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When Tang youyou was sending his father to the hotel, he suddenly met a man at the door of the hall.

Lu xuanchen!

He is wearing a suit of very casual clothes and a cap. He is followed by several people. It should be his assistant and economic man. This is a seven-star hotel. People are coming and going at the door. Tang youyou looks up and sees him coming to him.

Obviously, the other side also saw her, immediately explained a few words to the people behind her, and then came to her alone.

"Brother xuanchen!" Don youyou greets him with a smile.

The next xiaweiwen met, some curiosity: "you long, is your friend?"

"Yes, Dad, you go up first. I'll talk to him." Tang youyou replied softly.

Javier nodded and turned away.

Lu xuanchen looked at Xia Weiwen curiously and asked Tang Youyou, "what do you call his father? What is your relationship? "

"It's a long story. Tang Youkang is my adoptive father. He is my biological father. I just met him." Tang youyou didn't want to hide his meaning either, explained with a smile.

"I see. No wonder you are not welcome in the Tang family. You are not their own." Lu xuanchen and Tang youYou are also childhood sweethearts. When he was a child, he knew about the Tang family.

"Brother xuanchen, how are you recently? I can often see your news on the Internet. Your popularity is getting higher and higher recently. Your star dream has come true! " Tang youyou said with a light smile.

Lu xuanchen's eyes stopped on her face for two seconds, then he turned to look away, his voice was full of self mockery: "where, even if the dream comes true, I still lost you!"

Tang youyou was stunned and smiled bitterly: "brother xuanchen, why haven't you forgotten me? You should have a new start. Don't be persistent!"

"Yo, did I bother you when I said that? It's said that you and Ji Xiaohan are back together. I'll see you later. Should I call you Ji Shao grandma Lu Xuan's eyes fell on her face with some sadness.

"We will always be friends and will not change. You don't need to call me that, just like I always call you brother xuanchen!" When it comes to emotional matters, everyone's mood is inexplicably heavy.

"Also, it's not easy to meet you. Since I'm so lucky to meet you here, what's the point of saying those boring words? How are you these days? " Lu Xuan's lips from strong vibration spirit, face more a light smile.

Tang youyou nodded: "OK, how are you?"

"I'm not bad either. I'm busy every day, but I'm full!" Lu xuanchen laughed.

Tang youyou finds that Lu xuanchen is actually more alive and younger. Both his appearance and temperament are very in line with the current idol figures pursued by young girls. His face value is higher.

"Well, it's late. I'm going back. Where are you going?" Tang youyou saw that people came and went looking this way. She found that Lu xuanchen was not the unknown youth. He is now popular and has become the God of many young girls.

Sure enough, a few girls found him and immediately came to him for autographs and photos. Lu xuanchen was about to return her words, but he was surrounded by passionate fans. He quickly signed several names. When he raised his eyes, he saw the three distant black cars, deep eyes, and a few wipes of loss. The screams and cheers of the young girls around him were blurred in his

ears, as if he could not hear them.

The assistant and agent not far away saw it and rushed to the rescue site.

Lu xuanchen steps back, exits the encirclement, turns around and heads for a nearby business car.

Entering the car, Lu xuanchen looked tired and leaned on the seat, looking out of the window at the bright crystal lights, his mind was blank.

Just now, although he only saw one face in a hurry, the beautiful face hovering in his mind for more than ten years is still clear and perfect.

When I thought of my dream, I talked with her, her encouragement, support, and the worship in my eyes. Now, step by step, he walked towards my dream, but he was alone. There was no more her pure smile around him, and the voice of affirmation.

"Xuanchen, you really shouldn't have talked to Tang youyou in the past. She's the younger grandmother of Ji's family now. If you have any scandal with her, it will affect your reputation." The agent sitting next to me began to read in pieces immediately.

"I've always been friends with her. When we met, couldn't we even say hello?" Lu xuanchen retorted with a sneer.

Agent sees him to use this kind of tone to refute oneself, one Leng, immediately look over, see the sadness that cannot hide on his face, sigh way: "still think of others."

Lu xuanchen doesn't speak. "I don't think you have a chance in your life. My husband is Ji Xiaohan. Besides, didn't she give birth to someone else? The mother depends on the son, the family has already been rich, then can get, how can you still have feelings for you? " Agent Li wants to break his dream and become an idol star. He must not be emotionally entangled. Otherwise, the accumulated popularity will break up in an instant.

"You don't need to remind me. I know that I won't get her in my life." Lu xuanchen's voice was suddenly cold, then he opened his face and closed his eyes.

Tang youyou is riding back to Ji's house! On the spacious back seat, she is the only one. She leans against the glass window on one side and looks at the lights outside the window. Just now she saw Lu xuanchen suddenly, which also turned her mind. She used to be frivolous when she was young. She didn't know the height of the earth and the profundity of words. Now when I see her again, it's like a new year.

Tang youyou shook her long hair and didn't want to recall the past. She knew that she had no idea about Lu xuanchen. She just thanked him for his help and company when he was young. She hoped that everything would be OK and that he could find a woman he liked as soon as possible.

Back to Jijia!

It's almost ten o'clock. Tang youyou steps on the second floor. It's quiet.

It seems that the two little guys also went to bed early. She went to the bedroom and pushed the door in.

Seeing the man sitting on the sofa lazily, holding the iPad in his hand, he didn't know what he was looking at, nor raised his head to ask her, "who has come back so late to see?"

Tang youyou's heart was thumping, and he immediately chuckled, "I'm sorry, I've been talking to my dad for a long time." "You said you would come back earlier, but you kept me waiting so long!" Ji Xiaohan just threw away the iPad, stood up and stared at her with a pair of quiet eyes: "is there something hidden from me?"