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Wang Hanxue was shocked when she heard that the servant aunt came to invite her. Before entering the manor, she had signed an agreement. She was separated from the host in eating and living. It had been a while since we had dinner together last time. Why did she ask some of their teachers to come this evening?

Wang Hanxue has to be thoughtful. This must be the meaning of Ji Xiaohan. Is it because he just accidentally held himself? Does Ji always have some ideas about himself?

Otherwise, why invite her to dinner?

Wang Hanxue is secretly happy. She is thinking about the past. Suddenly she sees the clothes on her body, and her brain turns around.

No, she can't go there in this dress. In case Tang youyou sees it, she doesn't know if she will think more. In case she guesses that she has an abnormal mind, what will she do if she is driven out of here?

Wang Hanxue still cares about this job. The high salary makes people very satisfied. Moreover, living in the castle like building, you can see beautiful scenery. Where can you find such a good job? The most important thing is that if she leaves here, I'm afraid she won't see the season owl cold in her life.

Season owl cold in the eyes of outsiders, has always been a legendary existence, full of mystery.

If Wang Hanxue didn't come here to work, she would never see the above in her life.

Now I see it, Wang Hanxue can't control his heart at all. The seeds of love immediately sprout and bloom.

In order not to let Tang youyou doubt, Wang Hanxue still changed a different set of clothes in the past, but the collar was deliberately selected low.

With Wang Hanxue, there are two other teachers, a young man and a middle-aged woman, who teach math and painting respectively. In the future, more kinds of teachers will be invited in. Only when the children are young, they should not give too much pressure, so they don't continue to ask.

The dishes on the table are full of color, fragrance and taste. As the host, Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan are warm and polite.

Ji Xiaohan is sitting on the main seat. The two little guys are sitting next to him. A teacher comes here. The two little ones are keeping their own, not messing around any more.

Uncle yuan was waiting for the meal and helped several teachers pour red wine.

Tang youyou asks uncle yuan to sit down together, but Uncle yuan doesn't want to. Tang youyou knows that uncle yuan has always distinguished the feelings of the main attack, and she's not embarrassed him.

When Ji Xiaohan sees Wang Hanxue, he can't help but think of the embarrassment of recognizing the wrong person just now. He looks at her and doesn't expect that she has changed a suit of clothes wisely.

In fact, Ji Xiaohan feels that Wang Hanxue is quite knowledgeable. If she comes here wearing the same clothes as Youyou, I'm afraid youyou will feel uncomfortable.

Wang Hanxue sensitively catches Ji Xiaohan's eyes looking at her. She doesn't show anything on her face, but she's not happy. As expected, Ji always invites two other teachers to come to dinner for her.

It's just a common meal. At the dinner table, I'm talking about the little guy's courses. It's nothing new. Most of them are asked by Tang youyou. Ji Xiaohan listens and occasionally agrees. The feeling is that Tang youyou has completely taken charge of the housework in the family and has the heroine's bearing.

After supper, the three teachers went back to have a rest.

Wang Hanxue is reluctant to return to her room. Tonight, she can have a dream.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan take the children to the garden to sneak around and eat.

"Daddy, Mommy, when can we go to see my uncle's little sister? I really want to hug her! " Ji xiaonai asked immediately.

"In two days, my uncle will bring my little sister home for dinner, and you will see her," smiled Ji Xiao

"May I hold her? She must be very small! " Ji xiaonai asked happily.

"Season owl cold nods:" should be OK, as long as Uncle agrees to have no problem

Ji Xiaorui is walking forward with his head down, occasionally kicking a small stone. He is unhappy.

"Xiaorui, why don't you talk?" Tang youyou finds that his son seems to have some small emotions, and immediately asks curiously.

"Mommy, my uncle has a little sister. When will you and daddy give birth to a sister for me and Xiao Nai?" Ji Xiaorui looks up and asks her.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan look at each other involuntarily.

"Yes, daddy, have you never kissed Mommy before? Otherwise, there will be a baby!" Ji xiaonai blinked black and big eyes immediately, and asked without hesitation.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are both amused by their daughter's naive question.

However, in front of children, they naturally dare not explain the problems between adults.

"Xiaorui, xiaonai, if you have a sister, you have to take good care of her!" Tang youyou immediately said with a smile.

"I will take all my toys out and share them with her!" cried Ji

"I will protect her from being bullied!" Ji Xiaorui also hurriedly expressed his determination.

Ji Xiaohan immediately reached out and touched his son's head gently: "OK, like a man!"

Tang youyou also bent down and kissed his son.

Liu family!

Fang Yang ran to the gate of Liu's house angrily, clapped the door hard, and shouted, "Liu Lan, come out, come out!"

Liu's family was immediately shocked. Fang Kexin ran downstairs and said in a hurry, "Mom, dad is here. I'll call you outside. Go out and have a look."

"What's good-looking? I'm sure it's for the dead girl. Hum, it's also his daughter. He's so eccentric that he'll be punished by heaven!" Liu Lan's eyes were red with anger.

The old lady of Liu's family woke up from her nap and came downstairs angrily: "what is Fang Yang doing? Don't see whose territory this is. Go out and drive him away! "

Liu Lan immediately went out with an iron blue face and opened the door. She took a golf club in her hand and smashed it hard at Fang Yang. Fang Yang couldn't dodge. She smashed her forehead and instantly broke her skin and bled.

"Mom, how can you beat Dad!" Fang Kexin's face was shocked. She had seen her parents fight, but she had not seen them fight. Because from childhood, my father was very tolerant.

Liu Lan was also a little scared, because she was really angry just now, but she didn't expect Fang Yang to escape and was hit.

"Liu Lan, your Liu family is really kind. It's not disgraceful to bully a little girl!" Fang Yang covered his injured forehead and shouted angrily.

"I knew you were going to come for that wild seed. Yes, it was bullying her. What can you do with me?" Liu Lan sneered and ridiculed.

"Dad, mom, can you stop quarreling and stop for a while?" Fang Kexin cried directly beside him.

"Can Xin, you go back, adult's matter, you don't interrupt!" Liu Lan said directly to her daughter.

"No matter how I can, our family has become like this, no matter what, we have to become enemies!" Fang Kexin, as a child, is still very uneasy. She knew that she would make this situation. At the beginning, she really shouldn't go to fight with Yang ChuChu for Luo Jin Yu for her own selfish desire. Now, when the man snatched it, he scattered the family. It's not worth the loss.

Fang Yang looks at the shrew in front of him. He knows that he has come for nothing and can't ask for any benefits at all. But when he hears what Yang ChuChu's assistant said, he is really angry.

"Liu Lan, I warn you, don't bother her any more. If you are angry, come to me and don't target innocent people again!" Fang Yang said with a black face.

"I will not, Fang Yang. If you lose me, how can I make you hurt, how can I come?" Liu Lan hummed in triumph.

"I regret marrying you the most!" Fang Yang finally said that.

Liu Lan's whole body was shocked, and the whole person was a little bit stunned. This sentence seemed to lift the most painful place in her heart, and she wanted to cry instantly.

"More than 20 years of husband and wife, in exchange for a sentence of regret, Fang Yang, you really did not love me?" Liu Lan is still unwilling. She was once favored and held by Fang YANGCHONG. She thought it was love, but now, it's just a husband's responsibility and obligation, not love.

Fang Yang didn't answer her. He turned around and left.

"You come back, Fang Yang, you come back for me, you tell me!" Liu Lan chases out and tears fall.

Fang Kexin froze aside, looking sad.

When Liu Lan squatted on the ground, covering her face and crying, not far away, in a car, sister Mei sneered, "here comes the chance!"! "