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Bai Yiyan walked quickly to the elevator and knocked on the door of Ji Yueze's office with a sense of expectation.

"Come in!" There was a man's usual indifferent voice.

Bai Yiyan pushes the door open, walks in, hangs a smiling face to ask: "do you look for me?"

When Ji Yueze saw her, his eyes narrowed slightly. Then he hooked his fingers at her: "come here!"

When Bai Yiyan saw that he had made such a gesture, she trembled in her heart and instinctively walked away. She was pretty and blushed.

Bai Yiyan goes to his desk to stand, but hears the other side's voice is full of discontent: "come closer!"

Bai Yiyan had to walk around the desk to his side, but when she just came over, the man suddenly reached up and hugged her. Bai Yiyan was shocked and could not stand stably, so she sat on his strong leg.

"Why?" Bai Yiyan's frightened little face was slightly discolored and looked at him puzzledly.

"Look at this!" Ji Yueze's long fingers, powerfully knocked on the desk.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes immediately looked over, and saw Ji Yueze's desktop with a piece of A-4 paper, on which the man wrote many of her names forcefully and powerfully with a pen, which was very beautiful, shaped, powerful and impeccable.

"Er..." As soon as Bai Yiyan's brain exploded, she immediately thought of the name she signed at the show. She immediately put out her hand and covered her face. She had no face to see anyone else.

"You You saw it, too? " Bai Yiyan has an impulse to drill a hole in the ground. Is it possible that Ji Yueze is watching the live broadcast? Is it over? Will he abandon her modestly?

"They also give you a close-up of your name. How much they treat you well. People who are more famous than you don't have this honor." Ji Yueze laughs at her for a long time.

This time, Bai Yiyan has an impulse to crash to death. Why do the media want to tease her like this? She felt so ashamed at first, and wanted to feature her. It's too much.

"From today on, you should start practicing. I will teach you personally. At least, you should give me your name to practice better!" Ji Yueze is fed up with her disgraceful behavior because of her famous son.

Bai Yiyan immediately put down her hands and looked at him with a pair of beautiful eyes unbelievably: "do you want to teach me? But I'm stupid. I'm afraid I'll disappoint you. "

"Since I know it will disappoint me, I'll practice harder and be satisfied earlier." Ji Yueze immediately turned into a stern teacher with no room for discussion.

Of course, Bai Yiyan knows that she needs to practice signing. She nods, "OK, I will try my best to practice my name."

"Now, write it for me!" Ji Yueze suddenly asked.

Bai Yiyan, staring at him with deep eyes, anxiously picked up the pen. Before she touched the paper, the water of the pen fainted and dyed a circle of black. She hurriedly raised her hand.

Ji Yueze wants to reach for his forehead again. How bad is his IQ?

Bai Yiyan bit her lips and thought to herself, anyway, in front of Ji Yueze, she also lost all her face. Can she still lose it to the 18th generation of her ancestors?

So, the heart of a horizontal, she wrote her own name, as expected, very ugly.

The strength of the pen is insufficient, the font is crooked, and there is no feature or point of view.

Ji Yueze wrote three words directly next to her. By contrast, Bai Yiyan's words are even worse.

"Practice as I write, now!" Ji Yueze felt that this matter is urgent and must be implemented immediately.

"Then I Do you want to go to Angkor! "

"No, I'll sit in my office today and practice calligraphy. Don't go anywhere!" Ji Yueze's voice is low and stern, which makes people dare not answer.

Bai Yiyan nodded: "OK, I'll practice now!"

She took the blank paper, rose from his strong legs, and sat down on a sofa beside him.

There is sunshine outside the window. Bai Yiyan lowers her head and describes the three words Ji Yueze wrote to her.

That's her name. A stroke of pen has long been deep in her heart. But at this moment, she describes the pen on the peak of his pen. Her heart is slightly quivering. There's an unspeakable feeling twining in her heart, which makes Bai Yiyan feel. At this moment, she can't forget it in her whole life.

Ji Yueze is sitting opposite her, doing his things calmly, without being disturbed by her presence.

Ji Shangqing listened to the gardener's story in Ji's garden and kept it in his mind. Now he wants to find out how to figure it out.

However, he is now in the country, and there is no way to find a place to investigate.

I was drinking with some friends in the bar. Suddenly, a man came in with some young girls.

"Come and have a look. This is a popular group of girls recently. One by one, don't mention it!" The other side smilingly introduced, then, a girl ran to Ji Shangqing's side and sat down.

"This is young master Ji. He is a big boss. It's good for you to serve him well." Someone hurriedly made an introduction to Ji Shangqing. The eyes of those girls became hot in an instant.

The girl sitting beside him, taking advantage of the opportunity to get close, reached out to touch Ji Shangqing's hand.

Ji Shangqing casually moved away, throwing a warning look in the past.

"Shangqing, don't be like this. Other girls have thin skin. Don't be cruel to her!" Someone saw it and immediately said with a smile.

As soon as the girl heard this, she immediately blushed and lowered her head, with a bewildered expression.

Ji Shangqing still didn't give her a pity expression, cold face, drinking.

"Shangqing, what did you ask us just now? Is it about Tang youyou? We don't know her details. He's a woman of Ji Xiaohan. How dare we make a random investigation! " Someone suddenly brought up the topic.

Just when Ji Shangqing was upset, the girl sitting beside him immediately said, "young master Ji, do you want to investigate Tang youyou? If you want to know her details, you can go to the Tang family. The Tang family must know that. She has done a lot of harm to the Tang family. "

Ji Shangqing, who didn't give others a good face just now, glanced over at the girl and said, "how do you know so clearly?"

"The elder sister before us is Tang youyou's elder sister. She has done a lot of harm to others. Now she's crazy. She's in a mental hospital. Tang youyou is really a pest." The girl immediately said with an angry expression.

"Shut up!" When Ji Shangqing heard her scolding Tang youyou like this, he immediately gave a cold warning: "no more bad words about her!"

The girl thought that Ji Shangqing also hated Tang Youyou, but when he drank and scolded her, she was afraid to speak again. "Tell me all you know about Tang youyou. Whoever says more will be rewarded!" Ji Shangqing picks eyebrows. He looks like a gentleman. All the girls sitting around are going to say more.