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It was only then that Tang You You decided to turn around and leave. Tang Xue Rou said in an extremely kind tone, "Wandering, how about I arrange for my chauffeur to take you to the airport?"

"No, I'll take a taxi." Tang You You rejected him coldly.

Tang You You was also afraid that Tang Xue Rou would set her eyes on her, so she made the taxi stop at a lively street intersection, and she got off.

"You Chou, take care of your safety and take care of that good child!" Cheng Wan Lian warned repeatedly with concern.

"Un, got it!" Tang You You sat in the carriage and waved goodbye to her aunt. The two little fellows were also very polite and sensible as they waved their hands.

In the taxi, Tang Xiao Nai was a little emotional, she also kept her head down, and sighed.

"Alright, the two of you stay alert. Mummy will take you to the amusement park …"

"Will Daddy go?" Tang Xiao Nai immediately asked in anticipation.

Tang You You was startled, she pulled her daughter into her embrace and held her tightly. Her chin rested on her daughter's little head, and said gently: "Xiao Nai, your mother will spare no time to accompany you all to grow up, don't think about Father anymore, okay?"

Tang Xiao Nai did not quite understand, but Tang Xiao Rui did understand, and in the end he sighed.

The Mummy must be extremely afraid, that's why she wanted to take him and her sister away.

But... He also wanted to repay the fact that he had a father by his side.

Kick balls together, play games together, disassemble his favorite machine models...

And all of this, Tang Xiao Rui desired very much.

But if Mummy didn't like it, he could only silently forget about all these dreams.

Tang Xiao Nai quietly and cutely leaned into Mummy's embrace, with a pair of pitch black bright eyes looking out the window at the unfamiliar scenery, who knows what she was thinking about?

The three of them sat quietly in the taxi. Suddenly …

More than a dozen black sedans were like a whirlwind as they swept over, forming a circular shape as they surrounded the taxi on the main road.

The taxi driver was so scared that he quickly stepped on the brakes, his face turning pale.

"Out... What happened? What are these cars going to do? " The taxi driver immediately suspected that Tang You You had messed with some kind of gangster or other. His eyes were filled with fear.

"It's father's …" Tang Xiao Rui had already cleverly crawled to the side of the car window, his big black eyes looking out, only to see a tall figure angrily walking over.

After Tang You You heard his son's loud shout, he anxiously looked outside the window with his panicked eyes.

Ji Xiao Han had already quickly walked out of the car door. With his big hand, he opened the door.

When Tang You You saw him, he was so scared that his heart almost broke. Why would this bastard appear here?

"Daddy …" Tang Xiao Nai was also dumbstruck for a moment. When she saw Ji Xiao Han, she became a little excited.

Ji Xiao Han originally came over with a stomach full of anger, but when he saw the two little fellows, he forcefully suppressed his anger and knocked on the roof of the car with his fingers, "Get off, I have something to say to you!"

Tang You You looked at the surrounding high-grade cars, his heart thumping. It looks like he wouldn't be able to leave today.

"Mummy, Daddy has come to find us. Let's just go home with Daddy." Tang Xiao Nai immediately revealed a pitiful expression and pleaded as her small hands grabbed onto Tang You You's hand.

Tang You You accepted his fate and sighed, then nodded: "Alright, I will go back with you!"

"Yay …" Tang Xiao Rui could not hide the small flame in his heart. When he heard that Mummy agreed to return with his father, he raised his two small hands and cheered out loud. But when he turned around and saw Mummy's ugly expression, he immediately put his hands down.

Ji Xiao Han stared fixedly at Tang You You, as if he could see through her soul.

Tang Xiao Rui climbed down the carriage himself, but Tang Xiao Nai reached out his short hand for Ji Xiao Han to hug.

Of course, Ji Xiao Han very gently held his little girl tightly in his arms, and said to the slow Tang You You: "Where are you bringing my child?"

Tang You You didn't say anything, and she had nothing to say to this man.

Seeing that she was speechless, Ji Xiao Han immediately gave her a look. Lu Qing directly walked in front of the driver: "Where is the destination?"

"Machine... "The airport!" Driver brother very helplessly betrayed Tang You You.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face darkened.

"Daddy, don't scare my Mummy, my Mummy is timid!" Tang Xiao Nai, who was lying in Ji Xiao Han's embrace, turned around with her bright eyes, and very shrewdly begged for mercy on behalf of her mother.

Ji Xiao Han originally wanted to teach this disobedient woman a lesson, but his daughter's words immediately extinguished the flames in his heart.

"Xiao Nai, don't be afraid, Daddy will bring you home!" Ji Xiao Han directly ignored Tang You You, holding her daughter in one arm and holding her son's small hand with the other.

When he thought that he could smoothly carry the two little fellows to the carriage, he saw his son shake off his big hands, turned around and ran to Tang You You's side. His chubby little hands firmly grabbed onto one of Mummy's fingers: "Mummy, let's go together!"

Tang You You could only nod her head and head towards the car.

"Xiao Nai, can you and your brother ride in that car with Uncle Lu Qing? Father and Mummy would like to talk to you alone. " Ji Xiao Han started to coax her daughter.

"Mn, hurry up and reconcile father and Mummy. Xiao Nai doesn't want to see you two arguing." Although the little guy didn't understand why the two adults looked to be in a bad mood, her only wish was for her father to get back together with Mummy.

Tang You You also had a lot of things she wanted to say to this man, so she also squatted down and said to her son, "You should go take that carriage as well. Take good care of your little sister."

"En!" Tang Xiao Rui nodded his head, but his eyes were filled with worry.

Daddy sent them away, could it be to bully Mummy?

However, he believed that on account of him and Xiao Nai the idiot, his father would definitely show mercy to the Mummy.