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When night fell, Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu made a reservation. At 6:30, Ji Yueze pushed the door in, and Bai Yiyan came in with him.

When Yang ChuChu saw that the two of them had come together, she immediately laughed, "I was right, you didn't break up at all."

Bai Yiyan looks embarrassed when she sees Yang ChuChu. Although it's no wonder that things like separation and cooperation in the entertainment circle are strange, people who know about her break-up with Ji Yueze in a short time will feel their feelings are tortuous. People who don't know about it will feel that something is wrong in her brain. Ji

Yue Ze nodded and said hello to Luo Jinyu, then pulled out a chair and asked Bai Yiyan to sit down first, then he sat on her side.

"Luo Jinyu, how about my girlfriend? How are you using it? " Ji Yueze asked with a funny face. Yang

she is so shy that she becomes a big red face. What is using it? OK, she admits that she was used by Luo Jin.

Luo Jinyu's face was as usual, and his voice was low: "very good, thank you!"

Bai Yiyan and Yang ChuChu are shaking all over. The two men's chatting ways are not acceptable to ordinary people.

"I think it's time for her to find someone to govern her, so that she won't be lawless and love to make troubles all day!" Ji Yueze looks at Yang ChuChu like a naughty sister. Yang shuddered again, covered in chicken skin, protested, "when did I get into trouble? I've been working hard for you to make money Bai

Yi Yan nodded beside her, saying that it was true. "

wouldn't I introduce you to such an excellent man for your dedicated work? Be content! " Ji Yueze has a posture of hard work and high achievement. Luo

Jin Yu immediately took a glass of wine on the table and said in a warm voice: "it's clear that we should give a toast to young master Ji."

Yang ChuChu immediately nodded with a smile, took the cup, and said to Ji Yueze, "boss, your great kindness, I will never forget it, and I will repay you well in the future."

Ji Yueze listened and said, "you've done a good job. Besides, I've just told you a medium. It's up to you whether you can succeed or not. Now it seems that you've successfully tied up the logistics giant. You have no money in the future!"

Yang ChuChu's expression froze: "can you stop saying it so realistically? I'm after his people, not his money! "

Ji Yueze laughs: "everyone else is yours, will you have less money?"

Bai Yiyan immediately reached under the table and tugged at Ji Yueze's trousers. How could this man say such improper words on such a rigorous dinner table? I'm afraid that Luo Jinyu can't afford such a joke. Yang

can't laugh or cry, but Luo Jinyu is still very gentle: "he is right, my money is yours!" Yang was so moved that he wanted to cry. It seems that Ji Yueze has made great contributions to her.

After drinking wine, Yang ChuChu looked aside at Bai Yiyan, who was drinking tea quietly, and said with concern, "sister Bai, is your arm better?"

"The needle has been sewn. It may take some time to recover!" Bai Yiyan smiled and replied.

"I watched that video several times. You are so brave. If it's me, I don't have the courage. I have to die!" Yang ChuChu sighed. For example,

in today's society, young girls are more likely to encounter danger. Therefore, Bai Yiyan's ability to fight against gangsters is really positive, and many parents know that it's an urgent task to train her daughter since she was a child. Even if she doesn't have the foundation of martial arts, she'd better learn some skills for self-defense It is very important to save yourself at the critical moment. Luo

when Jin Yu heard Yang ChuChu's words, he whispered: "when you go out in the future, you must be very careful not to encounter this kind of thing." Season

more Ze nodded: "yes, because it is a beautiful girl, more attention should be paid to safety." Bai

Yi Yan sighs. I don't know who offended her. She did this terrible thing to her. "

by the way, have you called the police? Have you heard from the police? Who is going to catch you? " Yang ChuChu asked curiously. "

there is news from the police. They know who the two gangsters are, but they are already at large. No one has been caught!" Ji Yueze's face sank. "

I'm sure the police will try their best to catch it, sister Bai. Don't worry, the bad guys will be caught!" Yang ChuChu comforts her. "

Yes, I'm sure I can catch them. I'd like to know who killed me!" Bai Yiyan's face also flashed a touch of anger. Yang bowed his head and kept silent for a while, then suddenly looked up at Ji Yueze. "Boss, have you ever suspected that the company has an insider?" Season

Yueze's face suddenly turned cold: "do you mean Wu Chang?"

"You suspect him, too?" Yang ChuChu's eyes were slightly surprised.

"He's getting more and more out of place recently. I don't think it's difficult for him!" Ji Yueze sneers.

"I think he may have sold some of the company's news to the new company. He knows a lot about my news. Someone came to me the day before yesterday, and the other party knows everything about me. He knows what I'm paying for when I'm shooting. He also knows all kinds of advertising and endorsement fees. On this basis, the other party keeps raising the price for me, but these are only It's a matter of internal staff. " Yang ChuChu said with a frown. "

people are unpredictable. When I started this company, Wu Chang was the only one I trusted. Moreover, I have never doubted him for so many years. Unexpectedly, he was the one who stabbed the knife with his back." "

What are you going to do? Do you want to fire him? "

Ji Yueze wrung his brow: "I'm cutting his power. For a while, I can't kick him. He still has a lot of internal information about the company." "

well, if you have collected evidence, you can send him to court directly, and let him be responsible for his crime of pickpocketing inside and outside." Yang ChuChu didn't have a good impression on Wu Chang. When she entered the company, Wu Chang privately asked her to have a meal alone, and he chose all kinds of words on the table.

"At present, the company is a little complicated. It can't be handled overnight. I need time to collect evidence and take over the company!" Ji Yueze has lost his playfulness and become mature and calm.

Bai Yiyan sits beside him and listens to what he says in a quiet voice. She inevitably worries about him. No.

she has never known anything about managing the company, so she has to worry about it.

Luo Jinyu suddenly said, "I know that your brother has encountered some things recently. If you need my help, just talk."