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The old lady put her cell phone on the table in some flurries, got up and walked towards the two children. She asked with a smile, "Xiaorui, xiaonai, what do you want to see me for?"

Tang xiaonai turned his head and blinked at his brother, but Tang Xiaorui looked at the old lady seriously and asked, "great grandmother, you often teach me and Xiao Nai not to lie, but if the adults lie, what should we do?"

In front of the old lady, Tang Xiaorui always restores the naive nature of children. He does not let the old lady see his precocious and wise side.

But now, Tang Xiaorui is a little disappointed.

Looking at Tang Xiaorui in surprise, the old lady crouched down and asked, "who lied? Xiaorui, you tell your great grandmother that she is in charge of you. "

"Great grandmother, can you tell us what happened to my mommy?" Tang Xiaorui immediately stepped off Xiaolian and asked anxiously.

"Great grandmother, we heard your conversation with daddy just now. You asked daddy if mommy's wound was better. Was Mommy hurt? Where is she? I want to see her. " Tang xiaonai's big eyes suddenly lost a layer of tears. He asked pitifully.

"Great grandmother, don't lie to us. What's the matter with my mommy?"

When the old lady saw that these two little guys had overheard her phone, it seemed that she could not keep it from her.

"You Mommy is OK," she said, with a low sigh. "You just got hurt. When you were working, there was a little accident."

"What? Mommy had a car accident? Great grandmother, take us to see her. " As soon as Tang Xiaorui heard this, his face was wrinkled into a ball. He grabbed the old lady's hand and was about to run downstairs.

The old lady grabbed him in a hurry: "Xiaorui, don't worry, I know you are worried about Mommy, but let me call your daddy first and let him come back to pick you up, OK? Great grandmother doesn't know which hospital your mother lives in either. "

"Well, great grandmother, call Daddy now!" Tang Xiaorui's face turned red.

The old lady couldn't help it, so she had to call Ji Xiaohan. After knowing the situation, Ji Xiaohan rushed home for the first time.

As soon as I entered the house, I saw two children waiting at the door anxiously.

"Daddy..." As soon as Tang xiaonai saw him, he ran over crying.

Ji Xiaohan also missed the two children very much. Seeing his daughter crying into a tearful person, he reached out to hold her and patted her on the back: "xiaonai, stop crying, Mommy is OK."

"Daddy, you are so bad. Why do you cheat us? I hate you! " Tang xiaonai said that he was disgusted, but his two hands tightly held Ji Xiaohan's neck, for fear that Daddy would throw them away again.

When Ji Xiaohan heard this, he was helpless and distressed, so he said gently, "I'm sorry, xiaonai, daddy didn't want you to worry, so he lied and lied to you. Let's go. I'll take you to see Mommy. She also wants to see you very much."

Tang Xiaorui stood by, a small face calm because of anger, that momentum, it is very much his style of Laozi.

The old lady told Ji Xiaohan, "try not to let the children stay in the hospital for too long. Meet them and send them back, you know?"

Season owl cold nodded: "grandma, you rest assured, I will take care of the children."

After getting on the car, the car drove away from Jijia manor. Jixiaohan found his son with a tense face. He quickly reached out his long finger and pushed him gently: "Xiaorui..."

"Hum!" Tang Xiaorui doesn't want to talk to him.

Ji Xiao, Han Jun, was slightly shocked and a little worried, so he had to apologize sincerely: "son, I'm sorry, if daddy did something that made you unhappy, just tell daddy that daddy will never make you angry again."

"You know it!" Tang Xiaorui continued to keep his mouth open, with an attitude of not wanting to talk to him.

Ji Xiaohan sighed and looked down at his daughter who was holding his neck in his arms all the time. Obviously, the little guy cried for a long time. His beautiful big eyes were red and swollen. At the moment, he still took a breath, not to mention how pitiful.

"Mommy, is she OK?" Just when Ji Xiaohan decided to keep silent, Tang Xiaorui suddenly turned around, his face full of fear, and asked him.

When Ji Xiaohan saw that his son was willing to take care of himself, he was relieved and nodded: "yes, she is very good."

"How did she get involved in the accident? Is there a bad person to hurt her? " Tang Xiaorui can't help but want to know more.

"Yes!" Ji Xiaohan nods, but doesn't know how to explain it to his son.

He didn't want his son's mind to plant the seeds of hatred.

"Did the bad man catch it? Did Daddy catch it? " As soon as Tang Xiaorui heard that there was a bad person hurting Mommy, his nerves were tense. He held his hands tightly and was furious.

"Yes, the bad guys have been caught. Daddy won't let them go." Ji Xiaohan reaches out his hand and holds his son in his arms.

When the little guy heard this, it was a little calmer.

Tang xiaonai's tender little milk stereo rises: "Daddy, you must protect mommy in the future, don't let the bad guys hurt her again, OK?"

"Good! Daddy assured you that she would never get hurt again. " Ji Xiaohan can't help kissing his daughter's tender face, a very firm guarantee.

"I wish I could grow up in one night. In that way, I can protect mummy and ninny." Tang Xiaorui immediately said childishly.

Ji Xiaohan claps his son's shoulder happily: "don't worry, you will be a real man in the future. Then we will protect mummy and sister together!"

"I don't want to. Daddy hurt Mommy. I don't believe you!" Tang Xiaorui immediately demolished his platform.

Ji Xiaohan: "

When she arrived at the hospital ward, Tang youyou heard the children's voices across the door. She quickly opened the door, rushed in two small figures, and immediately hugged her legs.

"Mommy, how are you? The next time you avoid the bad guys, don't let them hurt you again! "

"Mommy, I'm so scared. I miss you so much!"

After seeing Tang Youyou, the two little guys are eager to say what they want to say.

Tang youyou is deeply moved. He crouches down, looks at his two little babies and hugs them tightly again.

"Xiaorui, xiaonai, Mommy miss you so much, want to die!" Tang youyou's voice is choking.

Looking at the picture that his mother and son relived, Ji Xiaohan was in a mood that could not say what it was like, joyful, moved and warm.

After the excitement, Tang Xiaorui and Tang xiaonai began to stare at Tang youyou with big eyes.

"Mommy, did you hurt your head? Is it bleeding? "

"Then if you hurt your head, will you lose your memory and forget us?"

The two little guys started to think again. Tang youyou couldn't help laughing: "Mommy doesn't lose her memory. Even if Mommy forgets herself, she won't forget you."