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When Ji Tingyan heard the man's answer, she couldn't help looking sideways at him. She didn't know if it was her illusion. When the man said this, she seemed a little sad. Suddenly, she thought of grandma Zhang saying something about his parents, and her heart sank a little.

At the end of the road, a building suddenly appeared on the open flat ground. The building is about four or five floors on average, but it occupies a wide area, giving people a kind of isolated existence.

This is Tianfu group, the leading enterprise in the global bodyguard export industry, where there are the best elites and the most stringent rules and regulations.

In fact, Ji Tingyan heard about this company when she was very young. At that time, the bodyguard team around her father came from here. However, it has been a long time. Ji Tingyan did not expect that the managers of this company would be so young now.

Several cars passed through a garden, entered the steel majestic gate, and stopped at a small gate.

The people in the back of the car start their work orderly. Wang Cheng, as the assistant of bondage, not only does his daily work, but also his sideline, which is to arrange bondage's private life.

"Take them to have a rest, and the car will fix them." Tie Ting also got out of the car and gave Wang Cheng two words. He went directly to his office.

Li Jingwen looks at his tall back, with ripples in her heart. Her eyes follow him eagerly until Cheng Yue pulls her arm and says, "let's go. You can't watch it casually here."

Wang Cheng, who is walking in front of her, has introduced everything to Ji Tingyan.

"The villa in the back is where our boss lives." Wang pointed to a special building in the distance, leaning back on the mountain.

"Oh, does feting often live here?" Ji Tingyan asked curiously.

"Yes, our eldest brother hardly goes out of the mountain unless he has business contacts." Wang orange nodded.

Ji Tingyan is clear about her mind. It's not like she's a libertine. Maybe she really takes her work as her focus.

Wang Cheng pushes open a door, which is the reception room. Seeing the soft sofa, Ji Tingyan can't wait to lie down for a while. She has a back ache and is really upset in this train.

At this time, a female voice suddenly sounded from the stairs: "Wang orange, how about brother tieting? EE, who are they and what are they doing here? "

As soon as the voice fell, a girl in a blue down jacket came down the stairs, with a lollipop in her early twenties, a thick fringe on her forehead and two horsetails. She was pure and lovely.

"Miss Mengmeng, the boss has gone to the office. They are the friends we met on the way." Wang orange immediately explained with a smile.

"Take them home when you meet them on the road? Brother tieting is too reckless. It's not that they are all beautiful women. Bring them back, hum. " Lu Mengmeng looks unhappy and looks at Ji Tingyan with some hostility.

"Don't get me wrong, Miss Mengmeng. Actually It's not brought back casually. Miss Ji and the eldest brother knew each other when they were abroad. " Wang Cheng is also embarrassed. The eldest one is not the man who saw the color uprising. This cute young lady is usually careless. At this moment, the attitude towards visitors really doesn't know whether it's because she was young and ignorant or spoiled from childhood.

"Meet abroad? I didn't know her this time when I went abroad to see her, did I? " Lu Mengmeng squints and stares at Ji Tingyan directly.

Ji Tingyan's hair style is scattered at the moment, but her face is naturally beautiful. It's just the most beautiful appearance of a woman, light and familiar.

Being watched by a little sister, Ji Tingyan is a little uncomfortable. In front of her, this cute girl may be about the same age as her sister. Is she still studying?

"I went to find brother Funing, Wang Cheng. How are you doing to entertain them?" With that, Lu Mengmeng rolled his eyes and ran out.

Li Jingwen looks at the girl who runs out. As a woman, she feels that this little girl is not a fuel-efficient lamp.

"Miss Ji, I'll pour you a cup of hot tea. You can take what you want. There's a food storage room here, which has a lot of snacks.

"Thank you." Ji Tingyan politely said, then to Li Jingwen and Cheng yuedao: "are you hungry? Go find something to eat. "

Both women shake their heads. Their job is not to be a foodie.

Ji Tingyan knows that they are professional habits, so she can't do it at will. So she gets up by herself, goes in and takes several bags of snacks and puts them on the table.

"Mr. Wang, is that Miss Mengmeng Mr. tie's sister?" Li Jingwen still couldn't resist curiosity and asked casually.

"No, it's the daughter of the eldest and the eldest. She's here on vacation." Wang orange replied with a smile.

Hearing that it wasn't a blood relationship, Li Jingwen was upset.

Ji Tingyan also smelled the gunpowder smell just now, but she felt that it had nothing to do with herself. After all, she had no feeling for tie ting.

"Miss Ji, you may have to stay one night. Just now, the maintenance shop called and said that your car has broken a lot of parts."

"Ah? One night? " Ji Tingyan frowned and looked out of the window. It was just noon.

"Is Miss Ji in a hurry?" Wang Cheng asked with a dry smile.

"Not really, but I don't want to bother you very much." Ji Tingyan is really not used to troublemakers. If she can drive away now, she has calculated the time. Before dark, she can arrive at the town they contacted. She will stay in the town for one night and have a tour group to pick them up to go to the scenic spot.

"Assistant Wang, can you call bonding for me? I have something to look for him. " After thinking for a moment, Ji Tingyan asked politely.

"OK, just a moment." Wang Cheng connects her cell phone and hands it to Ji Tingyan.

"What is it?" The voice of tieting came, low and magnetic.

"Mr. tie, could you lend me a car or sell me a car? I think I'll start now. I've asked someone from the travel agency..."

"No." Tie Ting's voice was cold, without temperature: "the company's car can't be borrowed or sold."

"But you are the boss of the company. You have the right to decide..."

"Even if I can decide, I don't want to decide. You can go tomorrow." Tie Ting's voice was a little more irritated and hung up.

"Er!" Ji Tingyan is staring at her mobile phone. It's creepy. Why is it so fierce? If you don't borrow, you don't borrow. You can't eat and drink for nothing.

It's lunch time. Wang Cheng suddenly says to Ji Tingyan, "Miss Ji, the boss asked you to come over for dinner."

"Can you please Cheng with them?" Ji pleaded.

"I'm sorry, the boss only let you go. Don't worry. I'll arrange for the two sisters, and I won't starve them." Wang said with a smile.

"How many times have I told you? Don't call me sister, call me Mingzi. " Cheng Yue is really upset with the big smiling boy. She is always called by her elder sister. She feels that she is old.

Li Jingwen breathed stiffly, her eyes were full of loss and anxiety.

"OK, I'd like you to arrange that." Ji Tingyan can only listen to the arrangement, alone with Wang Cheng in a car, heading for the villa in the distance.