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Ji Xiao Han kissed her on the head and comforted her softly: "Really, you can't believe it, go back and ask her!"

"I wouldn't dare!" Tang You You muttered.

"If you don't ask, my grandma will definitely come to talk to you about it. Don't worry!" Ji Xiao Han looked at her cowardly appearance and truly felt that she was cute.

After Ji Xiao Han sent Tang You You back to the Ji Family Villa, he rushed back to the company.

After lying in bed for half an hour, Tang You You heard a servant coming upstairs to call her for lunch.

Tang You You went downstairs, and saw the old lady sitting on the sofa. When he saw her, he said: "Qu Lu, come over here!"

Tang You You was stunned, she never thought that the old lady would actually call him by name.

The old lady had already taken the initiative to show her good will, so Tang You You had no reason to fight head on with her. He hurriedly walked in front of her, and called her Grandmother with a slightly stiff tone.

"Sit down!" The old lady patted the seat beside her.

Thinking about what Ji Xiao Han had said, Tang You You obediently sat down.

"I said something I shouldn't have said before. I hope you don't take it to heart!" The old lady sighed and said.

Tang You You laughed awkwardly, and shook his head: "You are an elder, I don't even have enough time to respect you, why would you care?"

When the old lady heard her say this, she knew that she was a very smart and tactful girl. This way, she would have a better chance of going down the stairs.

"Wandering, do you know why I am so dissatisfied with you? Actually, the reason is not because of you. I also thought of some old people's matters and felt a little dissatisfied. That's why I decided to vent my anger on you. I hope you can understand me! " The old lady's face revealed some sadness.

Tang You You could not help but freeze, and looked at the old lady in astonishment: "Grandmother, may I ask, what is the meaning of the old story you're talking about?"

It turned out that the old lady wasn't intentionally targeting her, but for a reason.

"And this has to do with that shameless mother of Xiao Han's. My son still married her in spite of my strong opposition, to be honest, I really don't like her, she was born around the same age as you, but after marrying into the family, she has always been well-behaved and has given birth to two children, both of them being sons. I slowly accepted her as well, thinking that living this peaceful life can be considered a blessing from heaven, but unfortunately, I don't know when she secretly pestered a good friend of my son. Within a year of my son's death, she is determined to leave these two sons of hers, she married off."

As the old lady spoke, she started to choke. It was evident how much she was grieving.

Tang You You's eyes were also getting moist, she had heard Ji Xiao Han talk about his mother leaving them, and now that she heard the old lady's detailed explanation, her heart still felt incredibly heavy.

She had a child now and had a mother now. She really couldn't understand why a mother could be so ruthless as to abandon her child and just pursue love. Was love really that important? To be able to surpass the affection of a person's flesh and blood?

The old lady couldn't help but tear up. Thinking back to that sorrowful past, she couldn't stop her heart from welling up.

Of course, my character is really disappointing. Of course, I was too absolute, you definitely wouldn't be the second her, I believe in you, because you love your two children very much, I can see that you also have feelings for me, you can marry, give the children a whole family, let them grow up, both physically and mentally, and I will bless you. "Xiao Han's words were filled with pride and joy. The old lady immediately understood what was going on. When she played with the two little fellows, she realised that the two little fellows were really adorable, and really liked people. They loved each other and loved each other, so she naturally accepted Tang You You more and more.

When Tang You You heard the old lady say her blessings to him and Ji Xiao Han, she couldn't help but feel grateful.

Thank you, Grandma. Actually, I was very worried that you would stop us from being together, but now, I am truly very happy and very grateful to have your blessings. I promise you, I will absolutely not do anything that would make you sad. Tang You You promised from the bottom of her heart.

The old lady Listen to her's words were gratifying and joyful. She reached out her hand and patted it, "Grandmother believes in you. You have a very kind face, grandmother still believes in the way she sees others."

This was the first time Tang You You had been called kind in front of others, and it was very embarrassing for her.

"Since you're sick, take a good rest at home. Leave the matters of the children to me. Your grandpa and I really like taking care of these two little guys!" The old lady said happily.

Tang You You also smiled in gratitude, "With you all caring for them, I am truly at ease. This is also their fortune."

"That's enough, that's enough. Family, don't say such polite words, hurry up and eat. I will also go eat with your grandfather. Without me, he has no appetite to eat alone!" As the old lady spoke, she stood up and headed towards Walk Outside.

It was as if her happiness had come directly to her. Everything in life had come just in time. Her career, love, family … she wanted them all to be in her arms. She hugged them tightly, unwilling to let them go.

In the past, she had complained about the injustice that the heavens had done to her. But now, she discovered that the heavens were trying to compensate her for the things that she had lost, for her kinship, love, and warmth.

After Tang Xue Rou was locked up in the prison, her image was gone.

She wore plain clothes, and her hair was in a mess. Her plain face was abnormally pale, and even her eyes, which she was proud of, were dim, as if they had been abused a million times in life.

Of course, Tang Xue Rou's prison wasn't out of the ordinary either. After all, she too had limitless prospects and intelligence that far surpassed ordinary people.

The few women who were supervising in the same room as her were all lousy misses in society, and had once worshipped her. To be able to be locked in the same room as Big Star, they were also very excited, and naturally recognized Tang Xue Rou as their big sister.

Tang Xue Rou, on the other hand, had used a sugar-coated cannonball to confuse this group of ignorant girls, giving them all kinds of hope after they left.