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C1862 conditions reached

"Well, I think this condition is fair, and there is no challenge for me!"

Xia Xinnian dare to agree with him, so for Xia Xinnian, who has long been dead to a man's heart, there is absolutely a sure way to win.

Jimucheng's eyebrow and heart jumped, and her eyes widened slightly. Why did this woman agree so happily?

Didn't she just say that she wanted to have free personal communication?

"That line, I'll list this condition!"

Jimucheng didn't realize that this condition limited anything. Anyway, he also used it to limit Xia's mind. In case this woman really likes other men At the thought of such a possibility, jimucheng's face suddenly became ugly.

What the hell is this?

Why can't he bear to have her with other men?

It must be because of my son. It must be.

"Half the child's alimony for one person?"

Jimucheng read out the last condition, but once he read it, he would hook his lips and laugh, laughing inexplicably.

Xia Xinnian's face is serious. He doesn't understand what he's laughing at and what's funny.

"Are you sure you want to pay me half of the alimony?"

Jimucheng stopped smiling and his face became deep.

"Of course, my son is half as good as me. Of course, I have to pay the alimony. I don't want to owe you anything!"

Xia Xinnian's answer is reasonable and vigorous.

"Well, I'm going to enroll my son in one of the best schools in the city. One semester's tuition is one million yuan. Are you cash or credit card?"

Jimucheng seemed to have made fun of her on purpose, and he extended his hand to her.


In case of a semester?

It's robbery. It's too expensive! "

Xia Xinnian is now a famous designer, but she doesn't make much money to spend.

Now she has more than half a million dollars in cash in her hand, which is the money she plans to save to buy a house later.

But this man even said that her son's tuition fee for a semester would be one million yuan. Where can she afford it?

"Every cent of the money spent on education is worth it, because a million yuan of tuition is enough to guarantee the best education for your son. You won't give up that money."

Jimucheng has seen her predicament. Although this woman is a little famous now, he has investigated. She doesn't have much money.

Sure enough, talking about money is the most hurtful thing.

What's more, Xia Xinnian has no feelings with him.

"Then we can think of sending him to a school that is a little bit worse. My son is so smart. I believe that no matter which school he is in, he must be excellent."

Since he has promised to bear half of the alimony, of course, Xia Xinnian can't break his promise, otherwise, he will make this man laugh for a lifetime.

"No, my son, you can only go to the best school. If you can't afford it, erase this one. I don't need you to bear half of it!"

There is a sense of pride in jimucheng's tone.

Xia Xinnian bit his teeth angrily: "you are deliberately embarrassing me!"

"I didn't embarrass you. You are embarrassing yourself!"

Jimucheng's smile deepened.

Xia Xinnian feels that he can't explain the truth to this man. If his son is sent to a school in one hundred and one thousand semesters, she can't afford it.

But whose parents don't want their children to go to the best schools?

"Then you are responsible for his tuition, and I am responsible for his food, clothing, housing and transportation. I will not accept your 100000 yuan. I will pay the food expenses for my son."

Xia Xinnian still wants to bring back a little face. Even if he wants to lose face, he can't lose it too ugly.

"Since I say I want to give you, I will certainly give you all the expenses of the child, and I will give it to you as a meme to make up for the hard work you have done to him in recent years. You should not have psychological pressure."

Jimucheng looked serious for a few times, and didn't make fun of her.

Xia Xinnian is stunned.

This man has a little conscience.

"Well, if so, I'll take it!"

Xia Xinnian already knows how weak she is in money. She still doesn't want to bump her head against a stone. It's not good to see her head broken and bleeding.

"Is everything ready?

Let's go back. Our son is still waiting for us to have dinner! "

At last, the two people have negotiated the conditions and have a little more understanding of each other.

When the man reached directly for her two boxes, Xia Xinnian politely said, "I'll do it myself, no trouble!"


The man gentleman's hand, pushed to leave, does not give her the polite opportunity.

Xia Xinnian locks the door and follows him. When he sees his tall and upright figure, he feels bad.

"You don't seem to have said your terms!"

Xia Xinnian followed him and asked.

"I don't have any conditions," replied timucheng calmly. "Just keep your conditions!"

"You really don't ask for anything?"

Xia Xinnian didn't expect that this man had no condition.

"I'll think about it and mention a few appropriately."

Jimucheng said suddenly.

Xia Xinnian has a kind of stupor that people hit his head with a stick. He would like to bite off his talkative tongue.

People say there is no condition. Why does she have to ask more?

Now, people suddenly want to ask for conditions. It's really killing.

Jimucheng saw her face blue and white for a while, and her thin lips hooked up where she could not see.

I don't know why. I always feel that this woman is very interesting and has rich expressions.

Xia Xinnian decides to shut up all the way.

Jimucheng is also a full-time driver, and the two returned to Jijia villa at 7:30.

The little guy is holding two puppies, sitting on the sofa, waiting for mom and dad to come back.

Hearing the sound of the car stalling, the little guy with two little dogs ran out quickly.

"Mommy, daddy, you're back at last. I'm so hungry!"

The little guy refuses to eat at the table all the time. It's useless for the butler to keep begging him. He just wants to wait for mom and dad to come back. He's very stubborn.

Jimucheng gave the box to the servant, walked over, gently picked up Xiaodian and rubbed his little face: "hungry, why don't you eat?"

"I want to wait for mom and dad to eat together"! The little one blinked and whispered.

Little guy's childish and dependent words make two adults feel guilty.

For the sake of their son's tummy, they went into the restaurant for dinner.

Xia Xinnian is still sitting far away from Jimu city. The little guy is sitting beside her.

Jimucheng has always been in the first place. At the moment, for his son, he has to face up to it.

Xia Xinnian's first recognition of Jimu is that the man's face is too thick.