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C1956 who matches her

Ji Tingyan, who is deeply troubled by marriage events, is still very happy to be busy with their marriage for her eldest brother and sister-in-law. Now, only her family can make her feel at ease. She decides to stop being insincere with people who are not compatible with each other. She will remember the innocent friendship when she is young. She will also be careful in the world of adults.

Xia Xinnian pauses her work at hand. She also pleads with Ji Mucheng to help Liu Chengtian's company get a big order for three years. Liu Chengtian gratefully thanks Xia Xinnian, and he will write down the relationship and make a return on it.

Xia Xinnian felt that in the journey of life, making some very friendly friends is like accumulating blessings for himself.

In a twinkling of an eye, more than ten days have passed. The marriage of Ji's family is near, and the happy post has been sent out again and again.

The feelings between jimucheng and Xia Xinnian are also growing day by day, and the sweetness is even more past.

Ji Siyi held her hands on her chest, leaned on her sister's shoulders with envy, and watched the car Ji Mucheng and Xia Xinnian were riding away: "sister, when will you find me a brother-in-law to come back?"

Ji Tingyan takes a look at her sister: "when will you find me a brother-in-law to have a look?"

"I don't want to die? Dad will kill me. " Ji Siyi hurriedly jumped aside in fright, with a frightened expression on her face.

Ji Tingyan pretends to be angry and stares at her: "aren't you afraid that I will beat you if you ask this question now?"

Ji Siyi shrunk her shoulders and smiled dryly: "well, I won't mention it. I just want to..."

"Don't even think about it." Ji Tingyan's expression on the face of her elder sister is deterrent.

Ji Siyi is afraid to pluck her hair from her mouth.

Ji Tingyan looks at her sister's black and shiny eyes, and she smiles directly: "if you don't read your book well, you will mind my business here."

Ji Siyi flat mouth: "I know, I don't care."

Ji Tingyan wants to touch her sister's hair. Suddenly she hears her cell phone ring. She takes a look at it and sees that it's a text message from her brother.

The first two words are tie Ting's name.

Ji Tingyan's brain explodes. She turns nervously and runs upstairs.

The eldest brother even quietly investigated the background of tie ting for her.

He runs a bodyguard company, and his company's headquarters is not in major central cities, but in the depths of steep peaks thousands of miles away. His company exports nearly ten thousand excellent bodyguards to important ministers of various countries every year. At present, it is the leading company in this field. Among them, their company is also responsible for some transportation services in the gray area.

"Grey zone? Bad guys? " Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes widened fiercely: "they don't look like good people."

Ji Tingyan repeatedly put the information from her brother's investigation into her mind. She didn't think she had a chance with him before. Now it seems that she has no chance at all. She won't marry so far away.

Just when Ji Tingyan felt her fate was playing tricks on her, another message came.

She immediately checked it and saw that brother had investigated another person's information.

Tie Xun, tie Ting's twin brother, turned out to be a well-known architectural designer, living abroad with his mother all the year round.

Ji Tingyan saw two photos of tie ting and tie Xun sent by his elder brother. The photo of tie Ting was just a profile of him. His tall and straight body stood on the playground like an iron tower, wearing camouflage clothes, which made him strong and strong, while his younger brother, tie Xun, was totally different in style. His eyes were so beautiful that his handsome face looked a little overcast and soft Ji Tingyan opens her mouth in surprise. The twins have no resemblance at all. No wonder their grandma doesn't think they are.

"What do you mean, big brother? Which one should I choose to take the initiative? " Ji Tingyan can't laugh or cry. The elder brother always feels that he doesn't care about her. In fact, he is very broad.

Otherwise, why didn't you discuss with her, and then give her the information about their two brothers, and they all sent it to her to see, just to let her choose? Is she such a playful woman?

Ji Tingyan doubts her character, but Mou Zi giggles for a few seconds at the two brothers' beauty.

"It's quite similar." After comparison, Ji Tingyan still feels that their facial features are similar, but tie Ting has more mature masculine temperament obviously, while his younger brother may be pampered, and the overall temperament is more elegant and noble.

Ji Tingyan is dreaming. Suddenly, Ji Mucheng calls.

"How is it? Between the two brothers, which do you like? " Jimucheng asked her with a smile.

"Brother, what do you mean? Can I say which one I choose, and which one I can be happy with? People don't have to look up to me. " Ji Tingyan feels very embarrassed. She doesn't have this confidence. She saw tie ting in a supermarket abroad last time, and there was no amazing expression in other people's eyes. There must be no drama.

"I think his brother is quite suitable for you. His eldest brother is not very suitable for you." Jimucheng is also choosing for her. A quiet girl like Jue's sister should be matched with a quiet and beautiful man. Ji Tingyan can't help but stare at the photo of tie ting and look at it: "brother, don't worry about me anymore. I think it's like a joke."

"What's a joke? Good men, let's not let him go. " Jimucheng said it's very peaceful. "Don't talk to you, hang up." Ji Tingyan is ashamed of herself. Only her eldest brother dare to say so. She is really ashamed to die if she wants to change others.

Looking at the hung up phone, jimucheng sighed, "what's the matter? How can you be so shy?"

Xia Xin said a white look at him: "you don't have to force her any more. Tingyan has no love experience. She must be shy. How can she have such a thick skin like you?"

"Am I cheeky?" Jimucheng chuckles.

"It has been proved." Xia Xinnian didn't give him face.

Jimucheng put his hand around her and pressed her in his arms: "no matter how cheeky I am, you can't abandon me. We will get married the day after tomorrow."

"I'm not married yet. I can go back." Xia Xinnian is angry with him.

"Dare you!" Jimucheng was really shocked by her words.

Xia Xinnian felt that his arm was tight, so she stopped talking and just smiled softly in his arms.

"I want to introduce you to everyone at this wedding." Jimucheng whispers.

"Good." Xia Xinnian nods happily.

"Among the uncles of my family, there are many excellent descendants. At that time, you must keep your eyes under control and not look around." Jimucheng must remind her of this.

"I'm not that playful." Xia Xinnian turns his mouth and rebuts himself.