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Blue slightly came to the school gate, blue white expression, turned around to stare at Ji Shangqing. Ji had a look at the shop next to him. There was a clean coffee shop. He pointed out: "take a seat on the second floor!"

Although Lan Wei didn't want to sit down with him to have a good chat, she couldn't really swallow the bad breath.

Thinking of her innocent body being destroyed, she can't let go of this man easily. Blue

with a little cold face, she walked into the coffee shop. There was no one on the second floor. She took the last seat. Shangqing is a gentleman. He ordered a lot of food. Then he put his hands on the table and looked at the angry girl in the opposite side more carefully. From the data of

she is only twenty-one years old this year. At the moment, she does show some childishness. "

What do you want to tell me?" Blue asked him angrily.

"I was drunk yesterday. I didn't know what happened until I woke up. I'm really sorry. I didn't want to hurt you, but since it happened, let's solve it." Ji Shangqing's words give people a sincere and positive attitude. Lan Wei wants to throw hot water on his face, but he can't do it again.

"What's the point of all this? Can you return the innocence to me? " Blue slightly ridicule, men are so hypocritical? "

why not? If I owe you something, you can offer me conditions. As long as it is within a reasonable range, I will consider it!" Ji Shangqing said in a low voice. "

conditions? If I asked you for two million, would you give it to me? " Blue gave an instant sneer.

"Two million, isn't it?" Ji Shangqing reached into his arms and soon took out a check and a pen. He bowed his head and wrote a number, and signed his name. He handed over the check politely: "here is a check of two million yuan. Take it. This matter, can we treat it as if we don't owe each other?" Blue

Weiwei said casually just now, thinking that although he was dressed like a dog, he would not be able to come up with so much money. In this way, she would have more reason to scold him. But now, he even gave her the check directly, and her whole body was frozen.

"What? Is it too little? Well, I'll give you five million yuan, and we'll be clear about this. " Ji Shangqing said and wrote another check for her. Blue

the whole person trembled slightly. She had a disgusting feeling that she wanted to sell on the pole. No.

when Ji Shangqing wrote the second check, blue Weiwei tore the one he just handed over into pieces and smashed it at Ji Shangqing's face: "you can't use money to humiliate me." Season

Shangqing slightly closed his eyes. When the check landed on his face, he opened his eyes. A black air flashed under his eyes. He played with the pen in his hand. He stared at the blue and asked: "is there anything else in the world that money can't solve? Blue Wei, what are your conditions? Don't want money, do you still want my people? " "

you..." Blue slightly is blocked by his words, the whole pretty face is blushing.

"Didn't you just say two million, this can be solved? Why do you regret again? I came here with sincerity. I hope you can cooperate with me. " Ji Shangqing leaned slightly, glancing at the girl's face, with a little threat in her words.

The blue slightly facial expression is still ugly, put on the tabletop two small hands instantaneous pinched into fist again.

"You are the one who did the wrong thing, asshole. I am not satisfied with your attitude. Why should I cooperate with you? I can actually seek legal ways to protect my rights and interests, can't I? " Lan Wei is not a weak girl who is silent after being bullied. At this moment, she is really thinking about whether to report the case, because she is really being violated. Season

Shang Qing's face was completely stiff, and his eyes flashed a confused color. "Please calm down, Miss blue. I know I hurt you, but I didn't mean to." Ji Shangqing's words are more sincere.

"It's not intentional. Isn't drinking injury a kind of injury?" Blue slightly sneered. "

I know that I did this wrong, so I came to you to apologize. For my honest sake, can you not go to the police?" Ji Shangqing was really afraid that she would do this. Jun's face was a little pale. "

are you afraid?" Blue slightly cold hum.

"Yes, of course, I'm afraid. By the way, I haven't introduced myself. This is my business card. You can come to me for help if you have anything in the future." Ji Shangqing handed over his business card directly.

Blue slightly frowned, but still received his business card: "Ji Shangqing? You have a lot of money, don't you? " "

in general, it's not too rich!" Ji Shangqing looks embarrassed.

Blue slightly closed her eyes. She knew that even if she killed this man, what happened yesterday would not change. She would also be charged with murder. However, if she went to the police, her reputation would be completely destroyed. Now, seeing Ji Shangqing's famous gilded film, could she really lean down such a rich and powerful man?

Blue Weiwei is not an impulsive person either. After deep thinking, she decides to deal with it coldly.

Poor people can't fight with rich people. She has known this cruel truth for a long time.

"We're going to sign an agreement now. You promised to help me three times. It's over." Lan Wei finally made a decision, but she had to make a letter to prove it.

"Agreement?" Ji Shangqing didn't expect this woman to be young, but she was also smart.

"Well, you write, I sign!" Ji Shangqing just wants to stabilize her at the moment, but he doesn't worry about her requirements.

"You wait for me here for a while. I'll go down and print two copies!" Blue slightly finish saying, get up and leave.

Ten minutes later, blue Weiwei came back with two agreements in hand.

"If you don't mind, sign it!" Blue Wei gave him one of them.

Ji Shangqing looked down, but the above didn't write down last night's event, but roughly explained that he owed her a debt, willing to exchange three conditions.

Ji Shangqing didn't say anything, so he wrote his name on it. Blue

I didn't expect that he should be so cheerful, but my mind has changed a little.

"Is that ok? There is my contact information and my address on it. If you have something, you can contact me at any time! " After Ji Shangqing signed, he said with a low voice. "

OK, I will!" Blue slightly put the agreement away.

Before Ji Shangqing left, he took another look at her: "I lost your job yesterday. Do you want to work in my company?"