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Qiao Zhuo didn't think that Lan Yanxi didn't even come to the class in the afternoon, which resulted in all the plans he had arranged to be stranded. He clenched his fist fiercely and his face was blue.

If LAN Yanxi can't get out of that door, JOJO can't launch his plan. He originally wanted to take an apology as an excuse, lead LAN Yanxi to nobody's place and start again, then quietly send her out, find a place to shut her for a few days, and see Ling Mo Feng's reflection.

If Ling Mo Feng hides his feelings for lanyanxi and hears that she is missing, he will lose his mind and show many flaws. If Ling Mo Feng doesn't like lanyanxi, then lanyanxi is a useless chess piece and she will be hurt.

But in fact, JOJO thought perfectly, but reality hit him in the face.

At last, Qiao Zhuo didn't even have the mind to attend class. He went to buy some fruit and a milk tea that blue Yan Xiping likes to drink in the day. He decided to go back and test the situation.

LAN Yanxi sat on the bed like a wood, and the nervous mood accompanied her all the time. She was really going to collapse.

The sky outside the window is almost dark, but Cheng Yuan has no news. The adjutant Chu has come here. Then he will lead people to find Cheng Yuan.

"Cheng Yuan, please don't do anything wrong. I can't afford this debt of human relationship!" LAN Yanxi silently prays and guides in her heart, hoping that God can hear her sincerity and let Cheng Yuan come back safely.

All of a sudden, she heard a knock outside the door, and suddenly she was shocked. Lanyanxi walked quickly to the door, and saw JOJO from the cat's eyes. Because the holes in the cat's eyes were twisted, JOJO's face seemed to have an unpleasant twist.

Other women said that Qiao Zhuo was handsome, but lanyanxi didn't realize it. Instead, he felt that this man was handsome and insidious, which made people dare not treat each other sincerely.

"Yanxi, are you there?" JOJO's voice came in, accompanied by his knock: "are you sick again? Do you want me to take you to the hospital? "

LAN Yanxi didn't want to talk to him. He covered his ears and didn't want to hear him.

Qiao Zhuo knocks at the door all the time, and he is anxious inside. Isn't LAN Yanxi going out?

After knocking for a long time, JOJO could only turn around and leave. When he reached the hall on the first floor and asked the receptionist at the front desk, he knew that lanyanxi didn't go out at all.

"Think it's safe if you can't get out?" JOJO was so mad that he didn't expect things to go so far. Now it seems that he can only think of another way.

Qiao Zhuo turns around and calls several male colleagues. He anxiously tells them that he hasn't reflected his knock on lanyanxi's door for a long time. He's worried about whether she will be in a coma, because she was very ill before.

A few male colleagues are also warm-hearted people. After all, they come from the same country. They are willing to help when they are in trouble.

"Joe Zhuo, I think you really like blue Yanxi, do you care about her so much?"

"I'm afraid she fainted in the room, JOJO. Are you sincere?"

Qiao Zhuo sneered in the heart, he once used to be sincere, but now, he just wants to let that woman repay the feeling of despair.

"Of course, I'm sincere. Yanxi is the youngest. We work together. It's right to take care of her. You think too much!" JOJO put on a shy look.

Four or five men came to lanyanxi's door, and with their efforts, the door was knocked open.

LAN Yanxi looks at a group of male colleagues who suddenly break in with a shocked face. She is totally confused.

"What are you doing?" Blue words when Heaton angry questions.

In fact, they didn't have to hit the door at all. They went upstairs to get a square card to brush it. But JOJO looked worried and worried, making them worry too, which made them open the door in such a rude way.

Qiao Zhuo in the heart smugly smiled, he is not good to go downstairs to get the room card, because afraid others say he has ulterior motives, this just encouraged a group of male colleagues to come to help.

"Yanxi, are you ok?" JOJO was the first to rush to lanyanxi and reach for her hand.

LAN Yanxi immediately half hands to hide behind, angrily questioned them: "you are crazy, run to the female colleagues room, what do you want?"

Those male colleagues were embarrassed, apologized quickly, and explained that it was JOJO who came to them and hit the door.

LAN Yanxi's eyes just stared at Qiao Zhuo. Qiao Zhuo looked flustered and hurriedly avoided.

"Joe Zhuo, you say you like me, but you don't care about my privacy at all. You don't respect me. Is that what you like? How many times must I turn you down before you can stop bothering me? " Lanyanxi was really angry. She felt that the way JOJO approached her was just too sick.

Qiao Zhuo was so denounced by LAN Yanxi in front of a group of colleagues. He felt it was humiliating again and blushed.

"Yan Xi, I'm worried about you too. There's no malice. Don't worry. I'll pay for the door. I'm in a hurry." Qiao Zhuo forced down the inner displeasure, pretended to be worried excessively.

LAN Yanxi's face turned ugly. Qiao Zhuo's purpose was so obvious that Lan Yanxi was very upset.

Fortunately, lanyanxi's brain also turned fast enough. Suddenly, she went to another man's face and reached for the man's arm. "JOJO, don't you ask me who I like? In fact, I always think he is very good. "

Lanyanxi was holding his arm by a long, tall naval officer. He was plain, but everyone knew that he had a good family.

Lanyanxi only wants to seek a protector at the moment, so she can only choose the tallest man as the umbrella. She is really afraid that when these people leave, JOJO will become disgusting. She is a woman with no power to protect herself.

JOJO's brain suddenly expanded. He heard LAN Yanxi smile at the man and ask, "can you have a cup of coffee?"

The man's instant vanity exploded. He didn't expect that lanyanxi would offer him coffee. It was like a dream.

"Yes, I'll treat you!" The man didn't understand what kind of situation he was in, and immediately happily agreed to lanyanxi's request.

LAN Yanxi turned around, took his backpack, took the man's arm and walked toward the elevator.

Joe Zhuo's heart disease is going to happen. He has no other help, so it's impossible for him to drag LAN Yanxi away from the big man at present.

"This bitch!" Joe Zhuo is angry and scolds in his heart. I'm sure that Lan Yanxi is guarding against him.

Lanyanxi and the man just got into the elevator, and their tight breath just relaxed.

"Lan Yanxi, what do you like about me..."

Lanyanxi immediately smiled at him: "I'm sorry, I was just joking. You know that JOJO has been pursuing me crazily. It's difficult for me to refuse him. I can only ask you to play a play for me. I'm sorry, I used you. I hope you don't get angry. I'll invite you to dinner later."

The man's face was covered with a circle of expression, and he smiled for a long time: "so it is. I said, there is no such a good thing in the world. Forget it. It's just that JOJO has to get in trouble with me."

"No, he certainly can't come to you for trouble. I really have no other way to use you. In fact, I'm afraid I was afraid that JOJO would do something harmful to me. Before he Just about broke into my room and told me LAN Yanxi immediately made a sad face to cry.

"What? I think he's a very honest man. Unexpectedly, he treats you I have to wake him up later and pursue girls in a moral way. " Seeing LAN Yanxi's pitiful way of being bullied, the man's sense of justice rose, and immediately resented for her.

"So, can you drive me out? I dare not sleep in the hotel tonight." LAN yanxizhi chose this man for help because he is the only owner of a private car. This is also because his family has money. He bought a sports car for him as soon as he came to study.

"Let's go, I'll take you out!" That man is very real.

Lanyanxi can only gamble once. If she stays here, she will be more dangerous. If Qiao Zhuo is the old president behind her, she has no sense of security here.