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LAN Lin's affirmative tone immediately encouraged LAN Qianqian's self-confidence. She turned the corner of her mouth and hummed, "if it was me, I would not lose face to the blue family. Ling Mo Feng would hurt me like a baby!"

LAN Lin looks at LAN Qianqian's overconfident expression and feels disgusted in her heart. However, she has to continue to compliment her and ask her to rob LAN Yanxi's fiance. The play must be wonderful. At that time, let her and LAN Yanxi fight for each other's life and death, but she will definitely benefit.

Moreover, Lanlin is not as confident and proud as lanqianqian, because her father is not as capable as her father. Although the company is run by two people, lanbai obviously tramples on her brother everywhere. Although Lanlin is a daughter, she sees everything.

She still hates the second uncle's insidious suppression of her father. She just wants LAN Qianqian to play with fire and burn herself. At last, LAN Bai must also be charged with lax discipline. When grandpa gets angry, all the benefits will only be hers and her father's.

"Elder sister, let's say that Ling Mo Feng is calm and calm. A girl as charming as you must be his favorite." Lanlin continues to brag about her.

"Xiao Lin, actually, I'm not as good as you said, but my father said that I was born to be liked." Blue Qianqian suddenly felt that he was over his head and smiled twice.

"Elder sister, my father scolds me like a piece of wood every day. He also asks me to learn from you more. Now I remember his words every day. I want to learn from you how to be liked." Lanlin immediately laughed at herself.

"Well, if you really want to rob Ling Mo Feng, I will definitely introduce you a better boyfriend!" Blue Qianqian is itchy and eager to try.

Jealousy is maddening. Lanqianqian hates her grandfather, who favors lanyanxi, so she's crazy now.

The time of family reunion is always fast. The seven-day long holiday is coming to an end. Everyone returns to their posts to prepare for the struggle and struggle in the new year.

LAN Yanxi stayed at home and didn't go to any place during the Spring Festival. He understood her situation and didn't call her when he attended all kinds of occasions.

Although he loves his granddaughter's situation, he feels that it's good for him to let her suffer some setbacks. He is old and has no tomorrow today. He can't protect her all his life. When she grows up, he must know how to face the wind and rain of the society, grow up slowly and be strong in the weak. Even if he finds a shelter for her, no matter how strong the sleepers are If you are strong, no matter how expensive your car is, it's better to hold the steering wheel by yourself. The blue man doesn't distrust Ling's family and doesn't believe that Ling Mo Feng will treat her for a lifetime. He just can't afford to gamble.

Lanyanxi naturally understands grandpa's hard work. She silently accepts these realities and expects grandpa to live a long life.

Finally, with the consent of her grandfather, she can pack up and live in Ling Mo Feng's house.

In two days, I have to go to work. I heard that the old president is going to give her a promotion and a raise, but Ling Mo Feng seems to be very dissatisfied with this. No matter what, LAN Yanxi is happy. No matter what position she is crammed into in the general office, she is very close to him. Moreover, she can stay at his home every day, and her food and clothing are his. This feeling is very real and satisfying Foot.

Lanyanxi packed two boxes of things, one of which was all jewelry and ornaments from small to large. She decided to take it all away. Anyway, she still needed to use it once in a while. The most important thing was that she found that her things would be lost inexplicably. She didn't tell Grandpa about it. She wanted to know who came to take it with her knees.

Lanyanxi doesn't value these jewels, but he absolutely doesn't want to give them away for nothing, which is a matter of principle.

When LAN Yanxi asked the housekeeper uncle to help her carry the suitcase, LAN Qianqian drove her limited edition sports car through the door of the hall downstairs, and then quickly backed back, took off Mo Feng, leaned out his head, and sneered, "are you going to move to Ling Mo Feng's house again? With so many things, you haven't married yet, so you start to move to Ling's house to make up? It would be a shame to go to the pole and send them to the door in case they were packed and returned. "

LAN Yanxi knew that her mouth would tickle if she didn't dig and satirize her for a few words. She looked at her lightly and said, "these are my things. I want them to be put where they are. Your business is too broad."

"What's your name? It's clearly blue family..."

"Lan Qianqian, to be honest, how many things have you taken from me? If you run out of them, return them to me as soon as possible." LAN Yanxi immediately interrupted her and asked with a sneer.

"What? How can I take your things? " Blue Qianqian immediately pretends to be stupid.

"Is it? Do you want me to transfer the detective in my room to see which thief stole my things? " Lanyanxi deliberately threatened to frighten her.

"What? Are you sick? Who will install a camera in his room? Not afraid to be exposed? " LAN Qianqian was really scared when she heard this, because she definitely entered her room with a bold face and took a lot of things.

"Within three days, return all my things. Otherwise, I'll have to go to grandpa to judge!" LAN Yanxi is not a bully. She left the sentence and left by car.

Blue Qian Qi smashed the steering wheel: "the stinky little woman, how rare I seem to say!"

Although angry, lanqianqian still went back to the room and packed all the things of lanyanxi. She knew that lanyanxi was a reasonable person who traveled around the world. Maybe she really went to talk to Grandpa. Grandpa was angry. Lanqianqian could not get any benefits.

LAN Yanxi arrived at Ling Mo Feng's door by car. As soon as she got down from the door, she saw the column beside the door. Now she was quietly leaning on a tall figure.

Seeing her get off the car, the man just put out his hand in his pocket, walked towards her with a smile, and naturally lifted the two big boxes for her.

"Oh, this box is heavy enough. It contains gold?" Ling Mo Feng thought that his strength was not small, but he was puzzled by one of the boxes and asked her humorously.

"Yes, it's worth more than gold." LAN Yanxi is wearing a very lady, a lovely hat and a long hair behind a white Cape today. The whole person looks as pure as snow and is full of spirit like temperament.

For the first time, Ling Mo Feng saw that she was so like a lady of noble family. Her natural arrogance made his handsome eyes twinkle a little. Before that, he felt that she was very life-like and had the temperament of human fireworks, but he had to remind himself that this woman had never suffered in life since she was a child. Now with him, he will naturally love her more.

As soon as LAN Yanran came into the living room, the fairy's temperament immediately returned to its original shape. She took off her hat, threw her shawl, and lay on the sofa lazily, stretching her limbs to meet her sigh: "you are still free here."

Ling Mo Feng was shocked by this change and could not return to God. Well, his feelings just now disappeared.

After he put the box down, he walked toward her. She lay down, and he directly attached himself to her, and looked at her: "I love my home?"

"Well, I fell in love with the family first, and then I suddenly found that the owner of the family was pretty good, which was accompanied by my love for you." LAN Yanxi mischievously winked at him and said with a smile.

"Oh!" The man lengthens the tone to show that he believes in your evil.

"Since you are so strong to like me, I have to leave now, so as not to get in the way of your eyes..." If you want to act, Ling will not lose to her, naturally want to stand up.

But the next second, the girl two small hands ruthlessly grasp his lapel, will he the whole person down a drag.

Lingmo Feng didn't expect her to act so rough, so he almost stressed her down, and had to press her down. Fortunately, he reflected quickly, and his strong arms held steadily, but the two people's breath was intertwined. His face was very close, and her thin lips were almost pasted with her pink lips.

"I can't afford to be so active!" The man smiled and said in silence.