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C1621 the relationship is dead

When Mu Weicheng received Ling Mo Feng's phone call, he was a little guilty in addition to the accident.

"If you don't discuss with me, you will go to the school where you teach. Did you see her?" Ling Mo Feng asked him with a smile.

Mu Weicheng's voice is light: "she is in my class, and I won't be very kind to her because she is your sister."

"It doesn't matter. You just have to be strict with her. I think she is too short of lessons, so she has no brother. I don't want to discuss such a big matter with me. I want to scold her. If you let her suffer more, she will understand something." Ling didn't come here to plead for his sister. On the contrary, he hoped Mu would be more strict with her.

Mu Weicheng smiled lightly: "I thought you were going to beg for her and let me give you water. To be honest, you are Mr. President now. If you want to open your mouth, I have to give you some affection. But you know that I don't want to eat that, so you should not open your mouth, otherwise, you may be very depressed if I refuse."

"Of course I know you. I'm quite relieved that you are warm in your class. I just hope you can help me take care of her. She is unfamiliar in that school. I'm afraid she will be bullied." Lingmo Feng just said the point, that is, I hope my friends can take care of my sister's safety.

"She'll be bullied here indeed. Someone has been staring at her, but it's all the grudges among girls. Even if I want to take care of her, I can't help her bully those girls." Mu Weicheng really doesn't want to take this task. After all, he doesn't want to be too close to Ling Nuan.

"I know it's going to embarrass you, but warmth is my sister. Just when my friend asks you, you can stare at her for me." Ling Mo Feng still cheekily opened his mouth.

"I see. I'll keep an eye on it for you." Mu Weicheng can't refuse, so he agrees.

"Thank you so much. If there's something wrong with the warmth, you can tell me. I'll talk about her later." Ling Mo Feng's heart is relaxed. If Mu Wei Cheng agrees, he will be more relieved.

"She's quite obedient at school. Don't worry." Replied Mu Weicheng.

After hanging up the phone, Mu Weicheng happened to pass a music classroom, where someone was dancing. He glanced at Ling Nuan, who was wearing a tight dress, and was learning dance moves with a teacher.

Because of the national dance, the clothes are very beautiful. All girls are young and young. Standing there, the sun shines brightly outside the window.

Mu Weicheng didn't expect to see Ling Nuan here. She should be rehearsing the dance for next month's school day.

Mu Weicheng unconsciously stood outside the glass window for two minutes. He saw Ling warm, bending over and stretching his arms, circling and flying back. Every movement was very beautiful.

Maybe it's a long time. Some of her hair tied to the back of her head is scattered. The hairline on both sides of her forehead is moistened by sweat. The fair skin is particularly delicate and crystal.

"Master Mu!" There are students passing by. They greet him politely and shamefully.

Mu Weicheng was shocked. He found that he was like a thief, hiding in the corner where he didn't dare to see others, and secretly looked at the little princess in his heart.

Jun's face immediately rose to a blush, and Mu's footsteps left in a hurry. But Ling's beautiful posture was inlaid in his mind and could not be erased any more.

He was a little annoyed and felt that he shouldn't have promised Ling Mo Feng to take care of her. If Ling Mo Feng found out his shameless mind in the future, would he fight over and put all his dirty ideas into his mind.

How much Ling Mo Feng dotes on his sister is known by Mu Wei Cheng, just as he dotes on his own sister. If any bastard dare to attack Xiaoyun now, he will fight with his fist to verify whether he is sincere to his sister. If he dare to cheat, he will never let him go.

"Master mu." Just when Mu Weicheng was confused, he heard a clear female voice behind him, shouting his name.

When he heard the sound, he walked faster next second.

"Ah You wait for me. " Ling warm carrying a bag, desperately chasing him, but the man seems to see her as a monster, step step by step bigger.

"Ouch!" All of a sudden, there was a girl's scream behind him.

When Mu Weicheng's heart was stiff, she quickly turned around and saw Ling wennuan lying on the ground. She didn't find that there were two steps. When her foot was empty, her center of gravity was not stable, and a dog fell and nibbled at the mud.

Mu Weicheng's breathing is sluggish. He can't help running away. He quickly runs to her, squats in front of her, and asks her in a low voice, "Ling wennuan, are you ok?"

"Something's wrong, I'm dizzy!" Ling warm head still knock on the ground, raise a hand, sound some weak.

Mu Weicheng suddenly lifted her whole body from the ground, and saw that Ling Wenwen's forehead had a red mark, and there were some close wounds, stained with sand.

"What are you doing so fast? It's not going to kill. " When Mu Weicheng saw her like this, he could not control himself to blame her.

"I can only chase you without you waiting for me." Ling warm a face of grievance said.

"What are you after me for? What's the matter? " When Mu Weicheng's heart stopped, he suddenly regretted why he had to walk so fast just now. After waiting for her for a while, he couldn't do anything. Looking at her now with a forehead injury, he found that he was in a worse mood.

"Can't I walk with you when I'm fine?" Ling wennuan is even more aggrieved.

Mu Weicheng knows that she can speak well with her small mouth. Now her words are all reasonable. Who hurt her?

"Go to the infirmary and get rid of the poison. You can stick a wound." Mu Weicheng frowned and advised her.

"Will you come with me?" Ling warm immediately looked at him pitifully and asked.

Mu Weicheng sighed and said seriously: "lingnuan, don't you know the difference between teachers and students? If you pester me like this every day, others will gossip. "

"Teachers and students?" Ling warm brain suddenly exploded, then, she pushed him away: "I don't want to be a teacher and student with you, I want to transfer to another class."

When Mu Weicheng was pushed by her, he didn't squat stably for a while, and sat on the ground directly. His handsome face was more angry, and he stood up directly: "Ling Nuan, do you think this kind of relationship is not suitable now, is it too late? As long as I have taught you books in one day, we can only have teacher-student relationship in this life. "

"I don't want it. We're not!" Ling warm warm a small head shakes fiercely, Qiao face urgent Red: "Mu Wei Cheng, you just come to school substitute, you are not the official teacher here, so, I am not the real teacher-student relationship with you."

"You can't deny it. I'm your teacher now." Mu Weicheng is inexplicably relaxed for a while, and finally finds an excuse to stop him from thinking nonsense.

Ling wennuan seems to have been hit. She sat on the ground in a daze, with tears in her eyes. She was worried and uncomfortable. Yeah, how could she not think of this when she transferred to school? She wanted to get close to the relationship with Mu Weicheng, but she didn't expect to tie a knot between them, which pushed them further and further.

Mu Weicheng thought that she would continue to make up nonsense, but she could see sitting on the ground, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at him, his heart clenched violently, it turned out that he was not as happy as he thought.

"Don't sit on the floor. Get up and go to the infirmary." Mu Wei Cheng reminded her with a serious expression.

Ling wennuan stood up. The whole man seemed to lose his strength. He turned around and went to the other direction. It wasn't to the infirmary.

"Lingnuan, didn't you hear me?" Mu Weicheng pursued two steps and raised his voice.

Ling wennuan heard that, but now she doesn't care about the wound on her forehead at all. She feels that she has made a serious mistake. How can she correct it?

She can't have a teacher-student relationship with him, so She wants to transfer to another class instead of his class, so can she open the knot?

"Ling warm!" Mu Weicheng is in a hurry and angry. He grabs her arm and says, "I want you to disinfect and see a doctor."

Ling warm fierce look up at him: "Mu Wei Cheng, I want to transfer classes, I do not want to be your students?"