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Tang You You did not know why Yang Chu Chu ran away from her birthday party. She looked at her with an astonished expression and asked: "Chuchu, what's wrong? It seems to be very nervous! "

"Teach me, Sister Lu. Teach me how to deal with my love rival." Do I want to throw some wine in her face or do I want to do something else? " Yang Chu Chu was suddenly flustered and helpless as she waved her hand in front of his face.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes widened in surprise. Seeing Yang Chu Chu so nervous that she couldn't even speak properly, she couldn't help but want to laugh at her. "Chuchu, where did your love rival come from? It's your birthday today, so don't make such a ridiculous scene. "

"No, Sister Long. You don't know what happened. The woman who just entered, the one who wore the blue skirt …" The one with the skirt spread out here, do you remember? "That's her, she's my love rival." Yang Chu Chu said while nodding his leg.

Tang You You's eyes went blank. Only now did she carefully think back, but she still didn't have any impression of him. "I didn't see him, why? And your rival even came running over to wish you a happy birthday? "

"I didn't invite her, I don't know why she came here, she must be here to declare war on me, Sister Long You, what do we do? "Whether she bullies my age or not, I have no experience. But I really hate her, why would she come? I can't reject her in front of so many people, how petty of me is that." Yang Chu Chu was so angry that she was about to cry, she was truly shocked by Mi Fei Er's sudden appearance.

Seeing her so anxious, Tang You You's eyes turned red. Presumably, to her, this matter was a big problem.

"Chuchu, don't be nervous. Are you sure she's here to ruin your mood?" When Tang You You heard it, he was naturally indignant for Chuchu.

"I don't know. She's so elegant and noble, but she doesn't seem like someone who's here to ruin the competition. Perhaps, she's here to show off. She's beautiful and has a good figure. She's just using her appearance to shock me. It must be." Yang Chu Chu said, she lowered her head and looked at herself, the small ravine that she had struggled to squeeze out of, she suddenly had no fighting strength anymore.

"How can there be such a person?" Tang You You was furious when she heard it, this kind of person was extremely disgusting.

"She came, but you didn't notice. When she entered, all the men's eyes were on her. Tell me …" I heard that when they broke up that year, she was the one who abandoned Luo Jin Yu. Everyone said that their first love was the one that made people unable to forget about him, I was worried so much that I was afraid. I had a crush on him for three years and it was not easy to get together with him. How did you deal with her? Hurry up and teach me a few moves to deal with the enemy. " Yang Chu Chu looked like a pitiful little child, as she placed all her hopes on Tang You You.

"Chuchu, I actually do not have much experience. Ji Xiao Han, he … He doesn't seem to have a former girlfriend either. " Tang You You was also stunned for a moment, and did not know how to help her.

However, looking at the expression of this little girl in front of him, she was in urgent need of help.

"Why don't you just ignore her later? She wouldn't dare to cause a ruckus at your birthday anyway, right?" Tang You You suddenly wanted to see what kind of beauty that arrogant woman was.

To think that it would cause a pure beauty like Yang Chu Chu to be so afraid.

"She definitely won't cause trouble. She might just want to suppress me at every turn and use her perfect appearance to get a sense of accomplishment from me." Yang Chu Chu gnashed her teeth in anger.

"Did you call Luo Jin Yu? Did he know about his predecessor coming over to make a ruckus?" Tang You You felt that the most important part of this matter was still Luo Jin Yu.

"He just called and said that he wouldn't come, but he would send a gift. I was very disappointed at that time, but I don't want him to come over now. I don't want him to be stared at by that fox spirit." Yang Chu Chu said childishly.

"Chuchu, be confident. No matter what, you are younger than her. You are only 18 years old. No matter how beautiful she is, she would never have an 18 year birthday, right?" Tang You You didn't actually have any techniques to deal with women. It was probably because Ji Xiao Han was protecting her everywhere, and she still hadn't met a real opponent, so it looked like whether or not a woman was happy depended on how much that man doted on her. If he doted on her to the point where she had no opponents, then he would definitely be happy.

"That's true, I'm younger than her. Sigh, Big Sis Long, can you please stay with me for now? You're the Young Mistress of Ji Family after all, I'm not afraid of her with you here." Yang Chu Chu hugged onto one of Tang You You's arms, as if she was trying to hug her own thigh.

Tang You You didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Alright, let's go in and see what that woman looks like!" Tang You You patted her shoulder to express his sympathy and to comfort her.

Since he had already killed his love rival at the birthday banquet, it was impossible for him to admit his mistake.

"Don't be like that. Lift your head up, you have to stand up here too." Tang You You encouraged her with a smile.

"But, it's so small!" Yang Chu Chu said self-deprecatingly. After she finished speaking, she looked at Tang You You: "Big Sis You Lu, I'm much more confident if I'm as old as you."

Tang You You's face instantly flushed red. "When you get married in the future, you'll be big!"

Covering her face …

Hearing that, Yang Chu Chu immediately looked at him with hope: "Really? Big Sis You have grown, could it be that you are related to the Young Master Ji? "

Tang You You tapped her forehead: "You're still young, I'm afraid of teaching you badly, so don't ask so much."

Yang Chu Chu immediately laughed dumbly: "I just want to be a little worse. My mom doesn't care about me, and I don't have a big sister.

"Didn't you call me Big Sis now?" Tang You You rolled his eyes at her.

The two of them returned to the box, and in the large box, they suddenly heard a woman's bright smile and voice.

"That's her!" Yang Chu Chu secretly looked at her.

Tang You You looked over, and was also shocked by the sight. With a 1.7m tall and slim body, as well as a slender and exquisite body, it did indeed look like the type that men liked the most.

Her face belonged to the charming and charming type. She wore an icy-blue long dress that gave her a feminine air.

Facing such a strong competitor, most women would probably lose their confidence.

Tang You You started to silently rub her hands together, thinking that it would be best not to let Ji Xiao Han see this woman, or else, even she would be jealous.

Just as Tang You You was thinking randomly, Mi Fei Er took a cup of wine and walked towards them.