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C1775 Ji Zong's desire for survival

In the lovely and fresh venue, there are some very lovely things everywhere. One row is to show the children's manual work, and the other row is to show their painting talent. The theme of the painting is mom and dad. When Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou just walked hand in hand, they also enjoyed it all the way. They saw the children's handiwork on the display platform They were very pleased, but when they came to the painting exhibition wall, their expression remained for a long time.

"Why does my daughter make me so ugly?

Only six hairs? "

Ji Xiaohan is moved to catch the little guy and educate him. The painting style of the little guy is so strange and touching that he really wants to cry.

Tang youyou chuckled for a long time. Her daughter didn't have any talent for painting. She didn't inherit her professional ability at all: "well, if my daughter can paint you, you should laugh. What else can you complain about? Look at me. Where can I see better than you?"

Ji Xiao's cold expression almost burst out laughing when he saw his daughter's two words written by his mother. Tang youyou completely drew a mother's night fork with a big mouth painted with lipstick, eyeliner, blush, and hair blown open. It's hard to say.

"No laughing!"

Tang youyou immediately stared at him with his eyes. If he dared to laugh, he would go home and take the family law service.

"I didn't laugh. Really, I am serious about appreciating my daughter's paintings. The little guy has made progress and has to be rewarded."

Ji Xiaohan stops laughing, but he is about to get hurt.

"It's all your favorite. If you look at your son's paintings, the difference is not so big."

Tang youyou goes a few steps further and finds that his son's painting has been specially hung. Although it is also the painting of their husband and wife, the style of the painting is very elegant. Although it is still abstract, it can be seen a bit of standard.

"My son's painting is too impersonal. He still doesn't have his daughter's imagination."

Ji Xiaohan is very strict with his son. Even if his paintings are good, they are still not good enough in his eyes.

"Well, as long as you ask for more, I think my son painted very well, with my style."

Tang youyou is full of appreciation for his son.

"Yes, you are right, and your son and daughter are good at painting."

Ji Xiaohan knows Tang youyou best. She really doesn't care too much. She has an attitude towards her son and daughter. Unlike herself, sometimes she says she doesn't care too much. When she sees her daughter's lovely face and looks at her son's version of herself, he really can't help but care about her daughter, because her daughter is more and more like Tang youyou.

At the beginning of the performance, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou sat in the front row, and they could clearly see the performance of the two little guys on the stage.

The first is chorus. Ji Xiaorui and Ji xiaonai are both selected. Moreover, Ji xiaonai stands in the first row. Ji Xiaorui and a group of boys stand in the back row because of their height.

Ji xiaonai sees Daddy and mummy. She is so happy that she secretly raises her little hand to say hello.

Ji Xiaohan also looked at her tenderly. If it was two years ago, he could not believe that he could come to school to participate in his son's daughter's program two years later. But at this moment, looking at his two children and performing seriously on the stage, he was really excited and happy.

Tang youyou is calmer. Maybe the children have been growing up beside her. She has participated in many programs before.

Children's programs are more and more wonderful. The fifth program is a group of spicy mothers performing on the stage in groups. I don't know how the school is arranged. What spicy mothers do on the stage is a strong dance, which is very strong. Some of the following male parents have straight eyes. I have to say that this group of spicy mothers dance with a sense, probably because they are not shy girls The actions shown are more unrestrained and have the breath of a young woman, which will inevitably make people unable to move their eyes.

Some women are proud of themselves, and finally give them the chance to show their charming temperament in front of Ji Xiaohan. Although they don't want to do anything else bad, they are not willing to marry Tang youyou to Ji Xiaohan. This may be a woman's inborn struggle to win. They think they are no worse than her, but they are fate But let her bow to her, this kind of taste is not good.

Tang youyou didn't expect this program. She even hoped that Ji Xiaohan could close her eyes. She would not let her husband see other women dancing on the stage.

"Yo, I'll go out and make a phone call."

Just when Tang Youxiu was secretly jealous, Ji Xiaohan suddenly attached her ear and said a low sentence.

"OK, you can go now."

Tang youyou couldn't get it. He pushed him with his hand.

Season owl cold bottom of the heart helplessly smiled, this woman's mind, he is too clear, since she doesn't like to watch by herself, that he absolutely does not see.

Tang youyou's breathing was immediately smooth. She didn't know why she felt relaxed at once, but she was happy.

The members of the hot mom who came to the stage, just proud, suddenly seemed to be frozen. Their eyes were shocked to see Ji Xiaohan leave his position and walk out of a nearby door.

What's the situation?

Did Ji Xiaohan choose not to watch their performance?

Several women saw that Tang youyou had deliberately pushed Ji Xiaohan. That's obvious. The woman was jealous and drove her husband away. It must be so. It's too stingy.

Without Ji Xiaohan around to watch, Tang youyou is leisurely holding his chin and staring at the hottest woman. When she saw that the eyes of other male parents around her were straight, she sighed with relief. Fortunately, Ji Xiaohan left, otherwise, she would see how to repair him.

Just at the end of the program, Ji Xiaohan took his mobile phone, walked in slowly, and sat back beside Tang youyou.

"Did you go out on purpose?"

Tang youyou suddenly leaned over to him and asked him directly.

"Don't you want me out?"

The man has an innocent expression on his face.

"Who said that?"

Tang youyou doesn't admit that he is a jealous woman. Be careful.

"Was the program just wonderful?"

A man's thin lips smile.

"It's OK. It's a good jump."

Tang youyou replied quietly.

"Then I'll see the replay later. There must be a replay at school."

A man said without knowing his life.

Tang youyou's expression was stunned, and he was angry for a moment. He put his hand on the back of his hand and pinched it fiercely: "if you dare to see it, try it. I'll tell my son to go."

"Hard mouth!"

The man immediately smugly smiles, but still turns his head, kisses in the woman's hair, indicating that he is joking.