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The whole world is hiding things from her

"Yes, it's changed."

Ji Xiao Han could not be denied, and said indifferently: "I also feel that I have changed, and am no longer the same as I used to be."

After dinner, Ji Xiao Han carried his daughter and prepared to return home.

At this time, at the dining table in the house, Tang You You was still sternly questioning her son.

Tang Xiao Rui felt that he was really pitiful. His dad had gone out to eat and only brought Xiao Nai, the idiot, to leave him behind.

Listening to his son sighing and sighing, Tang You You frowned. The little fellow normally ate a full bowl, but after eating for half a day today, it had only eaten half a bowl.

"Son, what's wrong?" Tang You You reached out and touched his little head.

The little guy glanced at her and sighed, "Where did father take Xiao Nai the idiot? Did they eat something good? "

Tang You You could tell that the little fellow was thinking of going out to eat with his father.

This little thing!

"Little Rui, if you tell me what happened to your little sister at school today, I'll tell your father what we went to eat." Tang You You also became smarter, he knew to use conditions to exchange with his son.

Tang Xiao Rui was depressed just now, but when he heard Mummy's words, he immediately sat up straight and firmly shook his head: "Mummy, don't ask me anymore, I really don't know."

"You little liar, are you lying to Mummy? Xiao Nai is your sister and you two are at the same table. Do you not know what happened to her? " Tang You You really wanted to beat this brat up. When did her little mouth become so tight?

Tang Xiao Rui knew that he could not win against Mummy, so he lowered his head: "I promised, if not said, Mummy had let me be a trustworthy person since I was young, I can do it now."

Tang You You, "..."

Was she being taught a lesson?

"Fine, if you won't tell me, where is your school bag?" Tang You You put down her chopsticks and quickly walked into the living room.

Tang Xiao Rui jumped up in shock. With a shake of his short leg, he followed Mummy: "Mummy, why are you looking for my school bag? Teacher has not assigned any homework today."

Tang You You had already seen the two little fellows' bags being thrown at a corner of the sofa. She quickly walked over, picked up a schoolbag, and opened it.

He found a notebook with the daily records of the two teachers' numbers written on it.

Tang You You took out his mobile phone from his pocket and called the number.

When Tang Xiao Rui saw Mummy's actions, he covered her mouth.

Soon, a gentle female voice answered the phone.

Tang You You asked politely, "Teacher Wang, right? I am Tang Xiao Nai's Mummy, may I ask, what happened to Xiao Nai today? "

When Xiao Nai was fighting with her classmates over the toys, she bit the little child's finger. This matter, Xiao Nai's father should have already settled it.

After Tang You You finished listening, he expressed his gratitude and hung up the phone. He turned around and glared at his son.

Tang Xiao Rui looked at her guiltily, then quickly lowered his head: "Mummy, don't blame me.

"Are you going to listen to him like that?" Tang You You was about to collapse, when did this brat listen to his father's words?

Tang Xiao Rui curled his lips: "I didn't listen to him. I wanted to protect my sister.

Tang You You was stunned again. "Why did I hit her?"

"You used to hit her little hand when she bit someone." Tang Xiao Rui immediately pulled it out.

Tang You You sighed: "I'm sorry, my previous teachings to all of you were too fierce, but you shouldn't hide it from the Mummy. If you bite someone, you must apologize to them."

"When Xiao Nai comes back, Mummy can teach her a lesson, but don't hit her little hands. Stupid Xiao Nai is most afraid of pain, even a needle can cause her to cry for half a day." Tang Xiao Rui was truly afraid of her sister getting beaten up, which was why she kept it a secret.

Tang You You obviously knew his daughter's personality. She was stubborn and weak, more afraid of pain.

"Alright, I will be communicating with your father about this. But you must promise Mummy that you will tell him about everything that will happen in the school in the future, okay? If you don't say it, Mummy will be worried. " Tang You You caressed her son's face, patiently teaching him.

Tang Xiao Rui nodded her head, indicating that he remembered it.

"Go eat your food, don't waste it!" Tang You You pushed his small body towards the dining hall.

Tang Xiao Rui was finally relieved in his heart. He thought that Mummy would be very angry, but he didn't expect that Mummy actually didn't scold him.

Actually, it was also because of what Ji Xiao Han had just said when he left that caused Tang You You to suddenly realize that if he did not participate in the life of the children in school, he would lose the right to speak.

Her son was worried that his sister would be beaten up, so he kept it to himself. This showed that her brother was a very good man, and she had a sense of responsibility. She gradually realized that she was pampering her sister.

At around nine, Tang Xiao Rui helped his son wash up, and then his son went to the Toy Room to play by himself. Tang You You returned to her room to continue working.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of a car, so she put down her drawing board and hurried out of the bedroom door.

When he went downstairs, he saw Ji Xiao Han carrying Tang Xiao Nai in, the little fellow was already asleep in his arms.

It was rare for Ji Xiao Han to see Tang You You take the initiative to walk over and talk to him.

"I already know about Xiao Nai at school. Why didn't you tell me?" Tang You You was still a little angry. As for why she was angry, she did not know either, but she felt that since the two little fellows had turned their backs on this man, it made her feel very disappointed.

Ji Xiao Han lowered his head to look at his daughter who was soundly asleep. "Put the child on the bed first, we'll talk in private."