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Looking at her lovely nod, the man can't help pinching her chin and sucking her lips. Ji Tingyan's whole body is crisp, like the current running through her body.

"Xiaoting......" In the corridor, there was the voice of the mother.

Ji Tingyan opened her beautiful eyes and pushed away the man fiercely. She still had a strong sense of tie ting. She smiled at the bottom of her eyes and slowly straightened her dress. She got up and went to the balcony door: "Mom, we are here."

"Dinner is ready. Come down and have some." The tie mother said softly.

"OK, we'll come down." Tie Ting answers, turns around and looks at Ji Tingyan, who is blushing. He immediately comes over and puts his long arm around her waist and pulls her into his arms: "do you like blushing so much?"

Where is Ji Tingyan ashamed? She is scared. She takes the back of his hand and nibbles it angrily: "in your house, can you be serious? If your mother had seen you just now, it would have been hard to be in love. "

"Afraid of anything, we are all going to get married." Tie Ting is cheeky enough, even if his mother saw it, he didn't feel ashamed.

"Well, I'll bully you like this when I take you to my house one day." Ji Tingyan immediately snorted proudly.

"Ah?" The man's expression is creepy. At Ji's house, was she bullying him?

"Well, you won." Tie Ting was shivering and cold all over. If elder Ji could see the picture, he really didn't know how to end it.

Ji Tingyan is in a good mood. Why does she always have a way to cure him?

Two people one before one after, came down from upstairs, tie mother hurriedly warm greeting: "Tingyan, come on, have a meal."

"Thank you, aunt." Ji Tingyan walked by and sat upright.

Tie Ting sat beside her, handed her chopsticks and served her a bowl of rice.

"I'll do it myself." Ji Tingyan is embarrassed to take over and whispers.

Tie mother but smile: "nothing, let him busy, he is a man, do more."

Tie Ting found that his position in his mother's heart had plummeted. Before he and his brother went home to eat, his mother would take care of them. At this moment, he only cared for Xiao Nai.

Ji Tingyan is even more embarrassed. If she wasn't at her mother's house, she would certainly let her mother do it. But now, she's afraid that her mother will feel too lazy.

"Tingyan, where is your family? What do parents do? Don't get me wrong, Auntie just wants to know. I don't mean to inquire. " Tie mother explained with a smile that she was really just curious.

Ji Tingyan immediately gently introduced her family to her mother, who opened her eyes wide. "Are you Ji Xiaohan's daughter?"

"Yes, aunt." Ji replied in a low voice.

Tie Ting explained quickly: "Mom, it's my fault. I didn't introduce it to you before."

"I'm not angry. I'm just shocked. Your father is a legend in our business circle. When I was young, I had the honor to meet him several times. I was really surprised. I didn't expect to be able to marry him. Xiaoting, have you met Ji's elder? What do they think of you? " Tie mother is too surprised, but it comes with worry. Her son is excellent, of course, but Ji Jiashi is so much better than them. If you want to marry, the outside world must say "Gao Pan".

"Mom, this time we go back, I'll visit Ji's house." Tie Ting said softly.

"Not yet?" Tie mother Leng Leng.

Ji Tingyan sees the atmosphere as if it's a little stiff. Her beautiful eyes flash in panic. Is it because of her family background that makes her mother unhappy? People often say that if you marry high and marry low, do you worry about tying your mother?

"Auntie, I told my parents about my relationship with tieting, and they agreed very much." Ji Tingyan whispered.

"Really?" After listening to her own words, her mother finally dispelled some worries. However, if Ji Xiaohan didn't say it, she still felt that she had no bottom in her heart.

"It's true, auntie. Are you worried that I will bully him? I won't. I really like him. When I get married, I will be a good wife." Ji Tingyan always frowns when she sees her tied mother. She doesn't know where her courage comes from. At the dinner table, in front of her tied mother, she even makes a random confession.

Under the table, her hand was tightly held by a big hot hand, and tieting looked at her deeply.

"Of course, I believe that you really love each other. Otherwise, you will not come home with him to see me. Tingyan, my husband died early. I brought them up with my mother-in-law. I sincerely hope that they can have a good relationship. I believe you. Don't worry." After listening to Ji Tingyan's confession, her mother was deeply moved. Her son is her pride. She believed that her son must have his shining point to make people like him.

Ji Tingyan looks at her mother, a woman, who shoulders the burden of the company and has two children. This kind of suffering is really not acceptable to ordinary people. Of course, she understands that she wants her children to be happy. "Auntie, I can understand your mood. If you worry that my parents will oppose you, you don't need it at all. I will persuade them, and they agree." Ji Tingyan tries to explain. Tie Ting saw two women explain because of him. He had no choice but to say, "Mom, if you don't eat, the food will be cold."

Her mother was shocked. She found that the dishes on the table had not yet moved their chopsticks. She was a little ashamed. She hurriedly said, "Tingyan, eat, and stop talking."

Three people sat at the table eating, tie mother is very happy, eyes in two young people flashing.

"By the way, Xiaoting, your brother has been abroad for too long this time. He said he is working, and he won't go out to play again?" Tie mother frowned and asked tie Ting about her brother.

Tie Ting eyes a stiff, immediately smile: "Mom, you don't worry about him, he is an adult."

"You don't know. Last time, he found a girl to come home to play and cheat me. This kid, I don't know what he's thinking all day." The tie mother was half killed by anger that time. Her son didn't really want to find a girlfriend. He also paid a girlfriend to come back to accompany her. Her coke broke at that time, and she wanted to give a gift to meet her. The girl was scared to tell the truth.

Tie Ting couldn't help it. He laughed: "my brother is a bit playful, but his attitude towards work is still very good. Mom, when my brother gets married, you can leave the company to him. I think he needs a little pressure to settle down."

"When he gets married? I don't know the year of Ma Yue. " Take the mother's breath and hum.

"He should It's fast, too. " Tie Ting thought of his brother and Tang Weixin's paragraph, there should be a play to sing. Of course, it's not certain that Tang Weixin is a woman with career aspirations. It's not certain that his brother can get her Qinglai.

"Do you know anything? Has he made a girlfriend abroad? " Tie mother's eyes tightly stare at the eldest son and ask, he must know something.

Tie Ting laughed twice and shook his head: "I guess, I don't know."

Ji Tingyan has a quiet meal beside her. Seeing that tie Ting is lying, she gives him a white look.