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Speak up for her

However, Ji Xiao Han didn't have any complaints, and directly took the card.

Shua shua shua!

Swish! Swish!

Tang You You looked at the time, "That can't be, it's already so late, it's almost ten o'clock, let's go back quickly!"

"Alright!" Ji Xiao Han softly replied while carrying the things of the children.

The two of them drove in the direction of their home.

On the way back, Tang You You leaned against the back of the chair and squinted her eyes.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her soft and beautiful face. For some reason, a similar face seemed to flash in his memory.

That was the face of Xia Weiwen's ex-wife. Although he was young back then, he remembered that woman was also very beautiful.

The current Tang You You looked just like her mother. She would unwittingly give off a feeling of breathtaking time.

Her beauty was not aggressive. Instead, it was gentle and gentle, so she would not give other women a sense of pressure.

The light in Ji Xiao Han's eyes was rolling about, and seeing that her head, which was occasionally falling to the side, was quickly lifting, it seemed like she was going to fall into an even deeper sleep.

Instinctively, he reached out his hand and pulled her body, which was not sitting still, into his embrace.

"I'm a bit tired!" The moment Tang You You was touched by him, she instantly opened her eyes and then laughed lightly in embarrassment.

"Sleep for a while!" Ji Xiao Han comforted her softly as he saw that her clear eyes were stained with a bit of red.

Tang You You had originally wanted to force it out, but the man's embrace was very firm, giving off the feeling of wanting to rely on him.

As a result, her willpower weakened in an instant. Closing her eyes, this time, she sank into a deep slumber.

The light from the street lamps outside the window was reflected in Ji Xiao Han's eyes, engraved upon the woman's tired and gentle appearance time and time again, into Ji Xiao Han's heart.

Although he had deliberately ignored her final identity, the fact that Xia Weiwen stole his mother, still existed.

His hatred for them had never been extinguished. Until now, he had never wanted to see his mother because he hated them and never wanted to see them again.

The woman he loved, who loved to play tricks on others, turned out to be the little girl that Xia Weiwen had lost.

No, he absolutely could not let this matter spread like wildfire.

He had to use all means at his disposal to seal this grudge.

Tang You You didn't know his own identity, so he could selectively forget about it.

In this way, all life could return to peace and tranquility.

"Wandering …" Ji Xiao Han lowered his head, softly muttering her name, his thin lips could no longer control his emotions as he kissed her forehead.

Her forehead was burning. Perhaps the air-conditioning in the car was too strong, or perhaps the temperature was too high due to the fear they had for each other. However, her skin was soft and soft to the extreme.

"En!" Even though Tang You You was still in her dreams, she still forcefully lifted her eyes and looked at him when she heard the man call her that way. In the next second, she once again went back to sleep.

When Ji Xiao Han saw that she didn't forget to respond to him even in his sleep, his thin lips couldn't help but rise as he hugged her even more tightly.

Tang You You, I will never let go of your hand!

When the car reached home, it stopped.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the little lady who was still sleeping soundly in his arms. He really couldn't bear to wake her up.

Thus, Ji Xiao Han got off the carriage first and directly carried Tang You You in his arms, deciding to carry her upstairs.

Tang You You was actually awake, but for some reason, her entire body felt sore and weak, and her head felt dizzy.

This symptom seemed to be sick.

"Don't move, I'll carry you in!" Ji Xiao Han said in a low voice beside her ear.

"No need, it's not good for the children to see!" Tang You You still wanted to walk by herself.

"Be good!" Ji Xiao Han looked through the light coming from the living room and saw a blush that was not exactly red on Tang You You's face.

However, at this time, Ji Xiao Han did not think too much into it.

Just as Ji Xiao Han was about to forcefully hold her horizontally in his arms again, a light cough came from the door of the guest hall.

The moment Tang You You heard this voice, without saying a word, he forced his spirit out and struggled out of Ji Xiao Han's embrace in a hurry.

Ji Xiao Han was also startled, he did not expect that his grandmother would still be awake so late at night.

"Grandma, why are you still here?" Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin asked.

Tang You You was already very guilty, but hearing the old lady say such words, her face became even more red.

It's over, I've been caught by the old lady again.

"I'll go upstairs first!" Tang You You didn't want to answer the old lady, because she didn't know how.

The old lady mocked her as soon as she opened her mouth. She felt that no matter how she answered, it was like she was arguing with her.

Ji Xiao Han watched as Tang You You walked towards the living room with his high heels that were a little unsteady, and he instantly tightened his eyebrows: "Grandma, can you talk less? She just woke up and I took her upstairs.

The old lady saw that her grandson was dissatisfied with her, so she immediately said in grief, "You really forgot this old woman after having a wife. You didn't even talk to me like this before. Xiao Han, are you looking down on your grandma for being too lenient now?" "But before, I introduced so many girls to you, and you were so patient to look at them. I get it, you're already hating me, but I'm no longer the most important woman in your heart. You have someone else!"

Ji Xiao Han knew that his grandmother's way of thinking was sensitive and weak. Previously, whenever he didn't agree to her request, she would say these words to him.

"Grandma, what are you thinking about? In my heart, no one can shake you!" Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin walked over, and gave the old lady a comforting hug: "You can count as our family now, I just hope that you can get along well."

"I am an elder, she is a member of the younger generation. She should respect me a bit. Is that not right?" The old lady still felt wronged.

Ji Xiao Han sighed helplessly: "Grandmother, you probably haven't understood one thing, she is not your granddaughter-in-law yet, I should respect you, I am your grandson, but she still hasn't married me, the two of you should give each other respect, moreover, she has also given birth to two such obedient children, and just this point alone, she has done a great service, right?"