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C567 already annoying him

Ji Xiaohan didn't find that the women around him were as stiff as sculptures, only a pair of dark and beautiful eyes were turning around.

Tang youyou summoned up his courage and wanted to speak, but finally he was defeated.

She and Ji Xiaohan had a hard time getting along. Now the atmosphere is really unbearable to destroy.

Tang youyou's hands, tightly holding the skirt, are about to make a cold sweat. "Well, maybe my brother has changed. I haven't talked with him for so many years. It's my dereliction of duty as a big brother. What I always care about is that he has enough money to use, but I haven't really been a family member. Go into his heart to understand him. From now on, I must pay more attention to him." Season owl cold suddenly introspected himself.

When Tang youyou heard these words, she was even more frightened. She knew that Ji Xiaohan's love for Ji Yueze's elder brother was not just in his mouth, but it was because of their deep brotherhood that Tang youyou stopped his impulse to tell him the truth.

Their brothers' feelings are actually very good. How can Tang youyou bear to let their feelings be destroyed because of himself?

Maybe she thinks more about it. Maybe Ji Xiaohan won't pursue it any more. After all, he just said that he knows too little about his brother. Maybe Ji Yueze has really changed?

"Why don't you talk?" Season owl cold side to turn over, borrow the light shadow of street lamp outside the window, looking at her to ask.

Tang youyou smiled: "what can I say? I only envy your brother's feelings, but I don't have such brothers and sisters. "

"When we get married, my brother will be your brother. You can also care about him as much as I do and know him. You will be his sister-in-law later. You can take good care of my brother for me." Ji Xiaohan said in a tone of interest.

Care for him?

Kill her also dare not care, she only felt, after she and Ji Yueze had better not meet again, saved embarrassment.

"Then we must get married first!" Tang youyou's tone is a little tense.

"Are you blaming me for not giving you a wedding earlier?" Season owl cold some sensitive ask. "No, I don't mean that!" When Tang youyou saw his heartache, he quickly shook his head and explained: "I just feel it. Now it's too early to think about it. Your brother has found a girlfriend, and someone will care for him later. As a sister-in-law, I'm afraid I don't care about anything."

"Yo Yo, apart from not being able to give you a name, I can give you everything, my wife all the power, you all enjoy, including me, as well as my feelings and sincerity." Season owl cold low voice said, as if to pacify her lost heart.

Tang youyou trembled a little. It's true that Ji Xiaohan, apart from not marrying her, would never give her less love than any husband.

I think that Ji Xiaohan is so kind to himself and dotes on himself, but what about himself? I even kept such a big secret from him.

Tang youyou suddenly feels very uncomfortable and blames himself.

"Season owl cold, if If one day a man confessed to me, would you be angry? " After being sad, Tang youyou suddenly summoned up his courage and asked Ji Xiaohan a silly question.

Season owl cold suddenly slammed on the brake, parked the car in the middle of the road, eyes color surprised to look at her: "who told you?"

Tang youyou's heart was almost stopped when he was frightened by this sudden move. She quickly explained in a low voice: "I don't mean who, I want to ask you if you will be angry if I am confessed."

Ji Xiaohan's eyes narrowed a little, and he saw that there was no difference in her look, just a light way: "of course you will be angry!"

"Why are you angry? You don't know. I only like you now." Tang youyou smiles on the surface, but he is in a panic.

After hearing her words, Ji Xiaohan only whispered, "has someone already confessed to you? Is that Luo xuanchen again? He's not afraid of you. "

Tang youyou's in a panic. Does she want to tell a lie?

It's over. The darker the story is, the more she should not ask this question. Now, how can she answer it so that Ji Xiaohan can ignore it?

It's true that lying is to be punished by heaven. One lie needs countless lies to come true. "Don't be angry, will you? No matter who confesses to me, I will not be moved. I only love you wholeheartedly. " Tang youyou feels that Ji Xiaohan is like a beast to attack. Although he has no expression at this moment, if she doesn't speak along his hair, he will be afraid of the volcano next second.

And the only way to comfort him is to say more love for him.

Sure enough, this method is very effective. Ji Xiao's cold and tense face slowly melts. Next second, he reaches out and gently hugs her petite body to his side.

Tang youyou was obedient and leaned on his shoulder. Then, the thin lips of the man kissed him gently.

There was another throb in my heart. All my worries seemed to be comforted.

Season owl cold kissed her for a long time, this just let go of her, low mute voice says: "besides me, you are not allowed to fall in love with others, know?"

"You are so domineering, OK?" Tang youyou couldn't help chuckling. "You know what kind of person I am. I am so domineering about love. Since I have identified you, it must be you! And you should never betray me. I don't know what will happen when I get angry. " Ji Xiaohan must remind her once, and don't provoke him easily.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes are slightly shocked. Have you offended him?

"Well, I promise you, I only love you in my life, Ji Xiaohan. Do you hear me? I only love you! " Tang youyou seemed to comfort him and remind himself, saying two love words in a row.

The man's thin lips hook up, smile contentedly, reached out to touch her cheek: "OK, I know!"

When Tang youyou saw that he was smiling, the atmosphere picked up again, which made him feel relieved.

Oh, my God, it's so breathtaking. She feels like her heart is about to pop out.

Fortunately, she still made him happy. What should I do?

Now it's time to coax him. What about later?

"Let's go. We should do something of our own while the children are not bothering us!" When I kissed her just now, Ji Xiaohan was out of control. At this moment, he would not miss such a good chance.

Tang youyou's heart quivers. Unexpectedly, Ji Xiaohan is so brave. The old lady finally agrees that they can meet. He will do such a thing.

"Let's not tonight, or we'll have another day..." Tang youyou wants to persuade him, because she is really afraid. In case it reaches the old lady's ear, her image will be destroyed again. In the eyes of the old lady, Ji Xiaohan is not wrong. She is the only one who is wrong.