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C1678 the joke went too far

As soon as Yang ChuChu finished talking about losing weight, the men around her said that they liked her a little bit, and her heart immediately blocked.

"Do you not like me now that I am thin and lightning thin?" Yang ChuChu asked him nervously.

Luo Jinyu just chatted with her, but unexpectedly she would suddenly take this topic so seriously. He reached out to touch her long hair gently and spoiled: "of course not, I said, I recognized you, no matter what you look like, I like it."

Yang ChuChu chuckled. The magic of love is to let people indulge in it and enjoy the sweetness and care.

Two people arrived at a restaurant, walked out of the elevator, and met a familiar figure. It was Fang Kexin. She was wearing a professional suit, and came out chatting with several men and women in the same dress.

Inadvertently looked up, saw Luo Jinyu holding Yang ChuChu's hand to come over, her expression a stiff. Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu naturally saw her, but they looked natural. Even if they met, they didn't realize that it was strange.

Fang Kexin stood at the same place and waited for them to come. Suddenly she said, "Yang ChuChu, can I talk to you? About my dad. "

Yang ChuChu steps a meal, raised Mou to inquire about Luo Jin Yu.

Luo Jinyu released her hand and whispered, "I'll wait for you by the window."

Yang ChuChu turns around and looks at Fang Kexin. Her eyes are not as publicized as before, and her temperament becomes mature.

Fang Kexin said a few words to his colleagues, then turned around and led Yang ChuChu to a place with few people nearby.

"I heard that you are pregnant!" Fang Kexin asked after a few steps.

In fact, the news of Yang ChuChu's pregnancy has been spread. Although no reporter has been able to confirm it from her, Yang ChuChu has put off all his work and devoted himself to rest. In addition, Luo Jinyu has a close relationship with her and is pregnant because of love, which seems to be a very normal thing.

Yang ChuChu didn't answer her question, but she said in a tone of Indifference: "what do you want to talk about, say it."

"Does my father often come to you recently? Do you recognize him? " Fang Kexin stares at Yang ChuChu, wondering if it's because of the moistening of love. She is obviously more beautiful than before. Her eyes are clear and full of self-confidence. Moreover, her skin is not good, which is enviable.

"Yes, he often comes to see me. Are you angry?" Yang ChuChu frowned. Fang Kexin would not still hate her. He didn't want Fang Yang to come to see her.

"Is my anger useful? Hatred will only make me change to extremes. Don't worry. I've looked down on many things. Even if I see you with Luo Jinyu now, I won't envy you like a madman. " Fang Kexin laughs at herself. The cruel reality forced her to grow up. Now she is really grown up and sensible.

"Is it? That's a good thing. A lot of things should be looked down on. Don't be too hard on yourself. " Yang ChuChu gave a faint smile.

"My parents' example tells me that a man who doesn't love himself can never marry. Even if he loves each other badly, he wants to tie him to marry him all the time, but it's just a moment of happiness, but it's a lifetime of disgust. Such a marriage is a disaster. I can see that Luo Jinyu really loves you. You're so lucky. He is chosen by tens of millions of people Choose you, how do you cherish him, after all, I love the man, I hope he can live a happy life Fang Kexin is still self mocking, but she has forced herself to accept the reality.

Yang ChuChu was stunned for a moment. Unexpectedly, she didn't see her for several months. Fang Kexin changed so much that she was willing to bless herself.

"If that's what you think, I'd like to say thank you."

Fang Kexin glanced at Luo Jinyu not far away: "my father's mood has obviously improved recently, which includes your contribution. He is old, and there is something that can make him happy, and I will accept it frankly. If you want, I hope you can really treat him as your father and call her father from your heart. In this way, he will certainly be more I'm happy. " Fang Kexin's eyes are a little more sincere. She really hopes that Yang ChuChu can recognize Fang Yang as his father. This is what he has been looking forward to for more than 20 years.

Yang ChuChu looked at her with a startled face. "Don't you object?"

"I'm not against it. Blood is connected. It's a fact that can't be changed." Fang Kexin laughed. Yang ChuChu sighed: "in fact, I've already forgiven him. He's actually a very good man, leaving aside other things. Maybe one day, I'd like to call him that."

"Well, go ahead. He seems to be looking at you all the time. He will think I will hurt you." There is a sadness in Fang Kexin's eyes. In Luo Jinyu's eyes, she is the role of a bad woman. It's sad.

"I have a chance to see you again!" Yang ChuChu turned around and walked towards Luo Jinyu.

Fang Kexin also turned and left.

When Luo Jinyu saw Yang ChuChu coming quietly, he couldn't help asking, "what did Fang Kexin talk to you about? She didn't say anything to stimulate you. "

"No." "Yang ChuChu smiled:" you may feel the accident, she seems to accept my existence

"Oh?" Luo Jinyu is a little surprised.

"There may have been too many things that have changed her mind. She said she hopes we can have some happiness." Until this moment, Yang chuchuchucai's counterpart Kexin has changed. She used to think that she was a bully and unreasonable person. Now she seems to be really sensible and willing to reason.

"Is it? There's something really unexpected. " Luo Jinyu shrugs his shoulders. He has no idea about it.

Yang ChuChu sighed: "is there so many things that people will change? In the past, I hated Fang Yang and wished he disappeared suddenly in the world. Now, I find that if he disappeared one day and no longer appeared in my life, it would be a shocking thing."

"You have regarded him as your relative. Of course, you can't accept his leaving one day." Luo Jinyu said with a light smile.

"Maybe, I recognized him, but I didn't want him to come with my mother at all. I still hope my mother has a chance to find happiness. That person is not him." Yang ChuChu laughs at himself, and his idea is a little heartless.

"People who once loved each other have resented each other for so many years. I'm afraid that love has been polished for a long time. Your mother has a chance to try a better love. Of course, she shouldn't go back." Luo Jin Yujue's words are not extreme. He agrees with her very much.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes have a happy look: "don't you think I'm heartless?"

"No, if I do the same wrong thing one day, it's not worth your forgiveness. You must not give me another chance. Men are greedy." Luo Jinyu's eyes are deep and congealed with her, but the words she uttered make people laugh and cry.

"What do you mean? Will you do something sorry to me?" As soon as Yang ChuChu's pretty face froze, he became nervous.

"Of course not. I'm just saying that." Luo Jinyu looks embarrassed.

"If this happens, I hope you can cheat me and don't let me know." Yang chulin's eyes were sour. The next second, tears rolled in her eyes: "I think I'm a good coax. If you coax me, then coax me, I'm sure that nothing happened."

Luo Jinyu listened and felt as if a needle was stabbing his heart. He got up quickly, went to her side and sat down. He put his hand around her shoulder and comforted her: "I'm joking with you. Don't take it seriously."

"Is it?" Yang ChuChu used his finger to wipe the corner of his eyes: "maybe I am pregnant now and become a little sensitive, but, such a joke, I am really afraid to become true."

"No!" Luo Jinyu Dabao caressed her shoulder: "don't cry, I promise, I won't make such a joke again."

Yang ChuChu bit his lips and nodded: "well, although it's a joke, I still want to tell you that if the joke comes true, I may turn around and leave directly. You'd better not cheat me or coax me. Let me go."

Luo Jinyu is in a bad mood. It's hard to deal with the pain. In this life, it's her destiny. How can I let it go?