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C611 is the relationship open?

Luo Jinyu didn't expect her to mention such a topic, and Jun's face was frozen as expected.

Gao dajianba's body can't be dragged away by Yang ChuChu with any strength.

"Come on, aren't you willing to accompany me?" Yang ChuChu looked at him with a smile.

Luo Jinyu finally recognized defeat. She reached out and pulled her gently, and she fell into his arms.

"Why, my mother has promised us to be together. What else can you care about?" Yang ChuChu now belongs to the spring and youth period. Many new things love challenges and tests.

Because of the most taboo relationship between men and women, Yang ChuChu has always been full of curiosity.

When she fell in love with Luo Jinyu, she had been thinking about how to try with him.

"Even if your mother agreed, we can't do that now. I promise you, 22 years old..."

"What a bore!" Yang ChuChu immediately broke away from his arms, laid down on the sofa, opened his hands, and stared at him with a pair of beautiful eyes: "twenty years old, two years!"

Luo Jinyu laughs helplessly, how does this kind of thing still have bargain?

"For two years, you can't let me wait for you for four years. Then, if you are picked up by other women, who can I cry for?" Seeing that he didn't agree, Yang ChuChu jumped up immediately, stood in front of him, looked up at his eyes and said.

"Well, I promise you!" Luo Jinyu chuckled, then his thin lips attached to her ears and whispered, "actually, I'm more anxious than you!"

Yang ChuChu's face is inexplicably hot.

"Let's eat together in the evening. I'll cook for you myself!" Luo Jinyu saw her pink face, and her heart throbbed.

"Well!" Yang ChuChu likes the feeling of being with him. No matter what she does, even if she doesn't do anything, she will stay with him like this. She also feels full and secure.

Just as Luo Jinyu turned to go to the kitchen, Yang ChuChu's cell phone suddenly rang.

Yang ChuChu took a look at it and threw it on the table beside him.

"Whose phone?" When Luo Jinyu saw that she didn't take it, he immediately asked curiously.

"It's your cousin Mu Xiyang. He's been pestering me recently. I have a headache."

Luo Jinyu's face changed a little. I didn't expect that his cousin would be so affectionate towards Yang ChuChu. "Do you have a chance to have a good talk with him? If he knows that you have someone you like, he will go back." Luo Jinyu also doesn't like his cousin to pester her every day. Although he's not afraid that he will take this little thing away, it's embarrassing to pester her like this.

It also influenced Yang ChuChu's reputation.

Although she is young, she is also a person in the entertainment circle. She can make the media close-up in capital for several days. "I'll find a time to talk to him clearly, but I think he's over confident. He always feels that I don't like him as a loss. He also says that I'm not moved by him. He hasn't touched me yet. Alas, his imagination is really rich." Yang ChuChu was speechless about the persistent boy.

The phone stopped and went on ringing again.

Two people stare at the mobile phone, the expression is a little ugly.

"Take it on and see if there's anything wrong with him." Luo Jinyu had better decide to listen to his cousin.

Yang ChuChu had to nod: "OK!" When Yang Chu answered the phone, he heard the sound of shouting from the other end of the phone, with a man's drunken tone: "Yang Chu, do you know where I am? If you don't come, I'll jump. I'm going to die for you. Don't you say that turning around will forget me? If I die, you will never forget me! "

Yang ChuChu listens to Mu Xiyang's words, a pair of beautiful eyes instantly open big, urgent voice cries: "Mu Xiyang, are you crazy? It's no good for me if you die. "

"I said, I want you to never forget me in your life. Since you can't love me, let you remember me!" There was sadness and loss in moxiyang's voice.

Yang ChuChu is going crazy. When Luo Jinyu next to him hears Yang ChuChu's words, his handsome face changes greatly.

"Well, you want to die, don't you? You tell me, where are you? I'll come to you now. Since you want to die, at least let me watch you die with my own eyes. " Although Yang ChuChu was frightened, she also forced herself to calm down. First of all, she should know where Mu Xiyang is. "I'm on the bridge behind our high school. I remember that we used to play here. At that time, we had no idea. We had a good time. I can't forget that you smiled like a butterfly in the sunset." Muxiyang is really drunk, and there is chaos and nonsense in his mind.

"Well, you have seed. You stand there for me and don't move. Wait for me to come here, and then you can jump!" Yang ChuChu said, quickly hung up the phone, then, a face of panic looking at the face of the depressed Luo Jin Yu.

"Mushiyan is crazy. What should he do if he wants to jump for me? I have to hurry up and look at him. This madman, see if I don't beat him to death. " Yang ChuChu grabbed his backpack and turned to run.

"I'll go with you!" Luo Jinyu also took his coat and car key.

Yang ChuChu nodded, "OK, you can go with me, just to let him die completely!"

Luo Jinyu heard Yang ChuChu's words, and his face slightly trembled.

Is it necessary to disclose his relationship with Yang ChuChu at this time?

It was too urgent for him to think more. The two men quickly went downstairs, started the car, and drove towards the location where muxiyang was.

Yang ChuChu directed Luo Jinyu to park his car on the bridge behind the high school.

At the moment, the bridge is under repair, with fences on both sides and no cars passing through.

Only dim street lights.

Far away, Yang ChuChu saw the figure of Mu Xiyang.

He took a bottle of wine and sat down on a big stone with his head down. It was disturbing. Luo Jinyu follows her in a fast pace and runs in the direction of Mu Xiyang.

"Muxiyang, come here!" Yang ChuChu ran over and shouted.

Muxiyang looks up, turns around and looks at her. Then he sees Luo Jinyu, who is following her. His handsome face slightly changes.

"Who asked you to find my cousin?" He originally wanted to perform a drama of bitterness, but Yang ChuChu called his cousin over. How could the drama be performed?

Seeing that he was not drunk, Yang ChuChu was still sober, and immediately scolded: "you are a madman. If you are really impatient, you should find a place where nobody is. Why do you need to call me?" Muxiyang's face was a little pale. He smashed the bottle in his hand: "if I didn't like you, do you think I would call you?"