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C1628 don'st want to leave a legacy

eason owl cold walked to Tang youyou's side, Tang youyou held a glass of water, lolling against the table, a pair of eyes, through the crowd, looking at the face of the silent woman, season owl cold stretched out his hand on her waist, she looked over at him, a pair of beautiful eyes narrowed tightly: "have you had a woman to express her love to you recently?"

Ji Xiaohan just wanted to come over to accompany his wife, but didn't expect that she would suddenly question him. He felt nervous and immediately put on a sincere expression: "why do you ask? Of course not. "

"Really?" Tang youyou's expression became serious.

Ji Xiaohan looks at her innocently: "you won't hear any rumors from anywhere?"

"I didn't hear any rumors, I just doubted if your men would be greedy for novelty."

"Why doubt me? Who stimulated you? " Ji Xiao's face is full of grievances.

Women are vexatious, and once they receive some kind of stimulating signal, they will put their husbands in the seats. The more they think about it, the more they feel that there is something fishy about it. Of course, it is also a kind of behavior that they have nothing to do to find guilt.

But women love it.

"Do you see the woman in the red dress? Guess What is the purpose of her coming here today? " Tang youyou indicated a direction with his eyes, and his voice was confused.

Ji Xiaohan's eyes swept over immediately, and saw Chen Fuyu sitting in a chair, drinking all the time. It seemed that he was in a bad mood.

"Want to hear the truth?" Ji Xiao's face is helpless. He doesn't know why his little wife is so interested in a strange woman.

"You know her?" Tang youyou looks at him and guesses.

Ji Xiaohan nodded: "of course, she is Ling Mo Feng's good friend, and she grew up together."

"And then? When I was a kid, I was a playmate. How about when I grow up? Do you think there is pure friendship between adults? " Tang Youyou, like a curious baby, catches his husband and asks.

Ji Xiaohan secretly cries, why does she have to ask herself such a difficult question? How can he answer that?

"No, friendship between adult men and women is not simple." Ji Xiaohan thought it over carefully, and finally made the right answer.

"I also feel like this. Whether it's a man's confidant or a woman's confidant, if they fall in love with each other, the relationship will be a hidden bomb. Alas, the relationship between adults is too complex. If they don't deal with it properly, they will hurt people very much." The more Tang youyou digs into this relationship, the more distressed she is. She feels that there is no accurate answer to this kind of thing.

Season owl cold quiet Mou Mi Mi: "like your relationship with Lu xuanchen, he is your blue Yan confidant?"

Tang youyou looks at the man straight, then she nods and shakes her head: "I used to be a friend, but now, I'm married, and he's also married. We should draw the line of friends clearly. I haven't contacted him for a long time."

Seeing her serious explanation, Ji Xiaohan couldn't help but be amused by her. He put his hand on her white and tender face and gently twisted it: "I know, I know you will cut off the relationship with all the opposite sex for me."

Hearing his words, Tang youyou trembled and immediately pushed his big hand away: "don't pinch me, I'm not xiaonai."

When Ji Xiaohan saw her angry appearance, he suddenly felt that she was not enough. He wanted to kiss her hard.

"Why do you look at me like this?" Tang youyou finds that there seem to be two flames in the man's eyes. She instantly understands what the man is thinking.

"You know how charming you look when you're angry?" Season owl cold can't help but attach to her ear whispering quietly.

Tang youyou seems to have been rushed by the current. For a while, he looks sharp and crimson: "what kind of bad habit are you? You even enjoy the way I look when I am angry

Ji Xiaohan is cheeky and continues to tease her: "what I said is true. Every time I see you angry, I feel confused. I may really have a bit of underabuse mentality."

"Well, I will not be so good tempered. I want you to love me more." Tang youyou gave him a white look.

"No more. You smile better." Ji Xiaohan quickly leaves a way for himself.

As soon as Tang youyou's face straightened, he said, "I seriously ask you what the relationship between that woman and Ling Mo Feng is. I think Miss LAN is very nervous."

"When you ask me, I really don't know, because I only know the existence of her, but I don't know their relationship." Ji Xiaohan shrugs his shoulders, saying that he can't give an answer.

Tang youyou sighed and couldn't help sympathizing with LAN Yanxi: "from my woman's intuition, that woman must have come while Ling Mo Feng. I just saw her eyes full of feelings when she looked at Ling Mo Feng."

"If that's the case, it's really troublesome." Ji Xiaohan takes a look at his friend, but at present, Ling seems to be able to divide the line, not to make his fiancee too cold.

"Ji Xiaohan, you have a chance to talk to Ling Mo Feng about this. He has to pay attention to his image. He is now the president of a country. His words and deeds all represent the image of our country. They are also examples for ordinary people to learn. He can't trample the bottom line." Tang youyou immediately reminds his husband seriously.

Ji Xiaohan nodded: "don't worry. I'll talk to him alone when I have a chance. But I think your worry is superfluous. With my understanding of him, he will never be that kind of person."

"Do you know him well? Although you are friends, everyone has some invisible character, which is unknown to outsiders. " But Tang youyou doubts it.

Ji Xiaohan immediately said, "I know him well. You didn't look at his ascetic expression, but when you saw LAN Yanxi, you wanted to knock him down."

"Ah What do you say? " Tang youyou is almost blushed by the words of the men around him. Is he so direct?

Ji Xiaohan immediately burst out laughing.

Tang youyou takes a look at him, and suddenly wants to stay away from him. He doesn't want to be the target of everyone's attention.

The reflection of Ji Xiaohan really attracts the attention of many people around him. In their impression, Ji Xiaohan and Ling Mo Feng both have the breath of asceticism, but once they meet the people they love, their breath will disappear, and they will fall down to the altar in an instant and become the people with seven emotions and six desires.

Lingmo Feng hears his friend's happy laughter and turns around with curiosity. Lanyanxi looks at this side in surprise. Then, she can't help pulling Lingmo Feng's arm: "you say Ji is always a very reserved person. I don't think so. He seems to be very sunny."

Ling Mo Feng also wondered, is there sunshine in Ji Xiao Han?

He and he have known each other for such a long time, and the atmosphere of gloom is always hanging over him. Love can really change a person. Ji Xiaohan now has a wife and children, and his life seems to be saved, and the sun begins to shine.

"Did I say that?" Ling Mo Feng pretended to lose his memory immediately.

LAN Yanxi gave him a big white eye: "you said it clearly."

Ling Mo Feng immediately smiled with embarrassment: "then I may have to get to know my friend again. He is not the same as before."

"I really like sister youyou. When we are free, let's visit their house. I want to meet their children." LAN Yanxi immediately said with great expectation.

"Well, I didn't dare take you to their house in a fair way before. Now I can." Ling also wanted to see their children, and didn't know who they looked like, but no matter who they looked like, their genes were very good.

Most of the invited guests came. Ling Mo Feng arranged a speech activity. Most of them were words of gratitude from the heart.

Chen Fuyu was a little drunk. She raised her eyes and looked at the shining man on the stage. Her heart was more sour, as if she had been stuffed with a lemon.

At this moment, she suddenly makes the next decision. She can't leave without fighting. If she doesn't fight for it once, she will shake and be unwilling in her whole life.

She doesn't want to let herself be shaken, in case Does Ling Mo Feng like her?