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The atmosphere suddenly froze. Tang youyou could only squeeze his two fists to avoid turning to look at the man.

However, even if she does not go to see, belongs to the man that powerful gas field, still affects her atrium, disturbed her square and disorderly. "Daddy, you mind Mommy. I don't want her to find another uncle!" Tang xiaonai is not as smart and wise as Tang Xiaorui. At the moment, she is just a four-year-old girl's mind. She just saw mommy sitting with that strange uncle, and she was very unhappy. She was used to seeing mommy and dad holding hands, and she could no longer see Mommy with other men.

Ji Xiaohan's heart was as painful as a needle. He knew that all the mistakes were not on Tang youyou.

He really wanted to disobey his grandmother's warning, take the woman upstairs, kiss her severely, and see her soft and powerless appearance under him, as well as her blushing face.

The ups and downs of the heart and the beautiful face, but there is no wave. Ji Xiao's years of cultivation can keep his sadness and joy from floating on the surface, so he is still cold.

Squatting down the noble body and looking at his daughter's worried big eyes, Ji Xiaohan feels like he has been punched in the heart. He promised that he would not let his daughter suffer any more grievances. But at the moment, he can't count his words.

Looking at the uneasiness in the little guy's eyes, Ji Xiaohan really has an impulse to abandon everything and let things return to the original.

"Daddy Are you okay? Why don't you talk? Don't you want mommy? " Tang xiaonai suddenly became more anxious. Why did Daddy keep silent? Why didn't Daddy look anxious?

How scared she is!

Tang Xiaorui suddenly came over from the sofa with two legs dangling. His big eyes were bright and focused on Ji Xiaohan. His voice was not as panic as his sister's, but calm: "Daddy, are you really going to be separated from Mommy this time?"

Season owl cold face to this pair of children, had to heavy nod: "yes, we have made a choice!"

"I don't want to..." Tang xiaonai suddenly shouted: "I don't want to let daddy and mummy separate, I don't want to, you separate, I will I don't eat, I starve myself! "

Although Tang xiaonai is usually careless and silly, she is not vegetarian at the critical time. She immediately opposed it out loud, and she took out the biggest threat she thought.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are both stunned. Even Tang Xiaorui, who is standing nearby, can't help but look at her more.

Tang xiaonai stared at Ji Xiaohan angrily: "Daddy, you must leave Mommy here. I don't want you to separate, OK?"

Tang youyou knows that there is no way for Ji Xiaohan to get his daughter. This is what this man does. When he pet a person, he will spoil her.

As if at the beginning, he doted on himself like this. Now, as expected, he spoils her. She is not as calm and comfortable as before.

"Xiaonai, come here. Mummy has decided this matter. It's not something your father can persuade." Tang youyou suddenly called for his daughter.

Little guy has been listening to Mummy since he was little. Besides, Tang youyou's tone is obviously full of fortitude. No matter how small Tang xiaonai is, it seems that he can also hear the perseverance in mummy's words.

She was stunned, a pair of big eyes, rolled down big big tears.

Tang Xiaorui also frowned, never knowing how to comfort his sister, and suddenly reached out to pull her little hand.

But Tang xiaonai threw his hand away, turned around and ran back to her room on the second floor.

"Xiaorui, you go with your sister!" Tang youyou immediately summoned his son.

Tang Xiaorui knew that at this time, he had to go out to comfort his sister who was hurt in heart.

However, he is also very sad, because mommy and Daddy are going to be separated again. What should he do with his sister?

Tang Xiaorui obeyed and ran upstairs.

At this moment, the two little guys run away, and the atmosphere in the hall seems to be more stiff.

Ji Xiaohan stands up and looks at Lu xuanchen in the living room. Finally, he goes to the opposite position of Tang youyou and sits down.

"That's what you call it? Got a man to play with you? " Ji Xiaohan didn't know what to say. As soon as he spoke, his voice began to smell of vinegar.

Tang youyou's mood also calmed down a little. Hearing that Ji Xiaohan questioned her so much, she reached out her hand and gently clasped Lu xuanchen's big hand. Lu xuanchen was slightly surprised. Next moment, he also tightly grasped her shaking little hand.

"Do you think I'm in the mood to act with you now? Ji Xiaohan, I can't live without you. " The tone of Tang youyou pretends to be cold.

Ji Xiaohan listens and feels very bad. He always thinks confidently that this woman will not forget him, because he once treated her so well and gave her almost all his love.

Unexpectedly, she was so heartless that he couldn't keep up with the pace.

"I'm sorry, we don't have to argue about these things any more. I know you will feel unfair, but..."

"No, I don't think it's fair, but I feel a lot more relaxed. Your mother married my biological father. In terms of politeness, I shouldn't be your wife. I may be your stepsister!" Tang youyou immediately interrupts his speech and laughs lightly.

Ji Xiaohan's heart is frozen again. He looks at the woman who pretends to be calm, stepsister?

Did the woman adapt to such a role so quickly?

"It's good. You seem to have a clear idea of your role!" Season owl cold can only be more indifferent, only in this way, can not expose the injured heart.

Tang youyou said lightly: "it's not that I carry Qing, but that you force me to face this cruel fact. Ji Xiaohan, if your grandma doesn't tell the truth, are you Do you really let this mistake go on? Fortunately, I didn't marry you, otherwise, how can I look up to be a man in the future? "

"What about children?" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to talk about this topic with her. He just feels that the most important thing at present is two children.

Tang youyou said confidently, "I believe my son will persuade my daughter. He is a master in this field."

Season owl cold wrinkly tight brow, this woman is exactly where come of self-confidence? Lu xuanchen, sitting next to him, felt inexplicably hurt. He suddenly found that Tang youyou was no longer the cowardly girl he had known before. Before, she was beaten and would hide, but now, she had the courage to face it directly.