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C1210 not willing to let go

At this time, blue Weiwei was not ashamed. She hurried to Ji Shangqing's face and saw that the trousers on his leg had been stuck to his injured place. She squatted down and checked them carefully. Then she immediately asked, "is there a first-aid box at home? Let me help you with the wound first. "

"Yes, look in that room!" Ji Shangqing is so tired and aching that he looks up on the sofa and looks at the bright lights on his head as if they have a double shadow, which makes him dizzy.

Blue Weiwei came out with a small box in her hand. She opened it and found that there were many useful things in it, and there were also some poisonous scissors. Blue Weiwei was breathing tightly. When she came to the sofa and saw Ji Shangqing lying still, she was scared half to death. She quickly went to shake him lightly: "Ji Shangqing, I will cut your pants, if it hurts If so, you can bear it first! "

"Cut it!" Ji Shangqing is not afraid of life and death at the moment. Blue

shaking his hands slightly, he cut his trousers inch by inch, only to find that there were several deep wounds on his body, which were knife wounds and blue and purple marks made by the stick.

Blue Pico's eyes are dazed. What's the hatred? She wants to beat him like this. What's more, Ji Shangqing is beaten so severely, but she doesn't want to call the police. Instead, she needs to bear it alone.

"What's the matter? Isn't it ugly? " Ji Shangqing sees her eyes staring at her wound, but she dare not move any more. She thinks it's frightening her.

"May I ask you why they hit you?" Blue slightly continues the movement on the hand, but the voice actually some choked.

"The hatred of killing my father, my wife, and many old and new enemies can be counted on me. Anyway, I'm lucky to get a life back." Ji Shangqing said lightly.

Blue slightly listened, and her fingers began to shake again. She did not expect that Ji Xiaohan would cause so many troubles, but she felt that Ji Shangqing should not be so bad. "

MM!" Blue Weiwei's hand accidentally touched his wound. The man was so painful that he clenched his fist tightly, and cold sweat came out in an instant. "

sorry, I try to be light!" Blue slightly also frightened the facial expression to turn white, the movement more and more light.

"Lan Wei, thank you for coming to help me!" Ji Shangqing looks at her and sweats all over her head. However, her willpower is still firm, and her movements are also sharp. It can be seen that she is a girl with a stable mind. Ji Shangqing has a better understanding of her. "

if you are willing to let me help you, it means that you trust me very much, and being trusted is also a great thing." Blue slightly self mocking smile way. "

I have failed in my life. When I open my address book, I find that I don't have anyone to trust at all. You are the cleanest background for me. Today, when I owe you a favor, I will pay it back!" Ji Shangqing said seriously. "

Why do you have the strength to talk? Lie down. I'm going to sterilize you. You should go to the hospital in time to treat your leg. Don't leave the root of the disease!" Blue whispered to remind him. "

please help me deal with other wounds first, and then change clothes and go to the hospital later!" Of course, Ji Shangqing wants to go to the hospital. He doesn't want to be unable to walk in the future. Blue

slightly took out the disinfectant and disinfected it for him. Ji Shangqing's brow was blue and sinew, his shirt was almost wet with sweat, and he was also numb in hands and feet. He tightly pressed his lips and applied medicine and gauze to him in a neat way. After this cut, blue Wei found that her legs were all numb. She could not even stand up. She was dry I sat on the ground crisply. "

you have been injured yourself, please deal with it quickly!" Ji Shangqing looked up and found that there were many bruises on the girl's body, and the pants on her legs were torn. She could see the white skin and the scars on it. "

I'm ok. Do you have any clothes I can wear?" Blue tiny is stared at by him like this, inexplicably blushed, stretched out his hand and pulled the cracked pants, asked in a low voice. "

go upstairs and find out. If not, please wear my clothes!" Ji Shangqing points to the upstairs.

Only then did blue Wei get up again and walk upstairs. When she came down, she was already wearing a man's shirt and a pair of long straight legs, which showed directly. "

I brought your clothes down. Do you want to change them now? We have to go to the hospital to treat your leg! " Blue Wei is still weighing his broken leg. He can't use his strength at all. How painful it is.

"Can you help me? I can't change it myself! " Ji Shangqing suddenly begged her. "

OK!" Blue tiny also is not a delicate girl, at this moment, she also can't care about the girl's Jin hold, come directly, reach out to solve the man's shirt button. Season

Shang Qing's eyes couldn't help looking at her. Because he was close to her, he saw a serious look under her eyes, and his heart slightly fluctuated. Blue

slightly just untied his fourth button, Ji Shangqing suddenly reached over and held her two small hands. Blue slightly stiffened, and Mei Mou looked at him nervously. Season

Shangqing's big hand is enough to wrap her two small hands. He looks down at the two small hands that are slightly quivering. Ji Shangqing says in a low mute voice: "you are the first woman to take off my clothes like this, do you know? You are responsible to me! "

Blue tiny heart trembles, it is hard to believe that this man is dying, even have the mind to joke with her, it is too long. "Ji Shangqing, you are a man!" Blue slightly slightly struggled, but the man's grip was too tight.

"A man's innocence is not innocence?" Ji Shangqing really showed a funny smile, but on his slightly morbid pale face, the smile showed some weakness. Blue

put aside his face slightly: "if you don't let go again, I won't help you. Change it yourself!"

"No, I'm kidding!" Ji Shangqing sees that she wants to leave herself alone, and dare to speak in disorder again. He releases his hand quickly.

Blue slightly angrily stared at him, moving slightly to pull his shirt. "

I'll call you Weiwei later!" Ji Shangqing's mouth is not idle. Keep talking. "

No, you'd better call me my name!" Blue retorts.

"Wei, you should have no boyfriend now!" Ji Shangqing looks around her pretty face.

"Why do you ask this?" Blue slightly immediately vigilant stare at him.

"I want to be your boyfriend, can I?" Ji Shangqing asked seriously.

Blue faintly trembled. Unexpectedly, Ji Shangqing would say such a thing. She gave a snort: "who said that he would give me a hundred million yuan and let me leave?" Ji becomes mute all of a sudden. Yes, at that time, he was so frustrated that he didn't want to tie her around and suffer, so he said that. "

How are you thinking?" Ji Shangqing asked her nervously. "

stand up first, and I'll take your pants off!" Blue slightly does not answer his words, only does not have the good spirit request him. Season

Shang Qingjun's face suddenly tensed. He said with embarrassment, "otherwise, I'll come with these pants myself!"

"I will!" Blue slightly know that he is now all over the body is injured, just afraid to bend a hand are very painful, forcibly said.

"Aren't you really afraid?" Ji Shangqing suddenly laughed.

"What am I afraid of? It's just men, I haven't seen it! " Blue slightly a face dislike of say.

Ji Shangqing suddenly thought of what happened in the hotel that day. Although he didn't remember the details, he was still awake and blue slightly. I'm afraid that he would have seen all the light for a long time. "

Weiwei, be my girlfriend. I promise that I will share half of my future property with you!" Ji Shangqing really doesn't want to push this woman away at the moment. He feels that he will feel a lot of peace with her around him.

"I don't want to be your girlfriend. The next unlucky one is me!" Blue slightly breathed.

Ji Shangqing looked dazed, but didn't expect her to answer like this.

"Are you afraid of my involvement?" Ji Shangqing suddenly has no foundation. Indeed, it's not good to follow him.

Blue slightly saw the light at the bottom of his eyes suddenly reduced, just that touch of serious seems to have never had.

Did she hurt his heart when she stayed?

Blue tiny bottom of the heart a hurry, don't know how to do, suddenly, she directly bowed her head, lips in the man's forehead, counted as a response.