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"Xue Rou, you've misunderstood the kind of love I have for you. I've watched you climb it step by step for the past five years. In certain aspects, you're really outstanding, but … I'm sorry, but I really don't like you the way men and women do. " Although Lu Xuan Chen didn't really want to hurt her pride, he had to clarify things so that she wouldn't misunderstand again.

Tang Xue Rou suddenly picked up a document from the side, and threw it fiercely at Lu Xuan Chen: "Even you are leaving me, right? Lu Xuan Chen, you are simply ungrateful, you know what kind of person I have been nurturing these past five years, every single time I appear, they would bring you along, and now you are finally famous, but suddenly treat me like this? How can you be so heartless? Okay, you go... You go and find your Tang You You, I want to see if she will see you again, I'm afraid she has already lied on top of Ji Xiao Han's body, and is even dirtier than me. "

Lu Xuan Chen felt like he had been struck hard, to the point where he almost couldn't even stand steadily. He panted and stared at Tang Xue Rou angrily: "You're talking nonsense, I believe that you're definitely not the kind of person that you are. Don't spout nonsense."

"Hengcheng-ge?" The familiar clear and melodious female voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

"Wandering, have you found a job yet? Where do you work? Can we have lunch together? " Lu Xuan Chen's emotions were also in a mess. He didn't know what kind of outcome he had been waiting for so many years, but right now, he just wanted to hear her voice. Even if she rejected him, it didn't matter.

"I've found a job. If you're free, let's have lunch together. I'll treat you!" Tang You You said with a smile.

"Alright, send the address over. I'll be there now!" Hearing that she had agreed and even said that she would treat him to a meal, Lu Xuan Chen's mood was not that messy.

In the afternoon, Tang You You found a place in a restaurant near the company and gave his address to Lu Xuan Chen.

Ten minutes later, Lu Xuan Chen appeared in front of her.

He still looked the same, dressed casually, like a big boy.

Tang You You sized him up, then he laughed: "Hengcheng-ge, why did you suddenly think of looking for me to eat?"

Lu Xuan Chen looked at her, his heart a little unsteady. He wanted to ask her those questions, but he didn't manage to say it in the end.

"Nothing, I just felt that I messed up the last time I ate. I still want to treat you to another meal." Lu Xuan Chen suppressed his thoughts and said with a smile.

"Why did you let Tang Xue Rou come for dinner last time?" was still a little angry when she mentioned that unpleasant occasion.

Lu Xuan Chen was startled for a moment, and then answered casually: "Actually, the matter of eating that day, was not me, but Xue Rou. She said that the three of us hadn't met for a long time, and sat down to eat.

Tang You You sneered: "Like I said, why would she come? Presumably, she just wants to show off."

"She is that kind of proud person. Don't take it to heart. Actually, she has been in a miserable state lately." Lu Xuan Chen consoled in a low voice.

"Why is she so miserable? I think that Big Star has a lot of airs. " Tang You You was thinking of the matter of Tang Xue Rou driving a ten million car two days ago and how the big thorn had stopped at the entrance of her company. It was indeed impressive, and even now, the entire company was still discussing about it.

"All of her announcements have been stopped, as well as all of Ji Group's endorsements have been removed. She will very likely be hidden in the snow. In the future, you might not be able to see her on the screen. " As Lu Xuan Chen said this, his eyes were already staring straight at Tang You You, wanting to see her reaction.

"What happened to her?" Tang You You's heart jumped, as though she had already thought of what was going on, but she still wanted to hear clearly from Lu Xuan Chen, since he was Tang Xue Rou's manager.

"She offended Ji Xiao Han. Do you know about this?" When Lu Xuan Chen saw her expression change slightly, he felt pain in his heart. Indeed, when Tang Xue Rou said that she had something to do with Ji Xiao Han, he believed her.

Tang You You's face became even more tense, she pretended to be indifferent: "Really? Then she deserves it. "

"Wandering, Tang Xue Rou said that you knew Ji Xiao Han five years ago, and you and him …" Since the topic had reached such a stage, Lu Xuan Chen felt that he had to get to the bottom of this matter first.

Tang You You's hands had stopped moving. She lifted her head and looked at Lu Xuan Chen, pursed his lips, and said in a calm voice: "Hengcheng-ge, I don't want to mention anything unpleasant in the past anymore. Please don't ask anymore, okay?"

When Lu Xuan Chen heard her say that it was an unhappy thing, his mood improved a little. However, his heart still felt like it was pierced by a thorn, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

"If you don't want me to ask, then I won't ask. But, can you tell me if it was you who did this matter of Tang Xue Rou's suppression?" Lu Xuan Chen still wanted to understand more about this matter.