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C1618 unanimous objection

The old man used his strength to get rid of Lanlin's hand. Lanlin's face was white. The whole person almost tripped over the foot of the chair beside her. With a sound of her whole person, she shrank in a corner beside the hospital bed.

"You mean girl." Blue mother rushed over angrily, reached out and wrung LAN Lin's arm. LAN Lin let out a scream, instinctively looking at the old man: "Grandpa, help me, they will kill me."

The old blue man was annoyed by the quarrel. At the right time, uncle Yu pushed the door in: "old man, do you need my help?"

The old man shook his head: "no, you go out."

Blue mother is very cruel. I wish I could screw Lanlin to death like this.

"What are you doing? Go away." After all, Lanlin is still young. Where can she be blue mother's opponent? Her eyes are full of tears when she is twisted. She is crying.

Lambert stood by, not telling his wife to stop, but letting her screw Lanlin.

"Enough!" The old blue man said angrily, "do you have to be so embarrassed? It's all a family. Why do you look like enemies when you meet? Do you still have me in your eyes? I'm not dead, so you don't pay attention to me. "

As soon as blue mother's hand was stiff, she immediately retreated to her husband's back.

Lambert said with a sad face: "Dad, microfibril has been sent to a mental hospital for treatment. You don't know how pitiful she is in the room. I can't bear to look at her more."

The old blue man closed his eyes sadly, and then cried out harshly, "Lan Lin, tell me the truth, have you ever encouraged your sister to do evil?"

"Grandpa, I didn't, I really didn't, they wronged me." Lanlin immediately began to cry, with an expression of grievance on her face.

"If not, what did you just feel guilty about? You've got it, Dad. You have to decide for the sake of fiber. You can't let her suffer for nothing. " Blue mother cried sadly.

The old man turned his head and looked at Lanlin sadly. Lanlin's eyes were so disappointed with him, and her heart quivered fiercely. She could not help murmuring: "Grandpa, why do you look at me like this? I really haven't done anything bad. "

"I'll get my lawyer over tomorrow, and then all of you will come. I'll make a will." The old man said suddenly, startling everyone present.

"Dad, what do you say? You're going to get better." Lambert's face was eager.

Lanlin also said cleverly, "yes, Grandpa, what will you make now? It's not urgent."

The blue old man ignored their concern and still said seriously, "I have decided to make my will public tomorrow. I hope you will not be disappointed when it comes. There is not much I can leave you."

Lambert and his wife looked at each other, their heart and hair were cool.

Lanlin's expression was also uncertain.

In the early morning, the sun put away his smile and was caught by a cloud. LAN Yanxi received a call from her grandfather in the early morning, asking her to come to the hospital at more than 10 noon. There is something important to announce. LAN Yanxi has guessed something. She is inexplicably sad. Is Grandpa going to give the will?

LAN Yanxi called Ling Mo Feng and told him about it. Ling Mo Feng asked her to make her own decision, and he would not come.

Ling Mo Feng's present identity is indeed a bit awkward. He is only engaged to lanyanxi. He doesn't have a marriage license, let alone a marriage, so he won't show up.

It's still Cheng Yuan who accompanies lanyanxi. Her main job now is to protect lanyanxi's safety. At the same time, she accompanies two bodyguards sent by Ling mofeng.

When LAN Yanxi arrived, the ward of the hospital was already full of people. Even the two uncles' sons from junior high school took them back. They stood in a room full of pressure, and several lawyers were also present. Some of the company's top executives also came.

LAN Yanxi only felt his heart clenched. When he got to the hospital bed, the spirit of the old man seemed pretty good. "Grandpa, what is this for?" Lanyanxi asked him worried.

"You'll see in a minute. Wait a second. There are still people who are not there." The old blue man smiled at her.

LAN Yanxi turned around and swept over the faces of the two uncles, who looked at her coldly and strangely.

LAN Yanxi sighed at the bottom of his heart. Is this the sorrow of the big family? Money has taken the place of warm affection and become supreme.

The president of Yibao charity came in with his lawyer and assistant. He is a famous philanthropist and has a high reputation. At the moment, his arrival made everyone in the blue family stiff.

"Well, everyone's here, Lawyer Wang. Read it." When the old man waited for the last one, he immediately spoke to a middle-aged man next to him.

The middle-aged man nodded to him, then read the will distribution in his hand with a fair expression.

The distribution of the heritage is roughly divided into ten. Among them, the three brothers of the blue family, including the deceased father of blue Yanxi, each hold 10% of the shares, and the cash is about 200 million yuan. The remaining 70% of the shares are donated directly to the charity foundation by the blue master, who will distribute the donation.

"What? Dad, are you crazy? " LAN Bai's face changed greatly and roared at the scene: "that's our blue family's money, our hard-working foundation business. How can you donate it to others?"

LAN Chen is also unbelievable. His face is white as paper. Although he dare not shout loudly, he is also very dissatisfied: "Dad, what do you mean? How can you donate? Do you care about the lives of our descendants? "

The others in the blue family are like ants on the hot pot, their expressions are very anxious.

Only blue Yan and Xi Xian are calm. She has known grandpa's decision for a long time.

"Yan Xi, can you say something for me? Are you mute? Do you really want to see the blue family's money donated? " Lanbai suddenly thought of lanyanxi at the moment. Knowing that she was useful, he wanted her to speak urgently.

LAN Yanxi spoke, but not what they wanted to hear.

"What's wrong with donating to do something good? If this is Grandpa's decision, I support him. " As soon as LAN Yanxi said this, it was like igniting a powder keg, and everyone's expression exploded again.

The old man allowed them to make a noise, and Lambert's expression was a little ferocious: "Dad, why do you donate all your money? Not even the company? How can you be so cruel, we are all your family, how can you not think of us? "

"Two billion is enough for you to live a good life. If you can save some flowers, maybe you can save three or four generations." Old man's words, understatement, but as if with a thick loss and fatigue.

"Dad, are you serious?" LAN Chen's face was also very frightened at the moment.

The old man looked up at them and said, "of course, I'm serious. I don't have many days. I should take care of my affairs earlier. Do you think I have less money? Don't you still secretly buy a lot of industries behind my back? Why is it not enough? Or do you feel that you are used to being extravagant, which suddenly reduces your quality of life. You feel humiliated and can't lift your head in front of your friends? "

Lambert and ranchen became mute.

"In the life of common people, many people can only earn a million yuan in their lifetime, but they still have to raise their children and save money for them to study and go to school. Maybe money can make people live comfortably, but sometimes it can also make people ignore their family. Look at you, once your elder brother dies, you will be isolated and hope, you will fight for more, leading to your next generation to follow If we become enemies, in the long run, our blue family will lose in your hands no matter how big it is. It's better to donate and accumulate merits for you. In the future, everyone will have a good place. " The old man's voice was not loud, but it was heard by all the people on the scene. Some felt ashamed, some were still angry and resentful. Some felt that the blue old man was a successful businessman. Instead of being controlled by money, he was able to control money soberly.

"Dad, I don't agree with you." Lambert was the first to stand up.

"I don't agree." LAN Chen is the second one to stand out.

Blue mother immediately pushed her son out, and blue third lady hurriedly pushed her son forward.