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Just when Bai Yiyan was going to stay away from home, she suddenly heard someone knocking on her door, which scared her directly. Who would know that she lives here?

Oh, no, a lot of people know.

Bai Yiyan covers her ears and ignores the knocking outside.

Unfortunately, the other side is very insistent. There are many knocks on the door.

Bai Yiyan has been in a bad mood recently, and her temper has become bad. She is constantly disturbed by the other party. She immediately raises her anger. She goes to the door, opens the cat's eyes and looks out, and sees a familiar face.

It was Xu Wei, her college classmate.

In the same class, Bai Yiyan knows that she has also stepped into the entertainment industry. However, I heard that she started from a high starting point and found a very good job as soon as she graduated.

Bai Yiyan is not a gossip. She hasn't inquired about what she is doing carefully. At the moment, she comes to knock on the door, mostly taking advantage of her breaking up with Ji Yueze, and wants to come to get her news.

"Xiaoyan, it's me. I'm Weiwei. I know you're at home. Could you open the door? I promise you, I'm the only one coming here. There's no other reporter. Don't be afraid. I'm not here to hurt you! " Xu Wei is talking loudly outside the door. It's good to express his intention.

Bai Yiyan knows that people in her industry are very persistent in doing things. If they don't achieve their goals, they won't give up.

So she reached out and opened the door. There was Xu Wei standing outside, with a big basket of fruit in her hand.

"Xiaoyan, can you come in and sit down?" Xu Wei immediately asked with a smile.

Bai Yiyan nodded and let her in.

Xu Wei put the fruit on the tea table, turned around, and looked at Bai Yiyan's eyes.

Bai Yiyan thought that she was wearing broad pajamas, with wild hair and plain face. Now she must give a very negative impression.

"What do you want me to do?" Bai Yiyan asked her. Xu Wei immediately handed over his business card in a gentle and sincere voice: "Xiaoyan, I think you've had a bad time recently. Do you want to consider a new place? Come to our company. I'm a broker now. If you want, I'll still praise you and let you shine!"

"You're an agent!" Bai Yiyan looks slightly stunned. Obviously, she didn't expect Xu Wei to become an agent.

"Yeah, unexpectedly, Xiaoyan, we used to have a good time. You must believe me. I sincerely want to invite you to our company for development." Xu Wei said seriously.

Bai Yiyan bit her lips and shook her head. "I'm not in the mood to work recently. Thank you for your kindness." "Don't be like this, classmate. I'm very sad to see you like this. Once you were so cheerful and optimistic. To be honest, when I saw the news that you were in love with Ji Yueze, I was really surprised. But it also shows that you have great potential to be a star. Even Ji Yueze affirmed you." Xu Wei immediately said good words to please her.

Bai Yiyan said with a wry smile, "you really look down on me. In fact, I have broken up with him now, and I will not decide to be a star in the future. Go back!" "Xiaoyan, don't you really think about it for you later? You are now famous. People are afraid of being famous. You can't go back to the simple life you used to have. Wherever you go, people will pay attention to you. Instead of being laughed at, you should raise your head and be your own queen. You have a beautiful appearance Xu Wei said with a strong swim.

Bai Yiyan's brain is blank. Where is the future? She really didn't even think about it.

In the past, I just wanted to earn more money and improve my life quality. When I had time, I would go out to expand my knowledge, travel more and buy delicious rewards for my hard work. But now? She dare not think of anything.

"A love affair has hit you like this. You really don't look like Bai Yiyan I know. How brave and active you used to be. I thought that no difficulty could beat you down." Xu Wei saw her dull expression on one side, and lobbied harder.

"Let me think about it!" Bai Yiyan is really not in the mood to think about this now, but she refuses her directly.

Xu Wei breathed a sigh of relief and thought, maybe Bai Yiyan will figure it out.

If she can continue to appear in the public eye at this time, it is still very useful for her to improve her popularity. Xu Wei is grasping the breakup between her and Ji Yueze, and wants to take the opportunity to hold her up, so that she can make a lot of money by her hand in the future.

"Well, I'll give you time to think about it. After you think about it, you need to be a big star, let Ji Yueze regret losing you, or continue to nest here, even dare not go out." Xu Wei finally said a few words and left.

She believed that Bai Yiyan would consider her words as long as her mind was clear.

After all, there are not many people like her who come to help her.

After Xu Wei left, Bai Yiyan looked at the card and put it down.

She is not in the mood to think about her future. Auntie doesn't know where she is. She really doesn't know whether she is in danger or not.

"My cell phone!" It suddenly occurred to Bai Yiyan that there was a recording in her cell phone given by her aunt. Her mind was like a string.

If Ji Yueze continues to check her cell phone, I'm afraid that the recording will burst.

Maybe I'm afraid of anything, just come here. Ji Yueze came back home with a headache the next day after he woke up.

Seeing the two mobile phones that he threw on the ground, he reached for them.

"Damn woman, lie to me!" Ji Yueze mutters a low curse.

Obviously, the season that is seldom cheated is more prosperous, and I don't like the feeling of being cheated by the closest people.

It's like stabbing his heart with a knife.

Ji Yueze glanced at the mobile phone, suddenly picked out the new one and opened the screen.

I don't know if Bai Yiyan doesn't care about the new mobile phone, but she doesn't have a secret on the screen.

Ji Yueze opened it and flipped through some of the things inside. He opened the picture first and it was blank.

Later, he opened the music, but also a blank.

At last, he clicked the recording button.

Enron, he saw that there was a recorded record in it. The time was recorded in the afternoon when Bai Yiyan disappeared.

Ji Yueze's face was stiff, and he couldn't believe to point out the recording.

I heard the dialogue between Bai Zhenzhen and Bai Yiyan. Ji Yueze was trembling. Unexpectedly, he found a recording.