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C1293 education of a person

LAN Yanxi takes the pancakes from the owner of the pancake shop, turns around and finds that her car parked on the side of the road is being ticketed by a traffic policeman. She rushes there in a hurry.

From afar, he shouted: "brother, traffic police, I'll leave now, leave now, let me go once!"

Comrades of the traffic police turned to look at her. She was wearing striking work clothes and was a young and beautiful girl. The young traffic police suddenly felt embarrassed. They quickly reminded her, "no parking here. Let's go!"

"Thank you!" LAN Yanxi jumped on the bus and immediately drove away. LAN

Yanxi dodged a ticket, but her mood was much better than before. It seems that life is not so bad. Back to Ling Mo Feng's house, it was more than nine o'clock in the evening. LAN Yanxi dragged his tired body into the living room.

Before I could turn on the light, I heard a low dissatisfied voice from a man: "who are you going out to dinner with when you come back so late?" Blue

Yan Xi immediately turned on the light and saw a dignified and beautiful figure sitting on the sofa. The suit and Nizi long windbreaker looked like they had just come back from the snow. Blue

Yan Xi suddenly saw this man. He was in a complex and changeable mood. For a while, he didn't know what to say. His five tastes were mixed.

"Why are you here again?" Blue words and beautiful eyes stared at him, blinking.

The word "you" seems to wear off the man's little patience directly. He stands up fiercely, and the tall body pushes towards her step by step. The dark eyes become gloomy: "I ask you, who went out to eat with? As soon as you enter the new Department, someone makes an appointment? " Blue

Yan Xi didn't expect him to get angry first. She stood still and looked up at his deep eyes. Then she murmured, "your face is really a disaster to Yangmin. No wonder people will fall in love with you for your help!"

"What are you mumbling?" Ling Mo Feng saw that she didn't have any empty expression, instead, he looked disappointed at him. His whole body's momentum was reduced, and his eyebrows were tightened in an instant. Blue

Yan Xi was still in a depressed mood. She turned to the restaurant and poured herself a cup of hot water. She turned around and drank it while leaning on the table. Her eyes went through the glass and continued to stare at the man. The more she looked, the more confused her heart became.

Ling Mo Feng has a kind of illusion that is ignored by women. What's the matter? It's her who doesn't fight to go out to eat with others. How does it seem that he is the one who made a mistake? "

Yan Xi, who did you go to dinner with?" Just now, the whole body was full of grumpiness. I didn't know where it had disappeared. Ling Mo Feng's tone suddenly changed, but still wanted to know her whereabouts.

"Ling Mo Feng, many women in the general office like you. Have they ever confessed to you?" LAN Yanxi asked him with a serious face.

Ling Mo Feng is stiff all over. Why does she ask this all of a sudden? Did you hear anything? Want to settle with him?

"What's the matter?" Ling Mo Feng approaches him two steps. Her eyes are fixed on her tight pretty face, and her mind is also straightened.

"Tell me honestly, has anyone ever confessed to you?" LAN Yanxi looks a little anxious. "

Yes!" Lingmo Feng knew that this kind of thing could not deceive her, so he confessed: "there are still many people who will secretly send me things, or even write love letters and poems to me. Don't worry, I have never responded to them!"

"Then if a girl asks me to tell you that she has been secretly in love with you and wants to send you something, what do you think I should do?" LAN Yanxi didn't know why. He believed his words. That's why he asked about his troubles. "

How could this happen? She knows our relationship? " Ling Mo Feng's dark eyes changed greatly. His engagement with the blue family has always been known only by the two elders, and has not been expanded. Unless someone with ulterior motives will find out, but as far as he knows, the whole general office has not yet known the news. "

No, she thinks that the adjutant Chu is my boyfriend. She wants to ask the adjutant Chu to send you messages through me!" LAN Yanxi said that he couldn't help but snigger first. The man's expression became ugly again. He had heard this funny rumor for a long time. Moreover, the adjutant Chu came to ask for a crime. He didn't have any idea when he heard it. He felt that it would divert his attention if someone misunderstood him. But

now hearing this woman say it himself, he was in a blue mood.

"You didn't explain it?" The man's voice sank for a moment, as if to her ear.

LAN Yanxi raised his head sharply, and found that the man did not know when to attach himself. His thin lips were very close to her face, and he could hear his steady breath.

"I Oh! " LAN Yanxi has no time to explain anything. The thin lips of the man have blocked her lips severely.

The next second, she felt that she was picked up by the man's hands and gently placed on the table. Blue

Yan Xi's brain is buzzing, how can he still hold her and sit on the table? It's so unruly. But

Yes, a man's lips and tongues are overbearing and fierce. There is no spare time for her to think. The whole person is soft and cotton. Subconsciously, two small hands hook his neck and neck, unwilling to be separated from him.

As if a long backlog of emotions, in a sudden burst out, a fire, directly into the body of two people, a hair out of control. "

etc Wait a minute! " LAN Yanxi's hand suddenly touched his wound, obviously he was still slightly quivering, and the girl suddenly stopped. "

and so on?" The man's low and muddy laughter rang in her ear.

"Let me see your wound. How did you play today? Not to death? " LAN Yanxi found out that he had been afraid of the whole day's work. He had to check it himself before he could feel at ease. "

don't read it, I'm ok!" The man breath some unsteady say. "

No, I have to see it!" LAN Yanxi is domineering and has no friends.

Ling found that he was shocked by her powerful eyes. He was stunned. He had let go of his big arm around her waist and took off his coat. Then the suit followed by the shirt.

Blue Yan Xi tight a breath, until see his wound did not bleed, this just relaxed down.

"Wait a minute, it seems that your gauze is newly bandaged. Is it cut? Don't lie to me! " LAN Yanxi immediately narrowed her beautiful eyes, with a wise expression that could see through everything. Ling

Mo Feng knows that this little woman is not stupid, and sometimes she is very smart.

"Yes, the wound is cracked, but it has been dealt with by the doctor. There is no danger of life!" Ling Mo Feng deliberately stressed the following four words.

LAN Yanxi didn't know for a moment whether to be angry or to love him.

"I know I'm injured, but I still go to play with others? Can't you just push it off? " Lanyanxi was still angry because he didn't take care of his body. "

it's about the political position, I can't retreat. I'm different from you, Yan Xi, and I don't have the room to return everything!" The man sighed a little, the finger gently buttoned the button that she pulled open on her chest, buttoned it to the top button, the white shirt, which showed the trace that she had been kissed hard by herself. It was very ambiguous. "

I know!" LAN Yanxi's face trembled and nodded.

"Don't worry, I have the discretion, touch my bottom line of things, I will resist!" Ling Mo Feng was afraid that she was still worried, so he had to comfort her with a smile. "

well, if a woman gives you something, it's your bottom line, and you can't accept it!" LAN Yanxi didn't know what had stimulated him, but suddenly he began to emphasize.

Ling Mo Feng was stunned for a second, then laughed out: "who's jealous? So sour? " "

Ling Mo Feng, I'm not joking with you. You must keep a distance from them. Besides, you should not be gentle with any woman in the future. There is a difference between politeness and gentleness. You must grasp this degree. Women are sensitive creatures. You can harm them all your life with one look in your eyes. So, you should take care of your words and deeds and never provoke others again I'm moved. This kind of thing is really bad! " LAN Yanxi stared into his eyes and taught him seriously. Don's vice president, who has received such education, has a blank face. "

Yan Xi, you have wronged me. Apart from you, I have never been gentle with any woman except my mother and my sister!" Ling Mo Feng also learned her voice and explained it seriously.