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Ji Xiao Han had the urge to kick his son into the sky. He immediately smiled and said: "We will get married sooner or later. At that time, I hope that everyone will come and support us."

Tang You You glanced at Ji Xiao Han.

Mu Lin was obviously looking at him as well. Their gazes made contact in the air for a while, and then they both turned their faces away a little embarrassedly.

Tang You You looked around once, then asked Ji Xiao Han: "Where's your brother?"

"He left first when he had something to do!" Ji Xiao Han replied indifferently.

Tang You You exclaimed!

Luo Jin Yu leisurely walked in front of Yang Chu Chu, and said with a low voice: "Miss Yang, can I sit here?"

Yang Chu Chu suddenly heard his voice, and her entire being froze in shock, and when she turned her head back, her face was filled with panic.

"Dang …" Luozheng, please sit! " She anxiously stood up, she really did not expect Luo Jin Yu to actually personally come and talk to her, oh my god, what an honor.

Luo Jin Yu turned his head to the side and sent his assistant away: "Help us bring something to eat!"

The assistant was unwilling, but could only follow the boss's instructions.

Yang Chu Chu said anxiously: "I don't dare trouble your assistant, I'll go take it myself."

"Sit down, I have something to ask you!" Luo Jin Yu said in a domineering tone.

Yang Chu Chu quickly sat down, her beautiful eyes opened wide as she looked at him: "Luozheng, what do you have to ask me?"

"Ji Yue Ze said that you like me, right?" When Luo Jin Yu opened his mouth, Yang Chu Chu felt that the sky had darkened, and he had the urge to smash into a wall and die.

This damned Ji Yue Ze, who allowed him to speak nonsense?

It's over, it's all over. This time, she was going to throw her face back to her maternal grandma's.

"That... I... "Yes!" Yang Chu Chu wanted to explain something, but in the end, she could only admit it.

Luo Jin Yu's gaze fell upon her beautiful little face. Seeing her red and swollen eyes, he knew that she had really been crying for a long time.

"Why are you crying?" He asked even though he already knew the answer.

Yang Chu Chu was stunned, and anxiously thought, could it be that Ji Yue Ze must have also told this man the reason why I'm crying?

"It's nothing, I just fell and felt some pain!"

"Why did you fall!"

"Maybe I'm wearing my shoes too high!"

"Isn't it because of me?" Luo Jin Yu's words shocked Yang Chu Chu's fragile heart once again, and she became somewhat dumbstruck. Oh my god, why is that so? Why did this man ask such a thing? Why did he ask such a shameful question?

Yang Chu Chu suddenly became more daring, she bit her lower lip: "Yes, it's because of you that I lost my balance and fell down after you left."

A rare smile appeared on Luo Jin Yu's icy handsome face.

Yang Chu Chu raised her head and saw the corner of his lips curling up, she was even more frustrated now, she bit her lips until they were white, then cursed: "This damned Ji Yue Ze, I want to split up with him."

Luo Jin Yu's ears pricked up, as he heard her scolding. His thin lips lifted even more happily: "Don't blame Ji Yue Ze. If he hadn't come to find me, I wouldn't have known that you liked me."

Yang Chu Chu's face turned red, she suddenly wanted to leave.

"My company has an advertisement endorsement recently. Are you interested?" The smile on Luo Jin Yu's face slowly faded, his voice was as indifferent as ever.

Yang Chu Chu was stunned, then she panicked: "Luozheng, you might have misunderstood, I like you, and do not want to take the job from you, I do not have any intentions towards you."

"I know. I haven't found a suitable candidate for this endorsement. If you're interested, come to my office tomorrow and find me. We'll have a good chat!" After Luo Jin Yu finished speaking, he stood up and walked over to Ji Xiao Han's side.

Yang Chu Chu stared at his back in a daze. What did he mean by that?

Was he pitying her?

He clearly knew how much he liked her, yet he did not give her an accurate answer. Just like that, he hung her on his neck.

How terrible!

Yang Chu Chu's heart was in a mess, her beautiful eyes was still looking at the man, when suddenly, a plate of food dropped in front of her.

Then, it was Luo Jin Yu's assistant, An Ni's, cold laughter. "Miss Yang, did my boss talk to you about something just now? It makes you so absent-minded and sad. "

Yang Chu Chu raised her head and looked at the woman dressed in professional attire. She was a mixed blood beauty, had a good temperament and was tall.

Yang Chu Chu said in a low voice: "I'm talking to him about something, I don't think I need to report to you."

"I'm his assistant. Whether it's his work or personal matters, I need to take care of them for him." An Ni proudly raised the corner of her mouth: "If you want to have a chance to talk to my boss in the future, you might have to go through me."

It was not the first time that Yang Chu Chu had been scolded dirty by others, but now that she heard it, she was extremely angry. She tapped the table with her finger: "Who are you scolding for being dirty? I'm much cleaner than you are. "

Yang Chu Chu never thought that before she could even think things through, she would encounter such a strong love rival.

She grabbed the bag on the table, then quickly turned around and left.