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C1067 Luo Shao's visit

Ji Lin succeeded in winning this victory with his cunning. He was very proud. If Ji Xiaohan took half of the company ' Group, completely remove Ji Xiaohan from the company.

What Ji Lin calculated from the beginning was this day. Everything he did in the middle of the day was just a small quarrel with Ji Xiaohan. He waited for this day, waiting for this opportunity. Now, the opportunity finally came. Like what he thought, it was a victory. When

however, Ji Lin is gambling. If Ji Xiaohan's capital chain is broken, his chance will come. But if Ji Xiaohan gets through this difficulty successfully, it means that his whole life, even his son's whole life, and even his grandchildren, can't completely seize the control of Ji's group. This is a very ugly war that will lose 。 He has calculated that Ji Xiaohan will make hundreds of billions from these two projects. Then, he and his assets will go up to another level, and he will become more terrible. Season

Xiao Han returns to the company fretfully, throwing his mobile phone on his desk, with a look of violence.

"Damn Ji Lin!" Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that Ji Lin would choose to give him a knife at this time. This knife will make up for his pain. Ji Xiaohan really wants to ask someone to catch the old bastard and beat him up. Just

at the height of Jixiao's anger, the mobile phone on the desktop rings! Xiao Han took a look at the phone call, which made him face shy and angry and answered the phone.

"General manager Ji, Congratulations, the southeast cross sea bridge won the bid." A low male voice, with full sincerity, sent congratulations to Ji Xiaohan. Season

Xiao Han chuckled: "thank you. Is vice president free recently? Have a meal, meet and talk! "

"Of course, I'll arrange this meal as a celebration for president Ji. There was an old classmate. I didn't dare to meet and talk in private for more than two years. I really miss the day when we went to school together." The other side sighed.

"Yes, you joined politics and I went into business. I was a good friend of my classmates at that time, but I always avoided meeting each other because of my different career. Now, we have a common goal." The season owl sighed with cold. "

Xiao Han, I appreciate your support." Thank you in the other person's words. "

I have the ability to do it. I've heard so much about your negative report in those years. With people like you who are loyal to our country and work hard, I believe that our country will surely have a better tomorrow!" Season owl cold words sincere, let a person listen to peace of mind. "

in those days, it was just empty talk. The so-called negative report also needed a platform to display. I didn't expect that you would still remember my nonsense." There is some embarrassment in the other party's speech. "

how? Not everyone can have your lofty ideals. I don't have them. I'm only interested in money. I have to wait until I have money to save the country and the powerful country. " Season owl cold jokingly self mocks a way. "

No, I've always admired you. What you said will be done on the ground. Xiao Han, I'm looking forward to the time when we meet again. In the past two years, it's time to bear it. It's time to avoid it. I'm glad that our friendship hasn't broken up!" The man said in a deep voice.

"Well, make an appointment. Let's meet!" Season owl cold smile way.

"OK, hang up first!" When the other party finished speaking, he hung up.

After calming down for a while, Ji Xiao received a call from his assistant to inform him of the meeting in five minutes.

Luo Jinyu made a phone call to Yang ChuChu, but Yang ChuChu didn't answer. Her assistant helped to answer, saying that Yang ChuChu was filming.

Luo Jinyu knew that she had recently received a new play, and that it was hard to catch up with her day and night, so he decided to take some delicious food to her shooting site.

The relationship between Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu is open now. The whole crew also know that Yang ChuChu's boyfriend is Luo's eldest young master. They look at her one by one, and they are all red eyed.

Because it is a group of female stars, mouth said congratulations, envy, ah, but behind all kinds of Yang ChuChu to ridicule and joke. Lu

xuanchen heard it a few times occasionally, and he didn't have a good impression on those female stars at once, so when acting, he could also scold these female stars more, which is helpful for his work.

Yang ChuChu is shooting a street play with Lu xuanchen. Lu xuanchen is angry. The heroine of Yang ChuChu's performance wants to go after him and apologize. When Luo Jinyu came to the scene, he played this one. At that time, the staff watching by were surprised to see Luo Jinyu bringing his assistant and fruit drinks. There are

staff members who want to inform Yang ChuChu and are stopped by Luo Jinyu. He wants to see how she does the scene. It should be very different.

Yang Chu rehearsed for this play for a long time, and also brewing for a long time. Therefore, she was very involved in the play, and didn't find that there was a Luo Jin Yu standing among the staff nearby.

Luo Jinyu is wearing very casual clothes today. It's not his usual suit and suit. It's very young and fresh. It's hard to believe that he is so young that he manages Nuo group.

Luo Jinyu's hands are around his chest, and he is interested to see Yang ChuChu running from afar.

She wore a set of sexy dresses, suspenders, and the style of the whole person was like a nightclub dress. The makeup on her face was also thick. She walked on high-heeled shoes and ran hard. The hero of Lu

xuanchen left angrily because he saw Yang ChuChu dancing in the nightclub. In fact, this play involves a lot of emotional plays. It really tests two actors.

The light of the street lamp is a little dark. Luo Jinyu still smiles when Yang ChuChu is wearing it before he can see it clearly. But when he sees the suspender skirt on which Yang ChuChu has not much cloth, his mouth is stiff, and he doesn't laugh anymore. He purses it into a line, and the lines of his face are ten points tight.

Yang ChuChu catches up with Lu xuanchen and is pushed by Lu xuanchen. She falls to the ground directly. Knowing that she was acting, but Luo Jin was still shocked by the shock, he took a step forward and almost rushed to take Yang ChuChu away. Yang

being clear is also professional. In fact, her knee hurt a little. But she immediately got up again and ran after Lu xuanchen. This time, she catches up with Lu xuanchen again. Despite Lu's push, she hooks her hands to his neck and sticks her lips on it!