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C1815 the love of equal power

Li Qing and the woman named Xiao Chen went to the hot spring pool to take a bath together. The two of them often have a close relationship. Li Qing sat in the pool and complained, "look at Mu Yun, make a boyfriend and guard us as thieves. It's too much."

Xiao Chen has a little relationship with Li Qing in working relationship, so she can't be a good person at this time, she can only be a middleman.

"Muyun is not young. He has found a boyfriend. Of course, he will go to jail. Besides, her boyfriend is too handsome. So far, I think he is the most handsome besides the president."

Xiao Chen immediately exclaimed.

"What's the use of Shuai? He can be a rice eater. I think that Nangong Yao's family background should be good. Have you seen the watch he brought?

How much do you think?

And he's wearing them all. He's almost tens of thousands of sneakers. "

Li Qing said with a face full of gossip.

"I can't see. You know I don't care much about luxury."

Xiao Chen laughs twice.

"If his wristwatch is real and worth more than 3 million yuan, it's not for ordinary people to spend it. I think he conceals his identity. It must be Moyun who asked him to do it. It's so boring. We have known each other for so long, somehow, that we should not admit it to us."

The more Li Qingyue wants to be angry, the more he ignores his actions.

"Well, don't talk about her any more. Mouyun seldom sees a man. As a friend, we have to be happy for her."

Xiao Chen is a real person. She doesn't dare to think about nangongyao. She also knows that nangongyao can't see her, so she's normal.

"I'm not happy. I'm jealous."

Li Qing lies on the stone with a bad face.

Xiao Chen looks at her back and admires her. Li Qing has a good figure. Many women can't come. People are not satisfied. She admires her figure, but Li Qing admires Muyun for making such a handsome boyfriend.

Li Qing and Xiao Chen came back. Mu Yun sneezed. On the way up the mountain, she was wet for most of her body. Now when the cold wind blows, she shivered twice.

Nangong Yao frowns and hides his concern in his eyes. Muyun is stubborn.

"Muyun, it's going to be dark soon. Let me go with you. Don't worry. I'll stand far away."

Nangong Yao came to her side and whispered.

"Well! Thank you. "

Muyun didn't expect that it was so dark on the mountain. Just now it was clear and dark. She went to the mountainside to take a bath alone. She was really afraid.

Nangong Yao couldn't help being ecstatic. Muyun didn't refuse him.

Nangong Yao carries her changed clothes and follows Muyun to the hot spring pool.

When Li Qing and Xiao Chen saw the scene, they couldn't express themselves.

"Oh, I know."

Li Qing stomps her feet. She feels that Mu Yun deliberately wants to avoid them. She just wants to go with Nangong Yao. She is shameless and shameless.

Zhang cau only took a look and didn't say anything.

"Be careful. The road is slippery. I'll lead you."

Nangong Yao stretches out her arm and holds her finger, only to find that her hands are cold.

Muyun didn't speak or refuse. He was allowed to take him forward.

"Do you often go out for outdoor sports with these friends?"

Nangong Yao is a little sour. Thinking of the past years, he didn't participate in her life, and imagining that some other man might have served as her escort, he is inexplicably jealous.


Muren replied softly.

Nangong Yao is so jealous that he can't speak. How many imaginary enemies does he have?

To the hot spring pool, Moyun picked a pool.

Nangong Yao didn't want to leave very much. Muyun looked back at him, and he immediately coughed softly: "well, I'm behind the stone nearby. Can I help you?"


Mu Yun nodded. She was not a girl in her twenties. Now she just wanted to take a warm bath and lie on the grass for a while to see the stars.

Muyun, with his back to nangongyao, put his clothes beside him and sat in. The water was gentle and smelled of sulfur, but it soothed people's nerves and stretched their blood.

Muyun thought that she could enjoy the natural hot spring bath, but when she heard all kinds of calls from around, her nerves straightened. A pair of eyes looked around, suddenly saw not far away, as if there were two flash points. In a blink of a blink, Muyun's frightened breath was tight, and she quickly began to shout: "nangongyao, are you still there?"

Nangong Yao looked at the photos of her just now, and heard her calling himself. He walked out quickly: "I'm here. What's the matter?"

"I'm a little scared."

Mu Yun doesn't want to be brave. She is really afraid.

Nangong Yao chuckled out of his voice and said, "aren't you afraid of me?"

"What are you afraid of?"

Mu Yun is confused.

"I'm a man. Haven't you heard many words to describe a man?

For example, wolves, beasts and so on. "

Nangong Yao deliberately teases her.

"I have only heard of animals, some of which are not as good as animals."

Mu Yun has seen through his little skills. He wants to tell her about dizziness. The means are too tender.

Nangong Yaojun's face was blushing. This time, he was really happy to laugh.

"I swear, I will never be the animal you said."

Nangong Yao quickly justifies himself.

Mu Yun has him around, but also a lot of peace.

"I know. I can see. You're not."

Muren said softly.

Nangong Yaozheng was stunned. He could not help squatting beside her. His eyes turned to her and looked at her from top to bottom: "murun, I have controlled my feelings for you these years. I found that I was about to offer you as a saint."

"You don't want to be a saint. You're just afraid I'll steal your seed."

Moyun raised his eyebrows and looked at him.

Nangong Yao was shaking all over. I have to say that he was really worried about this.

"So I won't let you get me easily."

Said Nangong Yao with a thick face.

Mu Yun gave a lip piece directly: "this matter, can you uncover it?"?

I won't talk about it again. "

"Yes, but you have to get rid of your thoughts, too. You can't think any more."

Nangong Yao saw that she was angry. Of course, following her heart, what else could he do about the woman he liked?

Pet it.

"I don't want to."

Moyun also felt that the idea was unrealistic.

Nangong Yao takes advantage of a glimmer of light and looks at her. Although most of her are immersed in the water, Nangong Yao still sees the ups and downs, which is very beautiful.

Mu Yun looked up and saw that the man's eyes kept shifting. Suddenly, she hooked her fingers to the man.

Nangong Yaozheng, but still moved over, Mu Yun directly from the water out of a part of the body, the lips of the powder run, in a man's lips kiss.

"How is it?

How does it feel to be offended by me? "

Moyun asked the queen.