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When Tang Xiao Nai heard the old lady praise her, she immediately pouted and kissed her on the cheek. The old lady was even happier now.

When all of Tang Xiao Nai's jewelry had been taken away, it was already packed into a ball. The old lady looked at it and had a headache, "It looks like I won't be able to see clearly by the time your Mummy comes back to clean it up. Don't ruin her up."

Tang Xiao Nai looked at the jewelry that was now in a mess and immediately asked in fear, "Great-great-grandmother, my Mummy saw it when she returned, will she beat me to death?"

The old lady immediately hugged her gently. "Don't worry, your Mummy isn't willing to hit you. At most, she'll just scold you!"

"I really just wanted to be more beautiful. I didn't expect it to turn out like this." The little fellow lowered its head, uneasy. Its two small hands were clasped together, and it had a look of admitting that it was in the wrong.

Seeing that, the old lady became really cute and quickly continued to comfort him, "Alright, don't be afraid. Everything has a great-grandmother, I'll definitely shoulder it for you. Just say that I was the one who messed it up, your Mummy definitely won't dare to scold me!"

"Great-grandmother, you are a good person, but my Mummy said that if you made a mistake, you must admit it bravely. Just let her curse at you, at worst, I will just cry and you will be fine." Tang Xiao Nai was a very obedient little baby. She wouldn't let her great-grandmother take responsibility for herself.

When the old lady heard it, her heart was also bursting with joy, she did not expect that Tang You You really had the skills to educate his children. At such a young age, he already knew that he had made a mistake.

"Alright, great-grandmother should put these things back in the cabinet. Please move aside!" The old lady took the box and put the jewelry in it before opening the drawer. Suddenly, she saw something inside the drawer. It was a jade pendant inlaid with gold and jade.

She quickly stretched out her hand and took it out, placing it under the light, she sized it up, "Where have I seen this thing before? Where have I seen it? Why can't I remember right now? "

Tang Xiao Nai blinked her large eyes at the old lady's dazed look and couldn't help but ask curiously, "Grandmother, what are you daydreaming about? The thing in your hand is from my Mummy, but I don't think it's pretty good! "

"Your Mummy's?" The old lady frowned.

"Yes, my Mummy said that my grandfather and grandmother left this for her, she is very fond of it!" the little guy immediately shouted.

After the old lady heard this, she smiled and said, "So that's how it is. Since it is a precious item, you shouldn't put it away. Of course, you can't take it out randomly in the future, understand?"

"Un, don't worry, great-grandmother. I won't take it again." Tang Xiao Nai very sensibly nodded her head.

The old lady sighed and looked at the jade pendant in her hand again. She frowned, "Why can't I remember where I've seen it before?"

"Grandmother, my face is really itchy. Hurry up and help me wash my face!" Tang Xiao Nai reached out to grab her small face. Maybe she put lipstick on it, but it felt a little uncomfortable.

The Old Granny quickly put everything back in the drawer and quickly brought Tang Xiao Nai to the bathroom.

After the old lady washed Tang Xiao Nai's face clean, she stopped thinking about the jade pendant, because even if she had seen it before, it would definitely be a long time ago.

In the dining hall of the Seven Star Hotel, Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han had already finished their dinner. The two of them headed towards the Walk Outside.

Ji Xiao Han raised his gaze, looking at the charming woman beside him, his heart was in turmoil.

There were no guests in the elevator, only the two of them. The atmosphere suddenly heated up again.

Ji Xiao Han reached out his hands, gently nudging her against the wall of the elevator, and asked her in a low voice: "Have you really considered this?"

Tang You You raised her head, her beautiful eyes looked into his dark eyes, and laughed: "You have asked that question many times!"

Ji Xiao Han also felt that he was bored, so he asked again and again, like a kid that wanted to eat candy, and it was really funny.

He felt a little embarrassed and used a calm tone to hide it. "I was afraid that you would suffer a mental injury again, wasn't I?"

Tang You You curled her lips: "I'm not that weak. Don't worry about me, okay?"

Ji Xiao Han's thin lips immediately hooked up, "Are you reminding me that I don't need to show mercy to the fairer sex in the future?"

Tang You You was immediately angered by his words and laughed, she extended her hand and punched him: "What nonsense are you spouting now!"

Reach the top floor, presidential suite!

Ji Xiao Han took out a room card from his chest pocket and swiped it open!

Tang You You immediately stared at him suspiciously: "Why did you bring your room card? When I went upstairs, I didn't see you go get your card! Are you prepared? Or do you come here often? "

When Ji Xiao Han heard her words, he instantly felt helpless. He could only patiently explain: "Because this hotel is my property, I'm the only one who can stay in this suite. Do you understand?"

"Ugh …" Tang You You said awkwardly: "I understand now!"

Seeing her dazed look, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but laugh. He reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders, bringing her with him as he walked in: "Alright, don't be silly, I'm going to take a bath first. You should sit down and rest for a while."

Tang You You's face reddened, she felt that she had lost face again. No matter what he said, she did not care too much.

Seeing her cute appearance, Ji Xiao Han could not help but shake his head and laugh lightly, walking towards the bathroom.

Tang You You sneakily glanced at the direction he went, then stood up and walked out of a small terrace in the air. Standing there, she could see the night scenery of the city, which was extremely beautiful and spectacular.

When the wind blew, it was slightly cold, but Tang You You felt his heart burning.

This was the first time Tang You You found out that a strange feeling was flowing through his body.

That was the feeling of being in love.

Ji Xiao Han stood in the bathroom, water pouring down from his head, outlining his perfectly strong and sturdy body.

He had always been conceited about his figure.

After he finished showering, he casually put on a towel and came out. He had never enjoyed this kind of lazy feeling at home, because he could only do this in his room, but now, he was standing in front of Tang You You.

"Don't stand outside, it's cold outside!" After Ji Xiao Han didn't find her in the bedroom, he saw her standing on the balcony in a daze.

Tang You You turned around and saw that his whole body was still dripping with water.

She felt her heartbeat quicken. Then, she turned around and walked in quickly.

Her beautiful eyes trembled, but she didn't dare to look at his body that was filled with aggression.