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C1485 the worst plan

LAN Xianxian thinks that her EQ is high, but in fact, her EQ is very low. Growing up in a superior family environment, she has always been proud of things. Therefore, what she promoted is Mei's most painful place, but she didn't know it at all.

At the moment, sister Mei's words surprised blue Cilia's heart and made a quick dry smile to ease the atmosphere: "sorry, sister Mei, I just said these words because I don't know you. Don't worry about it."

Blue slender mouth apologizes, but despises Mei Jie in the heart, grow so ugly, age so old, will there be a man to marry her? Long ugliness does not admit that self-esteem is so fragile, glass heart.

Sister Mei's eyes have always been poisonous. When she contacted with LAN Xianxian, she found that this woman belongs to a man of two sides and three knives. She must not make deep acquaintance. Now she wrote down the shame on her. She will teach her a lesson if she has a chance to retaliate in the future.

"Miss LAN misunderstood it. It's a fact. I won't deny it, let alone be angry. Let's talk about something important." Sister Mei is also a smiling tiger. She doesn't show any malice on her face. She also smiles gently.

LAN Xianxian then took the recorded voice and gave it to Mei Jie: "last time you said that as long as I got the evidence that Lan Yanxi didn't love Ling Mo Feng, you would go to tell Ling aunt for me. Aren't you making me happy? This matter, to me, is very important. It's up to you whether I and Mr. vice president can bear fruit or not. If this is the case, I will give you a 50% discount on the land you want. "

Sister Mei sneers at the 50% discount. No traitor is not a businessman. This blue fiber is a good abacus. She helped her become Ling Mo Feng's wife, and has the face to collect her money? She made money by giving her the land.

"Don't worry. Of course, I'll tell you about it for you, but LAN Yanxi, you must guard against her. The women now are very realistic. Ling Mo Feng is on the rise now. If he becomes the future president, then LAN Yanxi will not withdraw his hand. He is young, handsome and powerful. Which woman doesn't want to climb up? " Mei took over her recording pen and went to persuade her kindly.

Blue thin fiber hate of clenched fist, angry of clench one's teeth: "this needless to say, I won't let go of her naturally, just, my grandfather is still alive, I also dare not take her how."

"What if your grandfather can't make up for her anymore?" Mei's eyes changed, and her voice suddenly lowered a few points: "your grandfather is almost 70 years old this year, and there are not many days."

"Ah..." LAN Xianxian's face was pale with fright, but she took a breath. If you give her a chance to harm LAN Yanxi, she must have gone without saying anything, but that's her grandfather. Give her a hundred courage, she dare not.

"What? Scared? " Mei laughed and said with a sneer: "I thought you had a deep feeling for Ling Mo Feng. It turns out that it's just like this. It's said that love fascinates people and makes them do whatever they want, but what about you? There is no courage in him who cringes. "

"No No, I love him. No one loves him more than I do. I've been fascinated by him. I don't have the courage, but he's my grandfather. How can I dare to deal with him? " Blue fibril was really frightened. She put out her hand to cover her face and her heart was in a mess.

Mei was disappointed and said, "well, I'm just giving you an idea. After all, if you want to marry Ling Mo Feng, it's not enough just for me to talk for you. If you fight for something, maybe it will be a good thing."

"Let's go to Ling's mother first. I'll go first!" Blue fibril was cold all over. He grabbed the bag and walked out quickly. He didn't want to talk to Mei anymore.

Sister Mei watched her escape from her home. She found out the devil in her heart. She was not afraid of others, but afraid that her willpower was not strong enough.

LAN Xianxian goes back to the car and breathes twice. Before Mei Jie mentions it, she doesn't even think about it. Now, Mei Jie says it, which makes her upset.

Indeed, this is the best way to defeat and revenge LAN Yanxi. Her grandfather is gone, and the blue family has no place for her. If the blue family's daughter must marry Ling Mo Feng, it can only be her. She doesn't even need to use any means, and Ling Mo Feng may marry her.

But this kind of rebellious behavior, blue fiber is afraid just think about it, forget it, or wait for Mei Jie's news.

Mei opened the recording pen, and it was obvious that Lan Xianxian had dealt with all the conversations before and after, only to hear LAN Yanxi's words that he admitted that he didn't love Ling Mo Feng.

"Ling Mo Feng, the weight of this sentence spread on the day of your engagement. I don't know what kind of consequences it will cause?" Mei elder sister hands ring in front of her chest, looking out of the window at the scenery, the corner of her mouth raised a proud sneer.

LAN Yanxi goes to work and gets off work every day, and her life is full. Ling's family is preparing for engagement. I don't know where the rumors are coming from. Now, the general office knows that her relationship with Ling Mo Feng is about to be determined.

When the engagement is over, the two are basically husband and wife. Everyone starts to gossip about the married life of LAN Yanxi and Ling Moheng.

LAN Yanxi sent a document to another department and went to a bathroom. As soon as she squatted down, she heard a group of people coming in outside the door. She remembered that it was time for lunch break.

"You say, will Mr. vice president touch her on engagement night?"

"If the woman has no body, she will have a better face. Mr. vice president is not so hungry. I guess not!" The other man answered in a sour voice.

"Yes, Mr. vice president is an ascetic God. He has never seen a woman stare at him for more than five seconds. This blue Yan Xi is afraid that he will take off his own clean and paste it on his own initiative. Mr. vice president doesn't necessarily want her."

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone roared and laughed together. The blue Yanxi hiding in the lattice, her pretty face was red, angry and sad. Indeed, she once took off herself and climbed to Ling Mo Feng's side. That man didn't want him.

God, do you want to be so sad that they guessed it. Where is her face?

Hum, this account, she must calculate with Ling Mo Feng. When she gets married in the evening, she must ask for all of them to come back, torture him well, and make this tone for herself.

LAN Yanxi pouted a lot here, but didn't expect that on the night of marriage, she was tortured to death.

"Do you think vice president can do that? All twenty-eight years old, how to also want a woman, but his gossip is clean, do not know whether to take a woman's hand Someone began to gossip again. He kept his voice low for fear of being heard.

"I've heard before that if the vice president is so indifferent to women, will he like men?"

"Really? That can be too sad, said the long handsome men, all have boyfriends, this sentence will not be the truth

LAN Yanxi can't help reaching out and stroking his forehead when hearing this scandal. Can these long tongued women say less about Ling Mo Feng? Which eye do they see that Ling Mo Feng likes a man? He clearly is a normal man, like a woman, and, or her body to have no figure of women.

LAN Yanxi was so angry that she was going to smoke. She wanted to push the door and scare them to death.

However, she didn't want to, because she didn't want to quarrel with others again, so not only did she have no face, but she was afraid that Ling Mo Feng's reputation would be affected.

Fortunately, the women left quickly after mending their make-up. Without further discussion, lanyanxi's legs were numb, and finally they could leave.

She went back to the office first to put things, and then to the canteen. At this moment, people in the office went to eat. There were few people. After putting the papers, lanyanxi turned around and walked out. At the door, she met a man.

It's Yang He.

LAN Yanxi wants to take a detour when she sees her. She is haunted. Is it interesting to block her like this every day?

LAN Yanxi, are you really going to be engaged to him? " Yang He's eyes are bulging. Hearing the news, she hid in the bathroom and cried. However, the more she thought about it, the more reluctant she was. So she came to ask LAN Yanxi for confrontation while there were few people.

"Yes, are you coming to bless me? Then you say, I listen! " Lanyanxi also has the ability to be angry and not worth his life.