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C1137 heard the surprising news

The privacy between the card seat and the card seat is pretty good, so it's hard for the guests at both sides to find the guests behind if they don't pay special attention.

Tang youyou deliberately chose to sit down next to Ji Shangqing. She made a silent gesture to Liu Xi. Liu Xi understood her meaning and deliberately didn't pick a topic to talk with her. He just waved to the waiter and Liu Xi ordered a list.

Tang youyou is leaning back on the card seat. Although there are many guests in the restaurant and some noises come from it, it's easy to hear what the guests are saying. Even though Ji Shangqing deliberately lowered his voice, Tang youyou could still hear it clearly. Season

Shang Qing looks up at the girl holding the mobile phone opposite him and whispers: "let you come out with me to have a meal, is that so grievance?"

"I'm not hungry!" The girl's voice is a little cold. "

I'm not hungry. I asked your roommate that you were busy working these days and didn't have a proper meal." Jishanghalal didn't expect someone to live such a hard life, but the girl in front of him impressed him. She could eat only two meals a day, and only a few yuan of steamed bread and pasta. No wonder she didn't see her for a few days, and she was paler.

"I don't need your charity. I have to work this afternoon. Let's go!" In fact, Lan Wei was forced to come here by Ji Shangqing. She was still dressed as a waiter in a bar. Her upper body was a slim black T-shirt, and her lower body was a tight young skirt. It was not summer at this time. It was the end of spring. The weather outside was still cold. Blue Wei was dressed like this, which made people feel cold for her. But

Yes, the place where blue Weiwei goes to work stipulates that she must wear it like this. She has no choice but to go out in this suit that does not protect herself from the cold. At the moment, her face is cold and pale. The heating in the room makes her feel a little better.

"The last time I said I would give you two million yuan, don't you really think about it? I still owe you three conditions. You can ask me for money. If you have money, you don't need to do the next work. " Ji Shangqing looks at her dress. He doesn't know how it is. He is inexplicably annoyed. He feels that this woman is really stupid and incurable. She only needs her to open her mouth to get a lot of money, but she still insists on doing her work every day. So tired, she still needs to smile with her face. She is low-key and stubborn. What's the point? "

next step? Yes, I'm very humble, so I'm still not qualified to sit down with a young master like you for dinner. " When blue Wei heard him say these words, her face was obviously stiff for two seconds. Then, she seemed to be annoyed, stood up and was about to leave.

"Blue slightly......" Ji Shangqing didn't expect that his words would annoy her. He shouted in a low voice. Next second, he rushed over and stopped in front of blue Weiwei: "no matter what work you have to do in the afternoon, you should have enough food first. I'll do it if I don't make you angry."

"Ji Shangqing, I don't need you to pity me. You really don't need to do that." Blue slightly raised her head and looked at him. She tried hard to see his hypocrisy in the man's eyes, but what she saw was sincere, and she was a little shocked.

"I don't pity people easily, because I am not a good person myself, and you don't think that I pity you, I just Give me a chance to mend my mistakes. " Ji Shangqing laughed at himself, but his tone was mild.

Blue Weiwei sat back and looked at the hot tea Ji Shangqing handed to her. Finally, she held it in her hand. Xiao Yiyi took a sip of it with his head down. The hot water went into her stomach, and her stomachache was relieved. She couldn't help but drink more. Ji looks at her and sighs.

Blue slightly put down the cup, a raise eyes, to last season still clear a blink of eyes, her pretty face suddenly red.

As if she was in front of him, she was really like a beggar, and she suddenly felt ashamed.

"Your father asked you for money again? You are such a filial daughter. " Ji Shangqing learned from her roommate that she had a gambling father who would come to ask her for money almost every month. 80% of the money she earned from her work was given to her father. She had only a little pocket money, but she still had to keep learning. She had fainted once before and was sent to the hospital. She was diagnosed as poor and fainted. Listen to these words, Ji Shangqing can't say what it's like in his heart. I feel that this woman will die. If she starves to death one day, it will really become a big joke.

The waiter sent a plate of delicious food. Just smelling the fragrance, bluewei could not help swallowing. She found that she was really hungry.

"Listen, your stomach is hungry, and your mouth can be brave!" Ji Shangqing couldn't help shaking his head and laughing at her.

"Do you think anyone can be as good as you at birth? There are many people in the world who can't eat enough. I can't eat enough now, but I'm working hard. " Blue slightly saw him making fun of himself, his face was still blushing with shame. "

OK, I won't laugh at you. Hurry to eat." When Ji Shangqing saw that she had to be reasonable, he simply stretched out his chopsticks and put a piece of beef in her bowl: "you have nothing in your stomach now, so you'd better eat something light. What I ordered is still a stomach nourishing dish. You don't need to talk to me now. Hurry to eat!"

Blue Wei's eyes are slightly hot. All the men she meets want to touch her hands and pull her clothes at the first time. Unexpectedly, Ji Shangqing cares about her so much and brings her vegetables.

"Thank you!" Blue tiny voice, very small, but from the heart.

"I owe you three conditions. When are you going to raise them?" Ji Shangqing is still curious about what conditions she will offer. "

I haven't thought about it now. When I think about it, I will mention it!" Blue tiny now in the heart also some messy.

"Well, then, eat!" Ji didn't ask again. Don

sits in the card seat next door, listening to Ji Shangqing and LAN Weiwei all the way. It's hard for her to believe that Ji Shangqing dragged this girl in like a strong force just now, but he didn't want to bully her. Instead, he carefully ordered a lot of food for her and cared about her eating more. By the way, what are the three conditions mentioned in their chat?

Tang youyou wants to listen more, but Ji Shangqing and the girl have not chatted again, and they really only bow their heads and eat seriously.