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C904 has always been the object of envy

Lohnin and Mulin had intended to have only children but not get married. However, when Mulin began to read all kinds of books of Baoma, she found that children have good physical and mental health and must be built in a complete family. Therefore, Mulin thought of getting married. When a woman is pregnant with a child, her maternal love will gradually sublimate with the growth of the child in her stomach, and eventually become a great mother, willing to make any compromise and choice for her child. When she heard that Maureen was going to marry him, lohnin's brain was blank for a moment. Surprise

joy always comes so suddenly that people are unprepared.

Luohenning turns Mulin around, but Mulin scolds her: "be careful, don't hurt the child!"

Lohnin then carefully put her back to the ground, with a happy face. The dark clouds that bothered him disappeared in an instant.

As long as Mu Lin is willing to marry him and have children for him, this is the best destination of love.

A year ago, lohnin didn't dare to think about it. Oh, no, he thought about it countless times in his dream. At

Yes, pick a good day and start all preparations.

There will be the night of being single tonight. However, all three friends who used to be close friends are going to be dads now.

In the past, Mu shiye and Luo Henning envied Ji Xiao's cold, steady and sophisticated character. They felt that he was an invincible black horse in business. Now, they have changed their way to envy him.

You know, Ji Xiaohan suddenly has a pair of smart, cute and cute children. That's a winner in life. Moreover, his children are over four years old and have passed the worrying age.

Chlohnen's baby is still in Mulin's stomach. The little princess of Mulin's night has reached the age that makes him most headache. She is two and a half years old, noisy and a lot of grumpy. Besides, she is a little troublemaker. She takes Mulin's night's gentle father to do all kinds of experiments. Mu has cultivated the best temper for her little princess at night, but sometimes she can't stop crying at the little guy who made himself covered with mud and paint.

Although each family has its own troubles, but in general, they have their own children. As men, they all pay more attention to their sense of responsibility. Their personalities have converged a lot. Unlike before, when there were no women and no children, they could be called out to drink together in the dark and in the evening until dawn. Now in three people, no one dares to go back at more than 12 o'clock. When they go back, they always feel that they have made a huge mistake. Just think about it in advance and face the questions later. How to explain it.

This is the state of mind between the unmarried and the married.

"Xiaohan, you and Tang youYou are engaged. When are you going to get married? Do you want to be with us on the same day?" Lohnin asked with a smile that the two brothers of Jue got married on the same day, and that would be a good story. "

No, I don't want to run at both ends in a day. Let's get married separately!" Mu shiye was the first one to stand up against it, but he was waiting for two drinks.

Season owl cold thin lips a lift, smiled: "I may want to marry in front of you, my grandmother has set a good day for us." "

ah!" Two people look surprised, so suddenly?

"Season owl cold nods:" I am already preparing to send the thing of happy post, you two can't be absent "

don't worry, even if people are absent, big red envelopes will definitely be delivered." Mu said jokingly at night.

"That's good!" Season owl cold calm answer, usher in Mu night two eye knives, glare.

When the gossip among the three is over nine o'clock, it will be over.

Ji Xiaohan goes home by car, thinking of Bai Zhenzhen's business, he makes a phone call and asks his brother. For

Yu Bai Zhenzhen, although Ji Xiaohan hated her, he thought of her relationship with Bai Yiyan and decided to leave this matter to his younger brother. After all, it's not easy to make a proper balance.

In case Bai Yiyan becomes his sister-in-law in the future, and he mercilessly sends Bai Zhenzhen to the cell, the relationship will be strained.

Family harmony is the most important thing. Ji Xiaohan decides to let his brother carry the pot on his back. I don't know if it's a dereliction of duty. Back to Ji's house, it's more than 10 o'clock in the evening. Tang youyou is reading with his chin on his back.

It's almost time to go to work. Tang youyou is also preparing for the work.

Hearing the sound of pushing the door, Tang youyou rubbed his eyes and saw the man coming in. She asked in a low voice, "are you happy to talk?"

Season owl cold immediately nods: "OK!" "

I didn't expect that they would get married too!" Tang youyou laughs. She feels that love is really a wonderful thing. She heard that Ji Xiaohan mentioned about lohnin and Mulin before. She felt that it was incredible. There were more tests for brother-in-law love. Unexpectedly, they also got the right result so quickly. "

is Maureen pregnant and waiting for her baby to be born without marriage?" Season owl cold smiled. Don

youyou looks surprised: "is that right? No wonder they are in such a hurry! "

Season owl cold came to hug her, thin lips kissed on her forehead: "I really want to know what kind of mood it is to take care of a newborn child!"

"Don't worry, that mood is certainly not very good!" he said

"Why? Is it very tired to take care of these two little guys? It's really hard for you. " When Ji Xiaohan saw that her tone was not so beautiful, he immediately thought of the picture of her bringing two little guys in a foreign country by herself, which made him sad.

Tang youyou chuckled: "tired is a little tired, but it's also worth it. You've seen the photos of them when they were born. To be honest, they didn't look beautiful and wrinkled at that time. I wanted to throw them away at a glance!"

"Dare you!" Season owl Han Ming knows that she is joking, but his heart is still clenched, fingers gently holding her chin, thin lips come together, block, kiss a meal. Don

was dizzy by the head he kissed, and immediately pushed him away: "if you really want to take care of the baby just born, you can wait for your brother's baby, and you will surely see it then!"

Ji Xiaohan originally meant to let her have a baby. Unexpectedly, there was a way to refuse, so he had to raise his eyebrows without saying: "my brother and Bai Yiyan have not had a good relationship recently, and I don't know when they will have flowers and fruits."

"What happened to them?" Tang youYou can't help worrying. How can their feelings never stop? It's just like that.