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C971 unfilial children

When the old lady saw that Lan Yue was still in a daze, she immediately said sternly, "go, go!" LAN

Yue is actually worried about whether the two sons have made any big trouble, which will make the old lady so angry and sad. Seeing the old lady's face anxious, she has to nod her head: "OK, I'll call them now, or I'll wait for them to come back in the evening. At this moment, they must be busy..." "

no matter how busy you are, you have to come back unless they want to make my old bone angry." The old lady's face was even grimmer when she saw LAN Yue talking for them.

LAN Yue was shocked. It seems that things are really serious.

She took her cell phone and called Ji Xiaohan first.

"Mom!" The man's low voice came with a touch of gentleness.

"Your grandma just went out to see Jilin coming back. Now she is in a temper. She wants you and Yueze to come back quickly. Do you want to come back?" LAN Yue lowered her voice and said that she wanted to wake up her son first.

"She went to see Ji Lin?" Season owl cold voice suddenly heavy. "

Yes, Ji Lin asked your grandma to have lunch together, but it seems that she came back without having dinner!" LAN Yue sighed. Although she didn't know what happened, she was still worried. "

I'll go back now! I'll call my brother and hang up first! " Ji Xiaohan has guessed what it is, so he decides to come back. He took his coat, asked assistant Lu Qing to arrange the car, and took out his mobile phone to call Ji Yueze.

Ji Yueze received his phone call, and his tone was worried: "brother, do you mean grandma knows about this? Do you know that Bai Yiyan is Bai Zhenzhen's daughter This is what Yueze is most worried about.

"Don't underestimate Ji Lin, since he wants to get things out, he will never leave room!" Season owl cold sneer, he to this vicious close uncle, really endure to the limit.

"Brother, come and pick me up. I won't drive!" Ji yuezejun's face was painted a pale.

Half an hour later, the two brothers sat in the same car and drove towards the villa of Jijia manor. "

brother, thank you for teaching those bastards a lesson!" This morning, he received a phone call from Ji Xiaohan and saw the video recorded by Ji Xiaohan. In the video, Wang Cheng and her gang of social gangsters were beaten by the mob and were seriously injured.

"Thank you for your part? Do you and I need to be polite? " Season owl cold chuckles. Season

Yueze also smiled: "yes, I find you are really my good brother. I want to cherish our brotherhood." "

at present, the most important thing is to find a way to pass grandma's test." Season owl cold sighed lightly, only afraid grandma already wanted to blow up.

"I'm afraid it's too late. If grandma knows that Bai Zhenzhen is Bai Yiyan's own mother, there is only one consequence. She will never accept Bai Yiyan." Ji Yueze leaned back in his chair powerless, his eyes flashed over his momentary confusion. "

true love is invincible. If you persist, you will have good results." Ji Xiaohan insisted on this at the beginning. Now the result is pretty good. Both of them are happy.

"Brother, I'm not so lucky as you. Bai Zhen is really our enemy of killing my father..." "

she must not be. She is a scapegoat threatened by Ji Lin. when this matter is found out, the result will be different." Ji Xiaohan has confirmed that Bai Zhenzhen has absolutely no courage to kill people with medicine. She is just a ghost for death. Otherwise, Ji Lin will not force her to surrender by any means. "

even if she is not, but now she is the murderer. Grandma will not agree with Bai Yiyan any more." Ji Yueze smiled bitterly. I didn't expect that his love road would be so difficult.

At the beginning, he always thought it was difficult for him to fall in love with a person, but he really fell in love with him before he found out that it was more difficult for him to go on the road of love, but he accidentally became a dead end. Season

Xiao Han really sympathizes with his younger brother. He reaches out and pats him on the shoulder, comforts him and says: "if grandma really insists on breaking up, you should first separate for a while. When the real murderer is found out, grandma may promise you something. After all, Bai Zhen is not the real murderer!" "

OK, let's see what grandma says first!" Ji Yueze doesn't hold any hope now. It's hard to feel that he wants to be forgiven.

Jijia living room! Qi is as stiff as air.

LAN Yue sat beside her, feeling bored and flustered. She peeped at the old lady's face. The old lady's face was blue and white. The cup she held in her hand was almost crushed by her. "

mom, would you like to have another drink of tea?" LAN Yue takes the teapot and wants to fill another cup for her.

"Lan Yue, we're sorry for you!" The old lady suddenly had a hot eye and turned to look at her in a sad voice. LAN

Yue chuckled: "Mom, why do you say that again? Didn't it solve the misunderstanding long ago? " "

No, our Jijia still owes you!" Although the old lady is sometimes stubborn, she is sensible. It has been a joke since my son lost his life because of other women. But Yueyue has endured so many days and nights of torture. For someone else, she has been crazy for a long time. "

mom, I really look down on it. I like my life now. I'm satisfied to be with my son and them!" LAN Yue said with a smile.

"I know you are a kind woman. You have a gentle heart. You are a rare good woman. Unfortunately, my short-lived son is not worthy of you. Otherwise, our family will be very happy." The old lady raised her hand to wipe the tears around her eyes. The more she said it, the more sad she felt. At this time, there is a car sound outside the door.

Not long ago, two tall and upright figures stepped in. It was Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze.

The temperament of the two brothers is more and more similar. Maybe it's because they are wearing the same black suit, but there's more of a brother's shadow.

Looking at these two men with outstanding temperament, LAN Yue sighed in her heart. Unexpectedly, the two sons have grown up, and they are so elegant and dazzling. It's really delightful.

"Come here, sit down!" The old lady's commanding opening. Brother

brother and brother exchanged a look, and the momentum in the eyes of the outsider suddenly fell down, slightly lowered his head, walked to the old lady's side of the sofa and sat down.

"Grandma, you come to us. Is there something urgent?" Season owl cold is the first to ask. "

hum, unfilial offspring!" The old lady was so angry that her face was white. When she saw them, she was more angry, so she scolded them. Both men immediately bowed their heads in shame. It was true that they were unfilial and that their offspring were true.