spit out: "today I met Yang he again, we are all about to get engaged, but she still seems to be unable to let you go."

"Then when we are engaged and married, let's see." Ling Mo Feng's impression of Yang He is gradually blurred, and she even can't remember her appearance.

"In fact, I can understand her very well, so every time she comes to me, I don't want to say something hard to beat her. I just want to persuade her, but she just can't hear a word." LAN Yanxi laughs bitterly at himself.

"It's hard for you to treat your rival rationally. If it was me I may also be more rational. After all, we are not separated because of who, nor are we angry because of any misunderstanding. In my opinion, no matter what enemy, it can be regarded as air. " Ling Mo Feng has a tolerant expression, but soon, he will face a fight.

After hearing this, LAN Yanxi was slightly surprised: "is that right? But I remember you nearly killed that JOJO last time. Are you sure it's called tolerance? "

"That's not the same. Qiao Zhuo is always sent by the old orthodoxy to hurt you. He is not only the enemy of love, but also the enemy. In the face of the enemy, of course, I will not be soft handed." Ling Mo Feng slightly picked up his eyebrows and explained.

The adjutant Chu sitting in front of him smiled unkindly.

The two men and women in the back seat were embarrassed.

Well, there is no sand in the eyes of the beholder. As long as people who have been in love, they know that.

Ling Mo Feng drove directly to the blue family, and Ling's parents had already passed. When the two men got off the bus, Ling Nuan immediately ran out to meet them playfully: "brother, sister-in-law, are you back?"

Ling Mo Feng went over and touched his sister's little head: "I told you, in the blue house, you are not allowed to call like this."

Ling wennuan blinked immediately, then spit out his tongue: "you know, I can ignore my sister-in-law?"

Ling Mo Feng is directly stunned by his sister's anger. It's not so difficult to act.

LAN Yanxi chuckled: "it's OK, you can ignore me. Anyway, you can't let others know my relationship with your brother."

When Ling Mo Feng touched his sister's head, he couldn't help but be surprised: "it's warm. You're getting taller. You're almost on brother's chest."

Ling wennuan suddenly gave him a white look: "do you still treat me as a child? I'll be sixteen in a minute. "

Ling wennuan is sixteen years old, and her height is only one meter and sixty-two. However, at Ling's house, she is still the shortest one. She has always been worried about the matter of height. She is also a junior. She is one meter and eighty-eight meters tall. How can she be more than one meter and six? She hopes to be like her sister-in-law, one meter and six.

LAN Yanxi stood by and watched the two brothers and sisters making trouble. The corners of their mouths kept rising. It's no wonder that such a loving family can educate Ling Mo Feng's excellent son.

In the living room, the old man of the blue family and the Ling family were sitting together for tea, but there were still lawyers who were brought by them. This battle scared lanyanxi.

LAN Yanxi is young and doesn't understand. He secretly leans over Ling Mo Feng's side and asks, "why do you want a lawyer to be present?"

"Take a walk, don't be afraid." Ling Mo Feng answers her in a low voice.

But in fact, there are too many dowry dowries for Ling and lanyanxi. Moreover, some things need to be notarized so as not to have some differences in the future. Of course, we all hope that they can get married and beautiful. This process is better to go through.