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C605 she's awake

Time passed by little by little. Ji Xiaohan held Tang youyou's hand nervously and waited for more than three hours. Finally, he lowered his head and heard a faint voice.

"Season owl cold..."

The man dark natural Mou color is momentarily bright, raises Mou, just woke up to the woman's vision to go up.

There was a sense of weakness in the confusion.

"I'm here!" He immediately raised his head and approached her, answering in a low voice.

Tang youyou gradually adapted to the light and saw the man's anxious face. The nightmare she had just had disappeared.

Just now she felt that she was trapped in a dark world and could not escape. She could not find an exit. It seemed that the next second, she would be swallowed by the darkness. Fortunately, there was a voice calling her all the time, so that she would not be afraid.

It was the same voice that guided her in her search for light.

"I'm thirsty!" Tang youyou gently moved his lips.

"Well, I'll pour you some water!" Ji Xiaohan presses the bell first, and then pours her a glass of water.

Soon, the attending doctor rushed over.

"Mr. Ji, is Miss Tang awake?" The attending doctor opened the door, saw the water cup in his hand, and asked immediately.

"Yes, she just woke up! Does she need to be examined? "

The doctor nodded, "I want to ask about her."

The doctor came to Tang youyou and gave her a general examination. Then he asked her about her physical reaction.

Tang youyou answered all his questions according to the actual situation. The doctor was a little relieved. Turning to Ji Xiaohan, he said, "Mr. Ji, you can let Miss Tang have a drink for a while. Later, we will come back to inquire."

"Thank you!" Ji Xiaohan nodded gratefully to the doctor.

After the doctor left, Ji Xiaohan held Tang youyou gently against the pillow and took the cup to drink water for her.

Tang youyou reaches for the cup, but she is still wrapped with gauze on the back of her hand. Ji Xiaohan has to press down her hands gently: "I'll feed you!"

Tang youyou is a little embarrassed, but at the moment, he can only rely on his care.

After drinking a few mouthfuls, Tang youyou felt better. Then he said sadly, "am I disfigured?"

"No, you are still beautiful!" Ji Xiaohan looks at the band aid on her cheek, which does not affect her beauty, but gives a mischievous feeling.

"Really? You show me the mirror. I want to see what I look like now. " Said Tang youyou in a hurry.

"There's no mirror here. You'd better tell me about the accident." Season owl cold gently holds her two small hands, the voice is low, showing worry.

Tang youyou thought that there was something more important to tell him. "I remember a few cars were trying to overtake me all the time. I wanted to let them go first, but I kept letting them go all the time. When I got to the far right, I didn't expect to be hit hard by someone behind me. I didn't have time to step on the brake, so the car turned over from the side of the guardrail

and rolled down. I only felt five viscera and six bellies were going to be broken, which hurt me to death 。” Tang youyou recollects that frightening one mu, only feels the whole body hair is creepy, this life did not want to experience again.

The colder Ji Xiao's face was, the worse he heard it, and his voice began to chill: "it seems that someone really hit you on purpose, which caused you to overturn." "Yes, I'm sure that someone hit me. Although I don't have time to see who hit me, it's definitely not my own fault that caused the accident. Ji Xiaohan, you must help me find out." Tang youyou is very sure that he was framed. It's really terrible. Who in the world wants her life?

"Don't worry, I will investigate this matter to the end. If I find out who is hurting you, I will not let him go. I will make him pay ten times the price!" Season owl cold gentle pacify her, the bottom of the eyes is flashing fierce light.

At the moment, Tang youyou's accident car has been towed up. After inspection, it is found that the tail of the car has indeed been severely hit, which further confirms Tang youyou's words. In order to take a short cut, Tang youyou chose a road with few pedestrians. The camera on the side of the road is getting evidence from the traffic police department. It is found that there are four cars constantly pressing Tang youyou's sports car, and the license plate of the car that finally hit her is covered up. At the moment, only what kind of car is known, but the specific investigation of

still needs time.

Ji Xiaohan knows these things from his assistant Lu Qing, which makes him even more angry. These people are obviously well prepared.

What's the reason for this?

Is it because of Tang youyou or because of him? Season owl cold also cannot guess for a while, can wait for the result to come out, again textual research.

At present, the most important thing is Tang youyou's injury.

It's already over six in the afternoon!

Tang youyou didn't go to sleep any more, but after eating something, he lay down on the bed to rest. Ji Xiaohan answered several phone calls and pushed the door in. Seeing that she was in a trance, he immediately went forward and asked, "what's the matter? Is there anything uncomfortable? "

"I'm fine now. I have a dull pain in my head, but maybe it's also related to the operation." Tang youyou's head was sewn with four stitches. The wound is not very big, but it must be observed carefully.

"It's dark outside the window, and the children must have been taken back. How can I tell them about my affairs?" Tang youyou is a little distressed. If the children see her like this, they don't know how to frighten them.

"I'll call my grandma first and ask about the children." Ji Xiaohan is also worried about this matter. I don't know if I should tell the truth to the children for a while.

"Otherwise, tell me a lie. I've been on a business trip in a hurry. When my condition is better, I'll go back to see them." Tang youyou suddenly put forward an idea.

"Do you really want to cheat them?" Season owl cold frowned, some embarrassed: "we always told them not to lie, but as parents, we lied."

Tang youyou chuckled because of his serious appearance. The laughter made her hurt again. She frowned and cried out.

Ji Xiaohan hurriedly walked over and gently scolded: "you know you are hurt, and you still don't know how to love yourself."

Tang youyou raised her eyes, worried about the man's anxious appearance, and her mouth turned up again: "I'm ok, don't worry."

"Can I not hurry? It's really hard for me to see you like this. I'd rather lie here with you than me! " Ji Xiaohan really wants to take the place of her. "No nonsense!" "I don't want you to get hurt," Tang youyou scolded at once