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C2003 mutual envy

Mingming just wanted to frighten her, but feting was shocked by her. However, Ji Tingyan's undisguised eyes were so affectionate and bright that he didn't even realize that she was flirtatious. On the contrary, he loved her so much that his eyes were full of him.

"Xiaonai, I really shouldn't let you stay here and suffer these grievances." Tie Ting's fingers, gently rub her cheek, very self reproach, she should have lived her life in a busy city, rather than in the wild, with him to experience danger.

Ji Tingyan blinked, looked around the environment, and whispered, "I'm going to accompany you through these things. If I get old, it will be the most special memory in my life."

Her optimistic comfort, let tie Ting lose a laugh, embrace her into arms.

"Now the environment here is not good. Let's bear it again. Such a beautiful thing should happen in the best time." Tie Ting said in a hoarse voice.

"Now is the best time." Ji Tingyan pushes him hard, and her eyes are full of loss: "are you afraid to be responsible for me?"

How could he be afraid of this?

Ji Tingyan turned her back and said, "tie Ting, are you afraid that if you don't want to be responsible after you are with me, you will be chased by my elder brother? In fact, you don't have to worry. I can take charge of my own affairs. My eldest brother is not the kind of unreasonable person. "

Tie Ting can't laugh or cry. OK, he has to admit that he's a little afraid of Ji's troubles, but it's not because he wants to avoid his responsibilities, but because he's not confident enough to let Ji's marry their baby daughter to him.

"Nai, what are you thinking all day long, but to be honest, if I really lose you, your elder brother will not be reasonable. I don't know, but I know he will not let me go." Tie Ting's face was helpless. He thought she was a woman with mature mind. It turned out that when a woman started to get angry, she was just like a child. She didn't like to reason and thought it was one.

Ji Tingyan turns around fiercely, a pair of eyes like water mist stare at the man directly: "no, my eldest brother said, as long as I like, I will, he will not interfere with my choice."

"Xiaonai, we are all adults. Why are we discussing this here? Isn't that a natural thing? " Tie Ting was about to be amused by her resentful eyes.

Ji Tingyan's eyes were dazzled, and then she found out that she was an adult female. Yes, why talk to him about this childish topic?

"Ignore you, hum!" Ji Tingyan stares at him childishly, turns around and leaves.

Tie Ting Jian's body is stiff and petrified. Is she angry?

Tang Weixin couldn't move her whole left body. Although the bullet was taken out, the wound was still not good. At this moment, she was pretty pale and tired, lying on a grass outside the door. Today, there was sunshine, making people relaxed and lazy.

She saw Ji Tingyan walk by, then she turned around and came back, looking at Tang Weixin.

Tang Weixin struggles to support herself with one arm, and Ji Tingyan squats down to help her.

"It's a great honor to meet you here, Miss Ji." The Tang Dynasty laughed at himself.

"You know me?" Ji Tingyan looks surprised.

"How can I not know you? Ordinary people may not have the chance to know you, but I've read the information about your Ji family. Are you in a relationship with tieting?" Tang Weixin asked her with a smile.

"Well!" Ji Tingyan didn't deny it, and then she saw Tang Weixin laughing. She couldn't help frowning: "I heard that you were hurt badly. You are really strong. It hurts like this, and you can laugh."

"When a woman sticks to one thing, she will be very strong. Aren't you the same? Then tie Ting was in a deep dilemma, and I didn't see you afraid. " Tang Weixin looks at Ji Tingyan. There is no panic in her eyes. Instead, her eyes are calm. This is the power of love. Let her forget that she is in danger.

Ji Tingyan blushed, and she said with a dry smile, "I'm not afraid because I believe in him."

"Well, he will be fearless to protect you." Tang Weixin murmurs and suddenly admires Ji Tingyan. Her work over the years has made her forget what it's like to be a weak woman. She always forces herself to be braver and firmer than a man.

Ji Tingyan listens clearly, and is stunned.

"Elder martial sister, it's time to change the medicine." Jack suddenly ran to her.

Tang Weixin stood up, patted the hay on the clothes bank, smiled at Ji Tingyan and left.

Ji Tingyan is inexplicably envious of Tang Weixin, a strong and independent woman. She has a career she loves and a goal to strive for. She is firm and persistent. She is not like herself. When she is in a good mood, she will draw a few strokes. When she is in a bad mood, she will let herself go. Alas, what does tieting really like about herself? Although a person is not bad in length, he is a bit old. Although he has a good character, he can get angry and make people avoid it. The only advantage is that his family background is good.

Ji Tingyan Dudu mouth corner, found that the book in hand is missing, only took a pencil, she a Leng, immediately looked at the distant tie Ting, he walked while looking at her notebook, Ji Tingyan heart a numb, finished, he will see the last page, it is her obsession and crazy wrote a whole page of his name.

Ji Tingyan reaches out to cover her face. It seems that she will lose all her face in front of tie ting.

Tang Weixin went back to the room a little melancholy. At the age of 28, she seemed to have never thought about love. But just now, Ji Tingyan mentioned the gentle happiness in her eyes when she bound ting. She found that she seemed to be stimulated. She was also a woman. Why is the difference so big? No wonder dad has to worry that he will never get married. Who will marry a tigress to go back and quarrel with her? How many men in the world can beat her? Their IQ is not low, on the low EQ, play hard, to Yin, she has confidence in the opponent's whole service.

The more Tang idealist he thought about it, the more he felt that he was going to die alone, and that he was not suitable for marriage.

I'm so confused and miserable. If her life style is really so hard, what should I do?

No, even if you can't get married, you have to try to make men like yourself. Tang Weixin's eyes narrowed, and suddenly stared at the binding Xun who bent down to cut gauze in the room.

As soon as his back was cold, he looked back and saw Tang Weixin come in. He was not happy: "are you a cat? There's no sound when I walk. I'm scared. "

Tang Weixin immediately took two steps with his strength and said with a smile, "then I'll make a sound when I walk in the future, so that I won't scare you."

Tie Xun you Mou sinks, stare at her: "how do you change so obedient?"