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Ji Yueze finally sees Bai Qingyue's "ruthless" side. However, the first child is still drinking milk. He mentioned the birth of a second child one night. It's no wonder that Bai Qingyue didn't let him go. For a new mommy, the first child is too busy to think about the second child, or she doesn't want to regenerate at all.

"Three years?

What a heart do you have? "

Ji Yueze stands up from the sofa and walks to Bai Yiyan's back. Her thin lips are close to her ears, with a touch of coquetry.

Bai Qingyue snorted: "bear it, I don't want that anyway."

"After marrying me, does it make you cold in that respect?"

When someone's handsome face is stiff, his fragile male self-esteem seems to be smashed and smashed by others. If you let outsiders know that she is cold, it's no wonder that he can't do that.

Bai Qingyue couldn't help being amused by his expression. He reached out to push him away. He affected his daughter to drink milk.

Ji Yueze is stubborn, and his eyes are hurt. But at this time, he received a white eye, which was awarded by his daughter who was drinking milk. The little guy has been drinking desperately, but why does an eyesore disturb her to eat food here?

Her daughter's white eyes are so real. Ji Yueze quickly stepped back and did not dare to provoke the freshmen and the juniors.

After drinking, the little guy fell asleep contentedly. Bai Qingyue put his daughter in Ji Yueze's arms and shook his arm: "I'm tired."

Ji Yueze holds her daughter in his arms carefully and gently, and kisses her little face with his head bowed. He smells a breath of milk fragrance. He can't help but sigh in his heart. The married man is also hard to say. He thought he could enjoy the two people's world openly and honestly after getting the certificate. But once pregnant, he will face an empty window period of one or two years. He can't touch it. He can't stir it up. He can only pretend outside There's a more ascetic side.

No matter what period, there are all kinds of temptations around Ji Yueze. He can only pretend not to understand, ignore all kinds of hints, and try to let everyone recognize his married status. But before, because there was no wedding, many people thought he was single, and tried to increase it again and again. Fortunately, he had strong self-control, otherwise, he would not have this peaceful life now.

Bai Yiyan's fiery character has been known to him before. Although she is good at martial arts, once she makes a mistake in principle, she will never use force. She will turn around and walk far away, so that he will never find her in his life.

This is the thing Ji Yueze is most afraid of. He is afraid that in the future life, she will have nothing to do with herself. That is the coldest punishment.

"Let's go. Don't miss the wonderful dinner tonight."

When Ji Yueze saw that she had arranged her clothes, he took her out.

The party was wonderful, but the stars who came here today were bullied by Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan's hot news, which reflected their dark color. They have no complaints. Their boss is more popular than them. Who can I talk to?

Through today's evening party, Ji Yueze made public his married status and held his little princess, so that everyone could witness that he is now an all-around father. Those women who have ideas about him or are trying to attract his attention are deeply hit, but they have no choice but to accept the reality. Love is very rare. They often hear people talk about it, but it's hard to really witness it Unless you have a chance to experience it.

The sky is full of stars, reflected on the lake. The clear bottom of the lake is like a huge mirror, reflecting the beautiful scenery around. Ling wennuan is holding his mobile phone, photographing constantly, happy as a child.

Mu Weicheng sat on the stone beside him, took out a bottle of water, unscrewed it and took a drink.

At noon, when it was dark, Ling wennuan heard that the night sky here was very beautiful, and made a noise again. Sure enough, this time, he could see different beautiful sceneries.

Ling wennuan has patted enough, and is tired. Finally, he is willing to sit down quietly on the side of the man, bending his legs. His long hair is unfettered and lifted by the wind. A white thin down jacket makes her look like an elf in the night sky.

Mu Weicheng looks at her from the side. At this moment, he seems to see fairies from the sky. What is more beautiful than the lake is her big eyes, which hide a galaxy. The beauty makes people want to breathe.

Ling wennuan is looking at the lake. Suddenly, she feels that she has a pair of eyes around her. She looks at her like a wolf. She has to turn her head to look at him.

Mu Weicheng did not wait for her to speak, but pushed her back slightly. On the huge stone, Ling warm and delicate body was resting on it. At the head, a strong arm stretched out and used it as a pillow for her.

Man's body is very warm, like fire, Ling warm involuntarily to his arms near.


Ling wennuan shouted and asked him. At that moment, her heart was leaking a crack, and what wild things he was going to do next. In fact, the man did nothing else but stare at her from top to bottom, as if she was a landscape in his eyes.

The man thin lip draws up a light smile, reached out to manage her long hair which is blown on her face by the wind, said in a low mute voice: "warm, with me, are you happy?"

Ling wennuan blinked and was asked such a serious topic suddenly by him. There were some circles. However, she nodded her head forcefully: "happy, never so happy."

Her answer, let the man very satisfied, he can't help but attach to the body, thin lips carefully in her lips corner kiss.

"I'm happy, too. I haven't relaxed like this for a long time."

Murmured Mu Weicheng.

Ling Nuan sighed: "we love too early, don't we?

If I am twenty-two now, and I graduated from college, and you are not so busy with your work, we can choose to be together every day. "

"It's not early. I've been waiting for you for a long time. I'm afraid that I will lose my ability and courage to love you."

Mu Weicheng said sarcastically, remembering that day in the hospital, she was wearing the school uniform, panting to come to him, at that time, his mood was shocked, as if an impossible thing had happened, she took the initiative to find him.

Ling warm heart, slightly hurt a little, stretch out a small hand, caress his handsome face, finally, she forced to look up, kissed his thin lips, soft voice with a smile: "no, I can always see warm things in your body, you look at my eyes, forever with the light I like."

The man was stiff and blushed suddenly. He didn't know what kind of light he saw in her eyes. Maybe a wolf saw delicious prey.

"I'm glad you didn't scare me away."

Mu Weicheng laughs at himself.

"I'm not that timid. I'm not going to let go of the prey I'm staring at."

Ling warm words, more arrogant than him.

How can a man become her prey when he looks stunned?

It seems that something is wrong.

"Warm, should we change our role? I'm a hunter. You're a prey."

Mu's male self-esteem does not allow him to become a prey.

Ling warm immediately laughed, laughing loudly, the man looked at her inexplicably smile, this sentence, very funny?

"No, you're my prey. I like the feeling of hunting. It's challenging and I have a sense of expectation. I don't want to be a prey. I just rush forward and run for my life. I'm full of fear. I'm not happy at all."

Ling Nuan's lips retorted, determined not to do it.

Mu Weicheng bit his teeth. It seems that it's time to prove his male self-esteem.

When Mu Weicheng wanted to press down, he suddenly heard a word of pain in her voice.

"Where does it hurt?"

The man looked surprised and asked immediately.

"You put your hand on my hair."

Ling warms up his face.

Mu Weicheng quickly released his hand and helped her up by the way. Next second, he was attacked.

"Your hair is short, it won't be pressed. Let's change it for you. I like lying on you. It's warm and soft. It's a natural human flesh mat."

Ling warm side said, while the strength of both hands and legs are all oppressed in his body.

Mu Weicheng looks at the stars in the sky. The stars are shining. He seems to be laughing at him. He can't compete for any family status.

"Lingnuan, don't overdo it."

When Mu Weicheng heard that the woman lying in his arms had giggled, he knew that she had just said that the pain was intentional.

Ling warm warm no longer stuffy laugh, raised the head, a pair of shining eyes looked at him: "don't think I don't know what you are thinking, hum, I'm not as stupid as you think, want family status?

Well, please come and please me first. I'm in a good mood, and your family status will come. "

Mu Weicheng is speechless. Sure enough, the Ling family are very smart. Even the most stupid Ling warm is not bad.

"How can I please you?"

The man is taut facial expression, depressed ask.

"I don't know at the moment. Think of it yourself."

Ling's face was warm.

"Is that ok?"

Mu Weicheng sits up hard. Ling wennuan doesn't reflect this. She is forced to sit on him. Next second, her back head is held by the man's big palm. She has nowhere to hide, and her lips are taken away by the man.

Ling warm brain empty, as if there were fireworks in the outbreak, she did not expect to admire the prime minister also dare so arrogant.

"How beautiful is it, dad?"

When Mu Weicheng wanted to show his male charm, he heard a little girl behind him shouting happily. He was stiff and quickly let go of the girl in his arms.

Ling warm warm some trance, the breath is hurried disorderly, however, she also saw behind the trail run out of a family of three, where she dare not behave, hurriedly from the man stood up, two people tacitly held hands, bowed his head, this beautiful starry sky let out, to their family of three enjoy.

On the way back, Ling warm tired, Mu Weicheng directly back her up, slowly toward the direction of the bright lights.