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C826. He's disappointed

Bai Yiyan's fainting changed everyone's face. Ji Yueze is the one. What's the matter with this woman? It's her who lies clearly, and she is the one who finds fault. Now, has she closed her eyes directly and done everything?

There is no such cheap thing in the world. Ji Yueze's eyes are angry, and his thin lips are slightly biting: "brother, search for it. I don't believe she can hide from appearing!"

Cold Li, a season owl, looks at six black bodyguards behind him.

When sister Guan saw this, she wanted to stop it, but when she thought about it later, she just stood by and said, "two gentlemen, don't look for it. She's not here. She left the day before yesterday. I asked her. She didn't tell me where to go. You came here for nothing."

The two brothers of Ji's family, when hearing sister Guan's words, all their faces were as cold as ice.

"Where did she go? You are her friend, will she not tell you? " The season owl asked in a cold voice. "I really don't know. I don't know what you are looking for her. She just said that she had a very bad thing. She needs to stay here for a few days. Although we are friends, she didn't want to hurt me. So last time Xiaoyan came here, she left that afternoon."

Sister Guan's words made Ji Yueze's face stiff again. Sure enough, this woman had seen Bai Zhenzhen before. Damn it, she dared to open her eyes to tell him a lie.

The farm is not big. Luotong has several rooms to collect people. Several bodyguards are scattered. Everyone finds a place. As a result, there is no one.

Sister Guan sighed: "I'm telling the truth. She's not here. What's wrong with Xiaoyan, sir? I don't think she looks very well. Could you take her to the hospital first? "

"She deserves it!" Ji Yueze gave a vicious scolding.

Ji Xiaohan can only leave at last. However, before leaving, he sent two people to stay. He believes that if Bai Zhenzhen will come back here, she will be able to catch her, or if she can't be found in the room, she can't hide for life.

"Yueze, take her to the hospital!" Said the season owl in a cold voice.

Ji Yueze nods, stoops and holds Bai Yiyan in her arms.

On the way back, Ji Yueze took a car of Ji Xiaohan to go back. It seems that there was no result in this trip.

The two brothers didn't live in the same car, so Ji Yueze was holding Bai Yiyan, who was not awake. He leaned on the back of the chair with a livid face. The scenery outside the window retreated. His heart was messy and full of disappointment and anger.

It's really hard to be cheated. Being cheated by the woman you love will shake this relationship.

Deep eyes, drooping, coagulated on the pale and small face of a woman. In the winter, there was a thin layer of cold sweat on her forehead. Her eyes were closed tightly, and a row of thick and long lashes fell. Her features were delicate and pure.

Ji Yueze reached out and touched her hand, and found that her hand was cold like ice, without any temperature.

After arriving in the city, Ji Yueze sent Bai Yiyan to the hospital. After the doctor's examination, he gave the results. The temporary shock caused by excessive stimulation has no major problems. Plus the cold, the body is weak. You only need to sleep and supplement nutrition, and then you will wake up.

The doctor gave Bai Yiyan some drops. Even the air in Nuo's large ward seemed to be still.

Ji Yueze sits on the sofa directly opposite the hospital bed, turning a mobile phone in his hand.

Thinking of this woman's seamless concealment of herself, my heart is always unhappy.

It's really necessary for him to suspect that this woman has several sincere feelings for herself, or that she's getting closer to him and more purposeful. Is she atoning for her shameless aunt?

What is her right to entreat his forgiveness? Shouldn't you be punished for your mistakes?

"Well..." The woman on the bed made a slight murmur, as if it was caused by too much discomfort.

Then, Bai Yiyan's tightly closed eyes slowly opened. The white ceiling and the potion hanging beside her entered her eyes.

This is a hospital?

Bai Yiyan sat up fiercely, and then she had a pair of dark eyes. The eyes were cold and bright, as if they were lifting a cold Siberian air. Bai Yiyan was shocked and took a breath.

"Did you send me to the hospital? Thank you! " Bai Yiyan vaguely remembers her last fainting, so she believes that Ji Yueze is the one who sent her here.

"Where is Bai Zhen?" Ji Yueze stares at her still pale and colorless face. Her voice is like freezing, asking word by word.

"You Can't find her? " Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes were surprised to see Zhang Da. She thought that by this time, she should have been found by them. Maybe she was sent to the police station for investigation. But when she heard Ji Yueze's question, she was shivering.

Did aunt run away again?

Ji Yueze got up from the sofa, with long straight legs, and approached her step by step. His voice was cold and angry: "are you still not willing to tell me the truth? Bai Yiyan, don't test my patience. Don't think that if I sleep with you several times, your aunt's accusation can be cleared up. " Bai Yiyan was more frightened by his words. The two men consciously clenched the quilt and bit their lips. They whispered, "I really don't know where she went. I saw her last time when I went to the farm, but I thought she would live there all the time. Now I really don't know where she is."

"Do you think I can believe it?" Ji Yueze has stood in front of her, standing high in front of her small face, cold hum: "you really can cheat people, the more pure and innocent, the more persuasive it is to cheat people?"

"Ji Yueze, this time, I really didn't cheat you!" Bai Yiyan's face was red and white when he said that. She was not angry. No matter how Ji Yueze ridiculed her, she suffered because it was the result she deserved.

"You disappoint me!" When Ji Yueze saw that she still didn't say anything, his handsome face flashed a little annoyance.

Bai Yiyan quickly lowered her eyes in fright. Her tears ran over her eyes. She put out her hand to cover her face and cried, "I'm sorry, I lied to you, because I don't want my aunt to be arrested."

Ji Yueze also wanted to scold her severely again. He found that she raised the injection hand and suddenly broke the needle tube. There was red blood flowing back. His eyes were slightly stiff. "My aunt asked me not to tell you for a moment, Ji Yueze, I'm sorry, I don't deserve to stay with you anymore. Let me go, we shouldn't be together." At the moment, Bai Yiyan's brain is in a mess, talking incoherently.